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Analysis of mother tongue by amy tan draft essay

Native language is about the author’s struggles with her linguistic identification, her moms “fractured” or perhaps “broken” variety of English plus the relationship with her mother. At the beginning of the piece our company is told about the different types of English she would consult with her mother and with everyone else; were then told how British wasn’t Amy’s strongest subject and later in we are told about the down sides her mother experienced because of the way the girl spoke British and the prejudice she confronted.

Stylistic Devices Employed by Amy Color

In the text Tan utilizes a variety of stylistic devices to convey herself, tans use of seite an seite structures is employed frequently through the piece, for example she begins the first paragraph with all the phrase “I am not a scholar of English” and the second with “I are a writer”; this compare implies towards the audience that you don’t have to know every thing about English to be a article writer.

In addition, she uses representation in the second paragraph once she says ” language may be the tool of my trade”. This might suggest that the use of vocabulary through articles are the way she expresses their self or gets her point across. She then goes on to saying ” And I utilize them all – all the Englishes I were raised with” and the next section she says “Recently, I was produced keenly mindful of the different Englishes I do make use of. “

The lady uses replication in this instance to emphasize how, in her opinion, there is no correct way or perhaps one way of speaking English there are different variants, in this instance the English with her mother is very unlike how the girl speaks English to her instructors or classmates, this can pertain back to it of the text message “mother tongue”. Mother tongue is normally reffered towards the first vocabulary a person is taught, however I think Tans utilization of the word native language is much more intimate in a sense that she feels that her English or her mother tongue is unique to her, and the variation of English she talks to her mom is her mother tongue. In addition she also uses repition the moment she uses the words “broken”, “fractured” and “limited” since it is shown numerous times through the text, these words advise what other people may perspective of her mothers The english language, however Tans use of a great antithesis when she uses the expression “impeccable busted English” genuinely grasps readers attention, since the concept of some thing being broken but yet flawless is very odd.

This key phrase may mean that although Tan’s mother’s English might be “limited”, but in her opinion will not strike her as being wrong as a lot of would believe; she evidently states this when states “Some claim they figure out not one of computer, as if your woman were speaking pure Chinese language. But to me personally, my moms English is perfectly very clear, perfectly natural”. Moreover The lady uses representation again to emphasise the variant of English the girl speaks once she says “the intersection of memory after imagination”. Towards fifth section Amy uses many anecdotes or personal experiences to have the audience a lot more of an understanding with the troubles she encountered when the girl was young with her mother and the prejudice the girl faced. Furthermore Amys make use of dialogue over the text let us the audience experience her native language.

Conclusion: So why People Should Use Many Forms of English language

I think the main aim of this article is to show people that you cannot find any right type of English, which English comes in many varieties therefore there should be no misjudgment. She displays this simply by putting emphasis on the word “English” and “Englishes” throughout the text. Tan signifies that many individuals have very narrow minded and misconceived opinions of people via a different traditions or vocabulary background, the girl uses the example of her personal encounter and mom to show this kind of, for example persons would have her mom seriously because of her “broken”English, as it suggests that her mom might be uneducated. However Suntan also brings up how her mother “reads the Forbes repot, listens to Wall Street Week, converses daily with her stockbroker and scans all of Shirley MacLaine books with ease- all kind of things We can’t continue to understand”, almost all of the audience may be quite amazed with this, as it appears very unconventional for a ladies from China and who has “watered-down” English to understand things of such complexness. This in itself proves Golden skin tone point of society’s belief and generalisation of people with different language experience.

In this textual content we observe that Tan uses very simple and simple to read The english language, however as well we are able to understand the complexity of her discussion. The last passage emphasises how Tan is somewhat more concerned about her audience rather than the approval of critics and she doesn’t need to write like a professor to obtain her point across. Moreover over the text there is also a pattern of using a personal experience then simply expanding upon it.


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