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Arce dairy marketing plan article

A. Product Efficiency

The company continues to have an edge in comparison to the other your favorite ice cream industries, because they have managed their quality since then, along with variety of flavours. It’s not too late if they will broaden more their business and will make more effort to boost their market share.


Arce Dairy is incredibly proud of their high quality ice cream product. They strictly comply with their tradition of using ONLY fresh CARABAO MILK and also other fresh substances in making their ice cream.

It is ice cream was well-known due to the creaminess, real flavours, and unique gold can packaging”qualities that remained throughout the years.

Arce Milk Ice Cream is made from fresh carabao’s milk which has a richer and flavourful being that they are exposed to the tropical condition which allows them develop better milk. It is an advantage for the Arce’s since they use a 21 hectare dairy farm building in Novaliches which is also the sole large and the only exclusive commercial breeder of milking carabaos in the Philippines.

Aside from all their milk quality, they also have their very own fresh ingredients such as fruits, nuts, chocolate and mozzarella cheese that are being placed on huge chillers.

Long lasting objectives

Arce Dairy often branch out their product not just in large scale retailers like, department stores, supermarkets and the like., but as well on tiny retail stores. Since it is more accessible and convenient that you could just conveniently buy the goods that you want in just a walking distant store. Arce Dairy Goodies aims to supply the best all-natural ice cream items to buyers both below and overseas, provide very good and all-natural quality products for the conscious ones thereby improving the quality of lifestyle. Showing patriotism to its fellow Filipinos in making use of Filipino-made products by production and marketing consistently superior quality ice cream, hence, giving customers added benefit for their funds. Lastly, to make sure in exceeding the global quality standard of becoming the source of pride to get the Philippine Dairy Industry.



How can Arce Milk Ice Cream contend in the goodies industry and regain achievement using its fresh brand name? Low market share, wherein, Arce Milk Ice Cream belongs to the remaining twenty percent of the your favorite ice cream market. Poor promotional and distribution strategies.

They should take on the various other ice cream market, and will not really stick prove captured market, they should increase their industry. They should try branching away especially upon small retailers. They should place much efforts on their marketing and promoting activities thus people can notice the product.


People’s acknowledgement to their new manufacturer.

Fresh Ice cream flavours offered.

That they could expose new product series using their new milk. Overall health campaigns pushing people to buy the healthier decision. Social media network serving because effective automobile in merchandise promotion.

Advertising Objectives

Increase revenue

Brand Awareness/Exposure.

Brand Image establishment.

Promoting Programs

Arce Dairy need to conduct surveys and maximize it sales through the accompanied by a retail associates. Its sales must be in comparison to the sales projections to monitor the improvement of their sales. The company must attain it is projected sales or over and above it. Placing Statement

Target Market

“Yuppies or perhaps young city professionals.

” Health-conscious, self-indulgent youthful urban professionals or “yuppies who have the bucks to generously spend on anything at all they want, and also who will be fickle in choosing their particular brand alternatives, depending on what is trending or getting good reviews. 20-26 years old, class A-B, man and female, livingand working in/around NCR.

Item strategy

Arce Dairy began from three generations. They produce diverse variety of flavours like Manga, Chocolate, Blueberry Cheesecake, Buko Lechias, Avocado, Quezo Genuine, Vanilla, Strawberry, Dark Chocolate, Dairy products, Ube, Almonds and Potato chips and many more. Arce Dairy basically has their own farm where they get most of their particular fresh materials especially the “CARABAO MILK that they can use because base because of their ice cream.

Costs strategy

Arce Dairy Your favorite ice cream Container SizePrice range

425 mlPhp 70. 00 (classic)

Php eighty. 00 (supreme)

Php 108. 00 (sugar-free)750 mlPhp 120. 00 (classic)

Php 205. 00 (supreme)1. 5 LPhp 228. 00 (classic)

Php 408ps. 00 (supreme, sugar-free)

Marketing strategy

Release print advertisings that will catch the target market’s attention. Do an effective guerrilla ad that stays dedicated to Arce Dairy’s new image. To push out a TVC to get aired during primetime.

File the active guerrilla advertising campaign and post it being a viral online video. Use images that suggests.


Induce the fascination of the marketplace and cause them to become try the product. Promote Arce Dairy’s new “sexy photo. Cover up Arce Dairy’s “local/low class image to people. Expose individuals to the brand.



Promotion technique

Since Arce Dairy has no promotional straregies except on relying through wordof mouth area strategy, the Unfortunately, Arce Dairy features almost NO campaign. They’ve made no TV SET ad, few and unmemorable print advertisings. No marketing efforts are done, and they count on word of mouth to get cutomers.

Field revenue strategy

Syndication strategy

Product support

Training Requirements

Marketing study

4/5 with the people who are familiar with the brand “Arce Dairy include claimed that it’s their most liked ice cream in the Philippines. Even though they have taste favourites, they will try different flavours once in a while. Though that they love Arce Dairy, they will consume other brands more often because Arce Milk is not available on a large number of local stores. But when there is Arce Dairy obtainable, it’s their first choice. The actual love regarding Arce Dairy products is the uniformity of the your favorite ice cream, the smooth rich and creamy texture, as well as the mild sweetness of the flavours.

Most of them heard bout Arce Milk first by personal references like friends, and relatives. Once they tasted Arce, it was right away their “new favourite goodies. According to them, the retail price doesn’t take the time them, considering that the taste will be worth the price they pay. Additionally, they mentioned that they can wish Arce was offered to more stores. 5/5 are not aware that Arce Dairy uses CARABAO DAIRY in their your favorite ice cream. 2/5 in the people who usually are familiar with Arce Dairy declared that their preferred brand of ice cream is Selecta (particularly Magnum)

To the yuppies, quality of ice cream and item feedback is vital. If it visitors home, they may actually stick to it. All they need is a superb push to try the product.

Financial overview


More expensive than other brands. Maintained a clean popularity for making quality ice cream, verified by a lot of awards directed at Arce Dairy products. Arce Dairy ice cream can be scientifically confirmed much healthier when compared with leading goodies brands. Provides variety of unique ice cream flavors not available consist of brands.


Has limited advertising/promotion components, leading to unpopularity amongst the people. Product is terribly distributed, which makes it available to limited stores and locations. Certainly not top of the mind when asked about an ice cream product. Provides a “local photo, therefore viewed as “cheap.

Efficiency History

Arcefoods Corporation has become honored the Hall of Fame Award as “Outstanding Ice Cream Manufacturer by the Consumers Union in the Philippines when ArceDairy Ice Cream has been honored the 1999 Dangal Ng Bayan “Outstanding Ice Cream Product and the New Millennium Superiority Award “Most Outstanding Your favorite ice cream Brand by the Parangal ng Bayan Prizes Foundation. The ArceDairy kind of ice cream, the “all-natural ice cream, has captured the minds of Manilanians through the decades of the uniqueness and its old fashioned manufacturing process. Fierce requests from prominent customers, captive faithful followers and food enthusiasts, demand for it is return.


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