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Combined sentence composition

1) Sexism extends also into the area of automobile generating, it seems. Believing that they are far better drivers than women. Males consider ladies drivers inexperienced, inattentive, and dangerous driving. -It seems that sexism runs even in to the area of car driving. Thinking that they are more effective drivers than women, men consider ladies drivers unskilled, inattentive, and even dangerous behind the wheel.

2) Nevertheless , statistics provide evidence that women happen to be, in fact , less dangerous drivers than men. For instance , insurance rates.

Insurance rates for women will be 20 percent lower than they are for a man.

One other proof is the fact more injuries are caused by guy drivers between your ages of 18 and 25 than by any other group. Also, the greater percentage of incidents involving deaths cause simply by men. Even though women will be criticized for being too careful. They are actually just staying safe motorists. -However, statistics prove that girls are, actually safer drivers than males. For example , insurance rates for women will be 20 percent below they are males. Another evidence is that even more accidents are caused by male motorists between the age range of 18 and 25 than simply by any other group and the greater percentage of accidents regarding deaths trigger by males. Although ladies are criticized for being as well cautious, they can be really simply being secure drivers.

3) The reasons for women drivers’ more secure driving behaviors can perhaps be found inside the different perceptions of the sexes toward vehicles. On the one hand, women drivers who have regard the car as a ease. Like a washer. On the other hand males regard the car as action of their egos. Using it as a weapon after they feel specifically aggressive. Or using it as a status sign. -The reasons for women drivers’ safer traveling habits may perhaps be found in the several attitudes in the sexes toward automobiles. On the other hand, women drivers who consider the automobile being a convenience such as a washing machine; alternatively, men respect the automobile as an extension with their egos, using it as a system when they think particularly aggressive, or using it as a position symbol.

4) All in all, girls are less dangerous drivers. Due to their attitude. Guys canlearn to become safe motorists. If they will adopt the attitude that the automobile is just a ease. -All in most, women are safer motorists because of their attitude. Men can easily learn to become safe individuals, if that they adopt the attitude that an automobile is just a comfort.

2 . (a) Electric cars are driven solely by simply batteries. (b) The new cross vehicles move between electrical power and fuel.

-Electric vehicles are run solely by simply batteries, however the new cross types vehicles swap between electric power and gas.

3. (a) Government and private agencies include spent vast amounts of dollars advertising and marketing the dangers of smoking. (b) The number of people who smoke and is still raising.

-Even nevertheless government and private agencies possess spent immeasureable dollars marketing the dangers of smoking, the amount of smokers is still increasing.

four. (a) Several students check out a vocational institution to learn a trade. (b) Some pupils go to college to gain a degree

-Some students check out a vocational school to learn a trade, sometimes students head to college to earn a diploma.

5. (a) The grading system at our college or university should be removed. (b) The scholars do not just like getting marks. (c) The instructions do not enjoy giving grades.

-The grading system at each of our college must be abolished while (or because/since) the students do not like having grades, as well as the instructions will not enjoy offering grades.

6. (a) Education in a totally free society instructs children how to think. (b) Education in a dictatorship shows children what to think.

-Education in a free society shows children tips on how to think, nevertheless education in a dictatorship instructs children what things to think.

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