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Blossom induction in carabao manga essay


Several mango varieties naturally generate fruit some other year. That is, there are years or seasons in which a forest or the plant may be very not really efficient, making almost no fruits. For trees and shrubs to be successful annually, floral inducers are used to stimulate flower growth during the ‘off’ months of the woods variety. Inducers increase number of viable flowers for elevated production and harvest. Inducers work best about healthy, older trees underneath 10-yr-old. Inside the flower inauguration ? introduction trial, 2% KNO3 (Potassium nitrate) was used.

It is a blossom inducer which will contains potash and nitrogen for fast growth of the flower.

It had been sprayed within the shoots with the Carabao mango tree with mature leaves. On the other hand, a control where pure water was dispersed was offered. This trial, if been found well, should certainly show value of flowering even in off-season. Statement was completed 14 days after spraying. Elements and Method:

*potassium nitrate/ KNO3, sprayer, pail, glass pitcher, tags, pentel pen, and water a.

Choice of Carabao manga tree locations with healthy mature leaves b. Bringing out of 2% KNO3 till dripping-wet then tagging (KNO3 treated) c. Selection of Carabao mango tree shoots with healthy fully developed leaves over a different tree d. Spraying the shoots with plant water. This will likely be the control with out KNO3 treatment. e. Observe after fourteen days.


After 2 weeks, KNO3 cared for shoot demonstrated no value. This may be due to the expected rainfalls during that week of KNO3 treatment. The inducer are usually washed off when it rained leaving simply no effect on the shoot. Hence, absorbance of chemicals was restricted. Conclusion

In flower induction of mango trees and shrubs, the following has to be considered: 1) mango variety and blooming seasons, 2) flower inducers to be utilized, 3) dose of the inducers given the modern day condition and physical appearance with the shoots/trees, and 4) bringing out time and environmental factors. Inside the trial, blossom induction started to be unsuccessful pertaining to the rainfall that acquired occurred influenced the blooming response in the Carabao mango tree.

Thus, flowering induction won’t be made certain if spraying was done in a short span of the time before a climatic happening that may restrict the whole trial. But , as studied, you can still find forms of bloom induction that will be applied besides spraying KNO3. Mango trees may be induced during its off-season.


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