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Existence of God the Debate Essay

Atheist, Goodness, Metaphysics, Rene Descartes

Excerpt from Essay:

Therefore , it becomes obvious that Leader of these regulations is definitely better and more respected than the order itself. Moreover, moral directions are so that they have a website link with the supreme authority and these laws have to be followed anywhere and everywhere irrespective of what the instances are. The authority of these moral guidelines is better than all the guidelines, regulations and authority with the human beings. Consequently , the specialist of the individual who has provided these instructions is better than the mixed authority of the human beings.

The argument of existence of moral laws gives the conclusion that a being is available whose specialist is better than the specialist of any of the human beings and whose rules are superior to the rules which have been created by authorities of the world.

As a whole these disputes have been very successful in proving that God is out there, who is the perfect being who will be important for the sustenance on this universe and everything that is present within this whole world, who is superior to all that has been created or perhaps ever will probably be created, that has the absolute specialist of every sole thing that exists in this world and who does that is best for the humankind.

God exists – so why?

Most of the people only want a straightforward answer and explanation to this extremely complicated and complex statement that God truly does exist. For many who want to comprehend the existence of God can accomplish that by giving an answer to or learning the answers of six major questions (Clark, 1946).

The first question is that if there is not Goodness that who created this kind of universe and who has recently been sustaining that for a long time. When we browse around us, we see that whole universe has been created properly. The shape in the earth, for example , is exactly a similar it was because it was created. There exists a specific quantity of gravity in the primary of the earth that has not really increased or perhaps decreased over so many years and manages to pull a great amount of gases above its surface. Moreover, the moon is actually a specific distance away from the earth and that is how it has been. It takes a unique number of turns and the the planet takes a particular number of converts around the sun. The second question that compels all of us to believe that God is available is that who have caused the formation of this world. Scientists believe that and have also convinced some people that the whole world started having a great huge increase which they phone the Big Beat and that is how a universe came into being (Weinberg, 1998). However , there must be something or someone that caused this Big Bang as well as the thing with which the surge took place should also have been developed or produced by someone. This kind of where the solution kicks in; it is God who created the universe and for that reason, he is available.

We all know there are some regulations of characteristics that have always been obeyed whatever the circumstances may be. Scientists include tried to produce explanations for these laws of nature, however they have not been compelling enough for one to reject the existence of Goodness. These laws and regulations are so simple and yet they are so complex. For example , our planet is attracted to the sun and so are the rest of the exoplanets and the celestial satellite is attracted to the earth. These kinds of laws of nature have never changed ever since they has been around since and there’s not recently been any maximize or decline in the beliefs that are associated with these laws. If there was no Goodness then it will not have been easy for these laws and regulations to be relevant in every one system of the universe plus they would also get altered over such a long period of time of time.

Today let’s move on towards research to find hope for00 the question about the existence of Our god. It should be noted the scientists possess found an extremely extensive GENETICS structure and sequence that is present in just about every cell with the human body. These kinds of DNA sequences have specific instructions regarding the function of the cell (Collins, 2006). Each and every function that the cell performs is definitely according to the guidelines that are within these sequences. However , the scientists think that it is not feasible for anyone to produce even a one instruction code for a particular cellular, let a part the whole GENETICS. Therefore , it provides us the evidence that in the event that there was no God, if there was nobody who was better than the humankind then the formation of these DNA sequences was just not likely.

Millions of atheists have turned into people who do believe in the presence of God. There exists a reason why this kind of happened plus the reason is that God is out there and He looks more than each and every person and this individual wants a persons beings to go back to Him (Flew, 2008). Those who believe God is present know that He will always be there for these people no matter what happens. These people likewise believe that The almighty loves all of them and even if they are in distress for some time, He will take them out of this distress. Not simply have the people who believe in Our god, but also the atheists had this constant pressure in their thoughts pertaining to the existence of God. In the event there was zero God then this pressure would not can be found either as they wants to always be known and He would like people to realize that He is around and there for them. This can be the power that is very strong that this compels the folks to believe that there is God surrounding them and they are forced to believe thus.

The sixth and the last question that we need to question ourselves is the fact if Our god didn’t are present then whose message performed the Prophets bring. Prophets were those who were even more determined than anything else on the globe. They were sent to this world with a mission. This kind of mission was also about convincing the people about the presence of God and these pious people explained the existence of God with the same signs because those that have been mentioned above. The fact that is very important to us to understand here is that if there was no Goodness then who was it to deliver down the revelations on the Globe and to notify the people what they have to do as human beings about this planet and what they are not allowed to do (Adamson, 2013).

