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Aqualisa quartz circumstance essay

Aqualisa Quartz

In the concentrating on market, the compny seeks to target plumbers and end users (Middle to high income) because almost all of the end users are suggested by the plumbers. Others might purchase from showrooms. Therefore , we have to focus on them as well Positioning Affirmation

To middle-high income buyers, Aqualisa Quartz is a excessive premium bathtub brand that can come under mixing machine shower category that offers top quality and most recent innovation because Aqualisa Quartz has rewards in drinking water pressure, ease of installation, use and design.

JUST HOW 12775 comes?

This kind of number is usually come from the reality case study states that device sold of Quartz is usually between 30-40 units every day. So put into effect the indicate which is 35 units and times 365 days. Therefore , the device sold per year is 12775.


The problem intended for Aqualizer is the fact Plumbers are lack of knowledge and advancement of Aqualisa Quartz. Furthermore, most buyer decisions rely on plumbers. Second issue may be the bad connection with electronic shower room that customers and plumbers had.

The last key issue is that brand belief towards Aqualisa Quartz via Customer is incredibly low since customers will not perceive the cost of Aqualisa Quartz and the number of only excessive income clients (Current target) is quite too small. Alternatives:


* Product

* Value

2. Place

However , the product, cost and place will remain the same, because Aqualisa quartz is a cool product and newest innovative bathtub so the functions and features are the many improvement at that time (Temperature control, ease of installation, design, water pressure and usage). Another reason we maintain the price to wherever it is, Aqualisa Quartz is actually a premium manufacturer so the value should be high to remain brand image. Additionally, the company invested a lot for R&D and wanted to gain profit perimeter to break-even. And for the places, normally plumbers is going to buy from transact shop, and end users is going to buy for showrooms. Consequently , the existing funnel is already powerful and effective. From the case (Exhibit 6), trade outlets and dealers can make 470, 500 units annually. This shows that the two places are powerful to sell the products of Aqualisa.


Our first approach is to go after independent plumbers by providing item orientation situations by contacting plumber to attend the training and offer 150 pounds as the compensation. This will satisfy and make the local plumber attend since they do not lose the cash flow when they go to our teaching. The orientation will be organised every 3 months changing simply by geography. All of us will gain Plumber data from Repository from APHC ” Relationship of Domestic plumbing & Heating system. The capacity for just one meeting will be 100 seats per group. Thereasons we all make 100 seats is because we believe that the larger the sample the greater chance of item achieving success. One other stategy is usually to create reliable of Aqualisa Quartz via existing users to new clients. Opinion leaders will encourage the new consumers and also build the self-confidence in the existing users the electronic showering (Aqualisa Quartz) will last lengthy and not include any concerns like the early on electronic baths by guarantee the satisfaction simply by referring the comment coming from opinion commanders (from showrooms).

The third technique is the use of award can help communicate value of Aqualisa Quartz and create the customer relationship with the manufacturer. By doing this, the company could expand the new concentrate on group by only excessive to high-middle income. This will segmented by the income each year. If we might make the middle cash flow group thinks that it is well worth for them to spend on our product, sales every unit could dramatically boost since this group is actually larger than the high income and larger value perceived as well. Aqualisa Quartz previously has the ad about the merchandise so all they should do is to stipulate the effective points of the item, and also present the prize of Aqualisa Quartz to tell the target that has the middle profits as well as people who has high income.

Goal defense

Quartz is a representative of the superior product underneath the brand Aqualisa, and the units sold will be lower than the expectation of the Rawlinson (30-40 instead of 100-200 units every day). If we can sell more, it will create overall sales a lot and potentially increase the market share.

Problem defense

Based on the case, plumbers would like to go for the familiar items which they have much encounter. If there is any issue after unit installation, plumbers are responsible for the fixing costs. Therefore , they will avoid attempting new product they are really not familiar with. Furthermore, the percentage of plumbers affecting customers’ decision is more than 50% which can be resulted in they don’t recommend Quartz to the customers. Another reason is that in yr 1980, there are some companies who presented electronic showers, and the items were not powerful because of the poor design as well as the failure from the usage. After that, it createdskepticism toward whatever is electronic. That makes both equally customers and plumbers refuse Quartz.

Another reason is the fact Aqualisa Quartz answers all of the features the fact that perfect baths should have when it comes to water pressure, stable temperatures, design, ease of installation and advancement. Even though the price is quite high the middle income have enough money Aqualisa Quartz as well seen from the salary information (15, 000-30, 500 pounds every year). Pertaining to the problem of value perception, evidence was in 12 months 2001. Quartz was awarded in the Bath room Expo as being a top prize since the beginning of the Quartz but people did not understand this information. Therefore , the product sales of Aqualisa Quartz are certainly not up to the anticipated units.

Remedy defense:

The Conducting of orientation getting together with will develop the belief inside the plumbers’ mind. The content of the getting together with will be regarding the ease of the installation, and to show the comfort of the electronic functions of Quartz. Actually Quartz’s assembly duration is definitely of the other competitive goods. It is the benefit that the plumbers can get around rather than one work in a day. It can certainly assure the increase in sale. To show, we will surely gain 12% of plumbers out by 10, 1000. These 12% of plumbers will make sales 4 times higher than current sales. Just how many amount of sales would make by plumbers?

12% *12775= 1533 ( 12% comes from 1200 that attend in meeting for the entire three years) 1533*4=6132 ( 4 comes from 4 times quicker installation meaning faster assembly will lead to higher sales) As a result, we can get the sale increase about 74% of the objective which boost the chance of accomplishment. From the circumstance, customers and plumbers usually do not trust the shower with electronic program (Aqualisa Quartz included). They will not use this kind of products since they have negative experience with the electronic bathtub before. If perhaps Aqualisa can present them the fact that problems were solved as well as the Aqualisa Quartz actually works. Some of the plumbers and customers are prepared to try it.

Because the sales by show space are very strong (about 20% of the total sales) we can send the comments from the real users and show these to the potential focus on groups. That will make them feel well informed to try our product. In conclusion, Aqualisa Quartz wasawarded in the expo but consumers and plumbers do not notice. The problem is about the value perceived and trust. Therefore , this award can guarantee the quality and help with the value that is the honored brand. We could do it simply by attaching the detail of award in to the communication for making customers notice the “cleverness and “elegant design of Quartz.


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