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Beauty exchange essay

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Excerpt from Dissertation:

Beauty Exchange

The documentary The sweetness Exchange displays the life of typical Czech women nowadays struggling with the image of beauty. Every person can be shaped by the world around them and the basis for what a female should appear to be has been instilled in world through mags, TV, videos, advertisements, superstars. The difficulties that women will be constantly facing are perfect skin, beautiful hair, flawless make-up, very good figure, popular style and these things have grown to be such an crucial part of present society.

One could think that it had been women who identified fashion trends, because they are the ones who use so much money and effort searching good when each one comes out. Yet, this current documentary shows that is definitely not precisely the truth. In fact , women do not play while large of your part together may think at the same time of creating and popularizing products. Often times, it is male designers who produce the fashion tendencies, and then the media who have popularizes all of them. Women are usually the ones attempting to change or perhaps alter their bodies in order to make them remain in the latest trends or trend demands. Determining who or what exactly can determine current style and natural beauty trends is really a much more complicated process. Sometimes, fashion trends are led with a subconscious and irrational need, which is perpetuated by these behind the scenes inside the top ranking media areas. Often times, the method trends will be manipulated and modeled to be able to manipulate economic trends to get customers to spend more on looking to look their finest.

One of the girls has an range of products intended for everything you can see right now from bronzers to shampoos in order to indulge herself well. This ladies additionally is very obsessed with the most recent fashion trends. One more women offers every diet or weight reduction product feasible and features tried strategies from workout to hypnotherapist tapes to diet pill. A single woman dislike her boobs and takings to get plastic surgery to repair what the girl sees as a problem to higher her human body, once your woman gets her first surgical treatment she has two more follow-ups. There is a young red-haired young lady who goes in a building competition and gets authorized as a model on Topmodelka who will not want to improve who the girl with but we all know that comes with the industry. Last but not least there is a band of feminist women who don’t use makeup to make themselves prettier alternatively for fun and they are not enthusiastic about beauty and fashion trends. It is hard to select any personality to relate with in the film.

Out of all the female personas, I think I can relate to Karolina the most. Karolina is a character who has been swept away by the media’s representation of beauty. In a world where there are so many magnificence advertisements and products, it is difficult to understand precisely what is actually needed. I can completely understand how you can get hidden away and simply end up buying products that may not be needed or perhaps ones that are too expensive for one’s budget as a result of media pressure to do so. Whilst a student today, I have witnessed society’s pressure on anti-aging, causing a large number of young males and females for that matter, to approach all their beauty regiment like they must ward off the aging process. So many goods are anti-aging, but yet happen to be geared towards relatively younger demographics. It is the media’s push to convince a few of these younger individuals who they need many of these anti-aging products when they really don’t. There as well seems to be distinct products for each different skin problem or idiosyncrasy possible. Therefore, instead of purchasing one product that is multi-dimensional, numerous women today are manipulated into

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