Different conceptions of God

Apart from the atheist persons, the fans of all other religions rely on the existence of Our god. Even though all their belief of existence of God is common, what they consider as their Goodness is different. For instance , Muslims assume that there is only One God who may have created these people and Who also sent down Muhammad (PBUH) for them and it is He to who they may have to come back. On the other hand, the Christians believe Jesus was your son of God and he was the only one to show the reality of Our god to the people and he is the only prophet whom claimed that he was the son of God. However, the Hindus believe in more than one God. Their particular Gods could be human beings who have gave many sacrifices in order to save the truth and defeat falsity or their very own God is actually a cow or any type of other thing that they consider to be Holy.


To sum up arguments, reasoning and dialogue, it is crystal clear that God exists and He is the Founder of this world. He is the individual who is certainly not bound to certain and who not have any starting or any end. It is He who has been sustaining this universe and has been offering for the people ever since they will first arrived at the earth. Consequently , in times of distress and struggles, He must be sought as He is the only one with the divine power and He is the merely one who can take us out of the problems. We ought to constantly look for signs that compel all of us to have a stronger faith inside the existence of God in order that we can be at peacefulness with themselves and the world.


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God, Cost-free Will, Philosophers, Argumentative

Excerpt from Article:

Generally in most religious text messages, “God can be omnipotent (all-powerful), omniscient (all-knowing), and all-good (righteous, adoring, benevolent)” (Wolf 2011). In respect to this look at, apart from being the source of all that is good, God has the ability to know is to do everything – including rubber stamping out almost all evil. Yet , there even now exists so much suffering and evil on the globe. Calamities of each and every nature perform occur at times leading to loss of life, displacement and suffering of thousands of humans. Further, individuals continue to go through as a result of illnesses, death and wars. If perhaps God is truly loving, how come he allow those this individual has created to experience pain, despair and other forms of suffering? Additional, if The almighty is all powerful, why does he not end the event of discomfort, despair or any kind of experiencing taking place? Generally speaking terms, how exactly does evil and an all supportive and highly effective God coexist. This is the gist of the Issue of Bad.

In our search for seek a comprehension of Goodness and his incredibly nature, our company is often dogged by these kinds of and many other inquiries. However , the situation of Bad need not regard our view of the existence, nature and purpose of The almighty. In my opinion, Our god chose to provide us with something of tremendous benefit without which in turn evil might have been absent. This kind of which Goodness chose to give us is free will. Totally free will allows us to think even as like, to act as we just like and to pursue whatever we all deem suit. Hence must i decide to hurt another person, there exists nothing to prevent me coming from doing so. In such a way, there is no way God can eliminate the evil that is out there in the world with out denying all of us free is going to. Hence it could be noted that evil on the globe exists due to the human being’s move to abuse free is going to. In the end, it is the creature’s freedom to pick evil that brings about wicked in the world and never the inability on the creator’s part to avert the same.

It is important to make note of that the better good idea does provide for question the presence of natural evils. In this case, organic evils incorporate but are not really limited to earthquakes, diseases and floods that in one method or another also bring about superb suffering to the masses. However , most of these unfortunate occurances are induced by attract wealth whose businesses are self-employed. In this case, it is important for natural laws to operate on their own so as to allow the existence of free agents.

Even more, yet another perspective which can be utilized to resolve the challenge of wicked is the limited knowledge of mankind. In this case, it is usually argued that it can be impossible for us to fully have an understanding of the ultimate program of Our god in regard to the existence of evil. Hence just as a tiny child are unable to comprehend the ultimate plan of its mother or father when taken up a clinic for vaccination against a specific disease; we might not be able to be familiar with ultimate prepare of Goodness in regard to the presence of evil on the globe.


In my view in addition to the light of readings from all other texts, The almighty does can be found. This affirmation can be deduced from various arguments, some of which have already been featured above. However , it can be observed that in some cases, the existence of Our god is challenging by other dissenting arguments including the Trouble of Bad. However , regarding the Problem of Evil?nternet site have already stated in the text above, the advantages of free is going to and the limited knowledge of humankind explains the existence of evil on the globe.


Wolf, R. P. (2011). Regarding

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