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Automobiles and bikes essay

Cars and Bikes Bicycles and cars are a pair of the many means of transportation. Equally can be used to drive people to areas they want to head to without strolling. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. And each has its own type and common of people as well as its distinct uses and forms. Not all the people could afford investing in a car. A vehicle could be very expensive to some people. For example , we regularly see the indegent riding mountain bikes in the middle of the streets.

For those people, motorcycles are their only way of transportation to their work, towards the market, to schools, to anywhere they would like to get to so long as it’s not really too far apart.

Bikes double by kids to play and possess fun with the friends in the club or something like that. Poor people can not be found driving a vehicle, because motorcycles are way cheaper to all of them and are a thing they can hardly afford to get.

Cars prefer travel to diverse places and cities, meaning that they’re best for long ranges because they’re faster and safer than bikes. Vehicles work with motor that make these people easy to drive, and lengthy distances will not be a difficulty to the rider because he will not put a whole lot effort to help make the car push.

However , a bike is mostly moved by all of the efforts the rider can put. Zero motor or perhaps anything, yet it’s by moving the rider’s lower-leg, and it’s therefore slow that this can never be used for long distances. In addition, bikes are really dangerous when compared with cars. Passengers in a car are more protected against mishaps or any accidents. The car has a lot of advantages that aid to protect them, such as the seat belt, the environment bag and the car’s roof top that covers the driver and all the other passengers.

While a person who voyages a bike is likely to acquire injured badly when he gets hit with a car, or happens to get involved with a simple crash as there’s no roof to shield him and a bike just isn’t strong enough to take care of any challenging situation. A significant accident taking place to a bike’s rider can also lead to fatality sometimes while the accidental injuries may get thus dangerous. Basically, as we can see there are so many items these two way of transportation fluctuate in, but still they the two serve for the similar purpose.

For short miles, it doesn’t actually matter which usually mean to choose; they’d both equally get you to the place you want to reach. They both are fun to work with. But it usually depends on the persons and the proper usage. Finally, I absolutely prefer driving a vehicle than hammering a nail in general also for extremely short ranges. Because utilizing a car is significantly safer and easier and doesn’t consider too much work unlike using a bike. Although, I won’t be able to deny that riding a bike with friends within a summer spot, on the beach front or inside the club could be so much fun.


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