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Book review share christ without dread essay


Share Jesus Without Dread by William Fay with Linda Evans Shepherd was written to inform the reader essential and how to discuss your beliefs with people. This can be a book that tries to encourage and instruct believers to reach your goals in showing their faith (the gospel) in a basic but successful way. The author believes very strongly that “the accomplishment of showing one’s hope is not really about successful or taking souls (people) to Christ it is everything regarding obedience through faithfulness from the Christian (believer).


He gives a feel that we are unable to save people; the only thing we can do is definitely share the gospel, our faith and leave the others to the Ay Spirit. Therefore , the author lets us know that the just way to get corrupted in evangelism, sharing your faith as if we do not share ” the sin of silence.

Put simply The author procedes state that only 5 to 10 percent with the people inside the average church have distributed their hope in the past yr and that ensures that 90% of us have selected the trouble of silence. 2 The sin of silence means exactly what it says, “instead of sharing your faith you keep silent. 

He goes on to divide people into two groups: 1) those who talk about thelost and 2) people who talk to the lost. several The author procedes inform us of main reasons why people may share their particular faith and then he eliminates all standard excuses by declaring that one must drop the excuses and practice behavior to the Superb Commission. four The author in that case discusses the necessity to overcome dread when posting one’s hope.

The author after that gives five simple “Share Jesus concerns that assist in starting a conversation that can be directed to a chance to share the gospel. The writer goes on to make clear each of these concerns. By asking these inquiries Fay says the conversation can be very easily steered toward Jesus Christ since these questions allow visitors to give all their opinions readily. Once the door is opened up to share, Fay then provides selected pathways of Bible verses that are to be used through the second stage of evangelism. Let the Scriptures speak intended for itself. Fay’s main strategy in this stage is to have the person look at the scripture aloud for themselves then ask them what it means to them.

This gives these people the Ay Spirit a chance to use their own voice to speak to their own minds. If the person does not describe the scripture correctly, Fay asks them to read that again until they get the correct meaning. The author once again reminds us that God will continue to work through his word and this we do not have to try and do the work for him, God is God by itself and will use the Holy Nature to operate the person’s your life. Finally, towards the end of the book, Fay discusses the most common objections to receiving Christ, as well as giving suggestions how to overcome these kinds of objections once one is confronted with them.

In summary, the publication is about showing Jesus with no fear. Being in behavior. It is about how to defeat fear in evangelism. Mcdougal uses various personal experiences as illustrations, which I located to be supporting of his method of evangelizing. The author tensions the importance of sharing a person’s faith and this every believer should be aware of doing the “sin of stop. 


When the book talked of fear of sharing one’s faith, that reminded me of 1 of my personal life activities at the beginning of my walk with Christ. Initially, I had the thought that I has not been good enough to share Jesuswith anyone. After all, before being preserved I was a drug should be, criminal and a prostitute. I always thought how I can also be worthy enough to represent Christ let alone speak about him. Part of the reason I felt that way is I possibly could not forgive myself to get prostitution. Due to my mentor, Lisa the lady who allowed me to come back to Christ knew I was having difficulty in sharing my personal faith with individuals because of this, ministered to me and through scripture (Romans twelve: 9-10 and Psalms ciento tres: 2) that Christ provides saved me from every sin and remembers them no more. I learned that I actually am a new creation in Christ Jesus and was worthy to symbolize him. Our god showed me personally that I was more than sufficient to share the gospel with others also because of what I have went through in life I can give a better testimony of what God can and definitely will do because he did it to me. Praise Our god I overcame the spirit of not being good enough and now I discuss my faith with anyone who will hear.


Since it relates to the book, I came across the book to be extremely encouraging in sharing one’s faith. Fay firmly thinks that everybody should be showing his or her trust. I agree with this that every believer should be sharing Christ with an individual. The publication for all useful purposes will outline an effective way to share hope. It gives fine detail on how to start a conversation, how to overcome fear and arguments, how to use scripture and how to let the Holy Spirit have control. The author gives out a sensation that we aren’t the ones who is definitely saving people only God can achieve that and that most we have to perform is certainly not keep silent about Christ. I liked the way Fay uses Scripture to back up his approach and just how he utilized examples of his own experiences. However , one thing i believe could have made the book useful especially for individuals who have had denial in writing their hope would have been the mention of more personal experiences in which rejection was the result. This will have helped the reader relate with rejection, as they would have read actual encounters of being rejected that would support encourage these people in the same situations.

Alternatively, maybe Fay did not talk about more denial experiences mainly because as he states throughout the book one simply cannot fail once sharing their faith. As long as one is willing to share and never keep, silent God can work with that. I have to declare until I actually read Fay’s book I did not think of not really sharing one’s faith because the “sin of silence.  I cansee that it is a sin to get silent because God really does tell us to witness, and share the gospel and if we could in disobedience in this area then simply we are sinning ” if intentionally or not.

I also go along with the followup advice Fay gives following someone obtains Christ. Do not allow them land on their own, discover a church for them to be involved in so they can still grow in their very own relationship with Christ. Too many of us lead someone to Christ then we leave her / him to fend for himself or their self. Should not be! The things i took in the book is a importance of evangelizing and writing one’s beliefs. Not to be fearful to check out every chance to share Christ. I likewise learned that this is just what all believers are called to accomplish and if we do not then we could committing the “sin of silence.  We all must be aware of people around all of us who need Jesus and take every opportunity to share Christ with all of them.


This book has educated me in certain areas that I need to increase in my life. I actually do evangelize whenever the opportunity arises but there are occasions that, I actually get and so busy I actually do not notice those around me in everyday circumstances. In each day situations, I really do sometimes find it hard to start discussions where they may be directed to writing Christ. Consequently , I do like the approach Fay gives in the book. My spouse and i also like the suggestion of any prayer list of actually recording people’s labels that we needs to be praying more than. As a minister, I have people asking myself to hope for them and sometimes I i am guilty of forgetting their brands when I i am in prayer. A plea list might help me keep in mind not only all those I should pray for although those who have called for prayer. The book had many ideas that I will start using.

In the foreseeable future, I want to be more aware of people around me specially in everyday circumstances. Start to apply certain of the Discuss Jesus Queries and Scriptures Fay uses to direct conversations toward sharing Christ. I am going to begin writing a prayer list that will enable me to consider those that require prayer and pray on their behalf diligently. I also intend to get a tiny pocket Bible with the Discuss Jesus Questions and Scriptures and have that with me always that I may be prepared when ever opportunities happen to share Christ. I believe this is certainly a necessary transform for me. That makes sensethat we need to be well prepared in any given situation to share Christ and several of us does not carry a huge bible with us everywhere all of us go whereas a small pocket sized bible we are able to. I under no circumstances thought of this kind of until reading this book. This is just what Fay will and it seems like a perfect strategy to having bible verses with you always.

In conclusion, I have a better understanding and I am more urged in the area of posting my beliefs and evangelizing. I really liked the book and found it helpful in educating other ways of evangelism than I have carried out. It has been encouraging to me to stay evangelizing whenever and wherever the opportunity comes up not only then simply but likewise to look for those opportunities mainly because opportunities to reveal can be often missed whenever we are not trying to find them. As believers we need to share the faith and the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Fay, Bill with Shepherd Linda Evans. Share Jesus Without Dread. Nashville, TN: B&H Publishing Group, 1999.

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