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Case study jollibee food corporation dissertation

Difficulty Statement:

The newly hired head of International section Mr Manolo. P. Tingzon is considering into three key chances that the company Jollibee Food Corporation facing whether to the small PNG(Papua New Guinea) market exactly where it will be a first mover, to expand into Hong Kong in which is a preexisting base but the local people won’t like Jollibee’s Philippines-based junk food model, and a proposal to share the huge benefit in U. S i9000. market by establishing an operation in California.


1 . Keep your original business design: franchising

2 . Maintaining Marketing expenditure in building image (symbolization)

3. Local marketplace penetration with strong community brands

4. Remarkably customer responsiveness

5. Maintain client value and loyalty

6. Developing the industrial spots in foreign countries


1 . Market admittance strategies such as Franchising, Units, Joint ventures, Wholly owned or operated subsidiaries 2 . Substantive growth strategies: Horizontal and top to bottom integration tactics 3. Limited growth strategies: Do nothing, Market penetration strategies 4. Retrenchment strategies: Retrenchment, Turnaround strategies

Consequences of Alternatives:

When ever analyzing the case study it really is clear that Jollibee Incorporation.

features higher pressure to respond to local wants in Israel due to the entrance of global leaders like McDonalds. This is due to the reality Jollibee a new strong existence in Israel but exact same it should deal with the adaptation pressure via McDonalds. This is also supported by the very fact that Jollibee was franchising their manufacturer to international countries on very rigid terms that do not effectively allow any changes to the menu.

And that we can use the goals which includes Keep the unique business model: franchising, Maintaining Promoting investment in building graphic (symbolization), Neighborhood market transmission with strong local brands, Highly consumer responsiveness, Preserve customer benefit and devotion and Creating the business spots in foreign countries with the four strategy (Market entry tactics, Substantive progress strategies, Limited growth strategies and Retrenchment strategies to set up the stand 1 .

Tradeoffs/ Analysis of Alternatives:

Tingzon’s decision may based on the table a couple of shows beneath, it can be found clearly the fact that Substantive progress strategies (Horizontal and top to bottom integration strategies) has the remarkably scores. Mainly because Jollibee coming into the markets without any clear slice idea, since Mr. Kitchner strongly trust in gaining the first ocasionar advantage, Jollibee is broadening into the markets where the rivals little will be no presence, to “plant the flag without any long term views. The company’s approach can be even more identified with the international technique where the positionnement of power lies together with the parent business in the Thailand. With a lot of happening inside the international area too. After Kitchners got hired, this individual encouraged localization by isolating international organization completely from the domestic ones.


Papua New Guinea

As evident from the info given in the case, it is quite apparent that the business is having huge opportunities in Papua New Guinea. As the market there exists untapped plus the only competitor there is an unorganized and unprofessional regional company, Jollibee can literally get a 1st mover advantage, therefore JFC must choose the Horizontal and vertical integration strategy. Hong Kong

Currently every one of the three retailers established in Hong Kong will be facing lots of management concerns as mentioned inside the problem declaration hence it truly is required that initial this management issues should be sorted away rather than placing additional resources in enlargement plans California

The company must start with focusing on both the Filipinos as well as residents and design and style the menu that would help maintaining the rand name identity along with providing to the neighborhood interests. To set it simple and straight, Firm needs to adjust a trans-national strategy.

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