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Behavior supervision edfd260 assessment a behavior

Behavior Plan, Behavior, Class room Management, Profession Assessment

Excerpt from Dissertation:

Behavior Management


Go over your overall idea of behavior management. Label theoretical versions / methods which have influenced you.

Generally speaking, behavior may not be controlled, nevertheless can only become guided. This kind of overall viewpoint of behavior management in the classroom, built in portion on Glasser’s Choice Theory and stemming strongly via Bill Roger’s Theory of discipline, especially the concept of directional choices (Andrius, 2012). These theories the two assert that just individuals themselves can control their patterns, and thus instead of attempting to insist control the simplest way for an educator to manage classroom behavior is to suggest actions and behaviours that are desirable and conducive to creating a powerful learning environment, rather than aiming to command or control visitors to achieve this end (Andrius, 2012; Furr Furr, 2012). Understanding that expectations must be clearly established and smoothly adhered to when behavioral control is not possible is actually a great empowering point of view for an educator, and the one that lends itself quite well to forming and adhering to a unique plan for discipline and class management.

Instructor actions / strategies

Theoretical approach

Preparatory and Establishment phases

Handle to remain smoothly committed to the behavioral plan developed to get the class. Develop a firm idea of the Quality World desired and practice revaluating the planets and behaviours of others in order to respond efficiently to pupil behaviors and desires (Furr Furr, 2012). Prioritize various values associated with classroom management (learning, autonomy, etc . ) and commit to the prioritization or hierarchy created.

All behavior, according to Glasser’s Decision Theory, can be geared towards creating one’s Top quality World (or stems from perceptions of how reality fits or fails to in shape one’s Quality World) (Furr Furr, 2012). Ensuring that all behavioral goals and prioritize recognize this fact and work towards the fulfillment of Quality Sides will preserve a clear focus for mentor actions during all levels of instructions.

Preventative procedures

Clearly articulate class beliefs and behavioral guidelines, which includes expected behaviors for each lesson plan (as age appropriate). Anticipate potential problems depending on lessons prepare, time of day, and individual students, and have pro-active steps to pre-empt disturbances through the giving of online choices in initial instructions and requirement guidelines (Andrius, 2012). Request input and give clarification of guidelines and expectations as needed to assure all students are very clear regarding the options they have.

A clear understanding of the behavioral expectations will automatically include (and be a portion of/built on) expectations relating to relationships, which are at the root of behavior (Furr Furr, 2012). Providing directional choices and ensuring the clarity of behavioral anticipations ensures that alternatives are being created from knowledgeable perspectives and that decisive teaching methods are presented (Furr Furr, 2012; Andrius, 2012).

Low level / unobtrusive / nonpunitive concours

Initial respond to most low-end disturbances is to practice technical ignoring, not really engaging trainees directly nevertheless attempting to refocus behavior through adherence to initial lessons

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