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Blossoms for algernon features that go beyond

Plants for Algernon, is a traditional novel written by Daniel Keyes a young mentally challenged gentleman named Charlie Gordon. This guide chronicles, coming from a first person point of view, Charlie’s mental and physical problems and achievements after undergoing a cutting-edge procedure that is certainly hoped to render him intelligent. Through the entire book, much of the focus is on Charlie’s academic progress while his emotional and private development is definitely not much of a concern. This becomes a issue because Charlie realizes that it must be important to demonstrate qualities apart from intelligence to lead a your life that is oth happy and successful.

Qualities been shown to be more important than intelligence in Flowers to get Algernon happen to be: patience, attention and value. Throughout Flowers for Algernon, patience can often be shown to be a much more important quality in character than brains. Starting from the start when Charlie was still mentally challenged, people never appeared to be patient with him. If they had taken you a chance to get to know and understand him they would have experienced that he had a good cardiovascular system and genuine personality.

This also applies to the everyday life.

We need to be patient and try to understand other folks before all of us begin to evaluate them. Charlie also proven the negative consequences of any lack of endurance when his intelligence started to surpass that of those around him, “I was frightened it would arrive to this, but I have no patience with her at this point. I’m jealous of every moment away from the work- impatient with anyone…”(Keyes 295). You can evidently see that due to his deficiency of patience with anyone around him, he could be in a condition of disappointed and relax. That is just how patience is shown to be more important than ntelligence in this story.

Kindness is yet another quality shown to surpass cleverness in order worth addressing in Flowers for Algernon. Simply getting kind in front of large audiences can get you far in life and change others landscapes and opinions of you in a positive way. This is shown when Alice explains to Charlie those that have made him such a great person before he previously the procedure, “There was something in you ahead of. I don’t know… a warmth, an openness, a kindness that made everyone like you and like to maybe you have around. ” (Keyes 122). Being kind makes both yourself while others feels good.

While everyone may not be able to fix an algebraic equation or perhaps understand William shakespeare, we can all understand, accept and appreciate kindness in all its varieties. This is why amazing advantages is proved to be a more beneficial quality than intelligence in Flowers pertaining to Algernon. One third quality been shown to be more important than intelligence in Flowers for Algernon is usually respect. We all want to be valued and respected so when you respond in this way toward others, it is usually reciprocated. Everyone should learn how to respect the other person for who they actually are and not try to change them.

Each person is an individual with the own feelings and thoughts and we can not change all of them. In the book, a bakery employee challenges the importance of respect if the other workers make fun of Charlie, “He can’t help what he is… but for The lord’s sake, have some respect! Your dog is a human being! ” (Keyes 199). Charlie regularily feels that he is if she is not respected as being a human being and that he is just getting treated since an research. This has a poor impact on him and also demonstrates the importance of respect.

These are the ways that respect is definitely shown to be a ore important quality than intelligence through this novel. In the event one appears between the lines in the new Flowers for Algernon, they are going to interpret a large number of messages and take away valuable lessons via it. Certainly one of which is that we now have qualities which have been much more beneficial and essential than brains. The features that are been shown to be more important than intelligence in Flowers pertaining to Algernon happen to be patience, closeness and admiration. By obtaining and utilizing these qualities a person can business lead both a cheerful and good life and better the lives of the people around them.


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