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Balance of power involving the term paper

Excerpt coming from Term Daily news:

How were the INTERESTS of BOTH SIDES offered by the agreement you come to?

Ans. The agreement allowed the Great Arts Art gallery of San Francisco (FAMSF) to keep the Teotihuacan Murals for 3 more years so they will could protect the works of art and regain it to its ideal condition so they do not obtain damaged the moment transporting them to Mexico. In addition to preserving the pieces of art Commence of Countrywide de Antropologia e Relato (INAH) was helping FAMSF. This would help the FAMSF to display the pieces of art when they are not getting restored and would help increasing their very own revenue as well as the revenue which will be generated by the displays in the art would be divided between your FAMSF as well as the Government of Mexico. Therefore generating a source of income to get the Government of Mexico also.. While on the other side the People in mexico would be having 26% of the pieces annually starting from the second year. And return the Mexican museum would provide FAMSF with 95 artifacts to show on a every year basis, which in turn would be delivered too yearly. The FAMSF would pay for the maintenance and recovery of the works of art and so the Authorities of Mexico would not need to bear the expenses. When the works of art are delivered to South america, they would contribute 20% from the pieces to the FAMSF and thus this would ensure that the FAMSF to get a collection of Mexican artifacts. This would be a great source of revenue intended for the FAMSF as many People in mexico live in the U. S i9000. A. The Mexican Federal government also gave a year to the FAMSF to get to retain the Teoithucuan Murals to display after they are renewed. The agreement’s terms plainly said that FAMSF was making this agreement for the sake of enhancing the associations and friendship with the Usa of South america, thus giving a view that this did not support returning of artifacts back in the country they will originate from. The FAMSF is going to invest in the excavations of pieces of arts and in return for the they will get the rights to show the recently discovered artifacts in their art gallery. The earnings generated by artifacts would be taken by the FAMSF to satisfy their invested amount as well as the first 10% profits might also be used by them. The rest would be divided between the FAMSF and Mexico.

d. In what ways would the process that your group followed help or slow down your negotiations? What made this kind of negotiation hard? What shifted it along?

Ans. The national regulations did not permit the Mexican federal government to claim the murals for the reasons mentioned above. There was clearly no conceivable way to attain a discussion until the two parties arrived at an agreement or solution. And hence to improve the partnership between the U. S. A. And South america the Bay area Museum (my side) consented to return the Mexicans the Teotihuacan Murals. This step was popularly approved by the Mexicans and this paved a means for a arbitration process involving the two get-togethers. The FAMSF retained own all wall painting pieces pertaining to the three years and this may well be a hindrance to the negotiation. But to handle the situation the agreement said that after two years the FAMSF would return 26% of the decals on a annual basis. And then for the restoration process they will included a Mexican expertise institute which will would make sure the artifacts are maintained according to its beliefs. By dividing the income between the two parties the negotiation proved favorable pertaining to both. To satisfy the Mexicans that the artifacts they were giving to all of us were truly their property, FAMSF allowed the Mexicans to clearly point out on the displays that they were a gift from the Philippine friends. Things therefore considered helped in improving the negotiations additional.

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