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Chaffing lab article

Discussion and Review

Whenever a human body slides along another human body a fighting off force is named into play that is known as friction. This is a very important pressure and acts many valuable purposes. A person could not walk with no friction, nor could a vehicle propel itself along a highway with no friction between the tires as well as the road surface. Alternatively, friction is incredibly wasteful. This reduces the efficiency of machines mainly because work must be done to conquer it and this energy can be wasted as heat.

The objective of this research is to examine the regulations of chaffing and to determine the pourcentage of scrubbing between two surfaces. THEORY

Friction is the resisting force encountered when one surface area slides above another. This force serves along the tangent to the floors in contact. The force important to overcome scrubbing depends on the character of the supplies in contact, prove roughness or perhaps smoothness, and on the normal pressure but not on the area of contact or within the speed from the motion.

We find experimentally that the pressure of friction is straight proportional to the “normal pressure.  When an object can be sitting on a horizontal surface area the normal power is just the pounds of the target. However , in the event the object is usually on an tend then it is definitely not corresponding to the pounds but is usually calculated by simply N= mg cos θ. The constant of proportionality is named the pourcentage of friction, . If the contacting floors are actually slipping one above the other the force of friction is given by

Formula 1:

Ffr = k FN

where Ffr is definitely the force of friction which is directed parallel to the areas and contrary to the course of action. FN is the normal force and k is the coefficient of kinetic friction. The subscript k stands for kinetic, meaning that k is the pourcentage that can be applied when the floors are movingone with respect to the different. k is definitely therefore even more precisely named the agent of kinetic or slipping friction. Note carefully that Ffris always directed contrary to the course of action. This means that should you reverse the direction of sliding, the frictional push reverses too. In short, scrubbing is always against you. Friction is called a ” non-conservative  push because energy must be used to overcome it no matter which method you go. This really is in contrast to precisely what is called a “conservative force such as gravity, which can be against you on the way up but with you on the way down.

Thus, the vitality expended in lifting an object may be regained when the target descends. Yet, the energy accustomed to overcome friction is dissipated, which means it truly is lost or made not available as high temperature. As you will discover in your later on study ofphysics the distinction between old-fashioned and non-conservative forces is a very important one which is critical to our ideas of heat and energy. A method of exploring the proportionality of Ffr, and FNand of determining the proportionality frequent k is to have one in the surfaces in the form of a plane placed horizontally with a pulley fastened by one end. The various other surface may be the bottom deal with of a block that engraves the plane and also to which is attached a measured cord that passes within the pulley. The weights are various until the prevent moves for constant speed after he was started with a slight drive. Since there is no speed, the net pressure on the block is zero, which means that the frictional force can be equal to the strain in the cord.

This pressure, in turn, can be equal to the entire weight attached to the cord’s end. The normal force involving the two floors is comparable to the fat of the prevent and can be increased by putting weights along with the obstruct. Thus, matching values of Ffr, and FN are available, and conspiring them displays whether Ffrand FN are indeed proportional. The slope of this graph provides k. Every time a body lies at rest on the surface and an attempt was created to push this, the forcing force is usually opposed by a frictional force. As long as the pushing force is not really strong enough to get started on the body going, the body continues to be in equilibrium.

This means that the frictional force automatically adjusts itself to get equal to the pushing pressure and thus in order to be enough to balance it. However , there exists a threshold benefit of the pushing force beyond which greater values may cause the body to be able to away and slide. Weconclude that inside the static circumstance where a body is at rest the frictional force automatically sets itself to keep the body sleeping up to a certain maximum. But since static balance demands a frictional pressure larger than this kind of maximum, stationary equilibrium circumstances will cease to exist because this push is not available and the human body will start to maneuver. This situation could possibly be expressed in equation kind as:

Formula 2:

Ffr ¤ sFN or Ffr max sama dengan sFN

Exactly where Ffris the frictional push in the static case, Ffr max is a maximum worth this force can assume and sis the pourcentage of static friction. We discover that sis slightly larger than k. Because of this a relatively larger push is needed to break a body system away and begin it slipping than is required to keep it moving at regular speed when it is in motion. This is why a slight push is necessary to obtain the block started out for the measurement of k.

One way of investigating the case of stationary friction is usually to observe the alleged “limiting perspective of amélioration.  This is certainly defined as the utmost angle that an likely plane can be tipped before a obstruct placed on the plane just starts to slide. The arrangement is definitely illustrated in Figure you above. The block offers weight W whose aspect Wcosθ (where θ is a plane angle) is perpendicular to the plane and is as a result equal to the normal force, FN. The component Wsin θis parallel towards the plane and constitutes the force urging the prevent to slip down the plane. It is compared by the frictional force Ffr, As long as the block is still at rest, Ffr must be corresponding to W sin θ. In the event the plane is definitely tipped up until at some value θmax the block merely starts to slide, we have:

Equation 3:




Thus, if the airplane is gradually tipped up until the obstruct just breaks away as well as the plane position is then assessed, the coefficient of stationary friction can be equal to the tangent of the angle, which is called the limiting angle of repose. It truly is interesting to notice that T cancelled in the derivation of Equation 3 in order that the weight from the block will not matter.


This experiment requires you to record measurements in Newtons. Remember that in DANS LE CAS OÙ units the unit of power is called the Newton (N). One Newton is the push required to give an velocity of 1m/s2 to a mass of 1 kg. Thus 1 N = 1 kg. m/s2. You can convert any kg-mass to Newtons by simply multiplying the kg-weight by 9. 8 m/s2, i actually. e., 75 g sama dengan 0. you kg = 0. you x 9. 8 =. 98 In. 1 .

Determining force of kinetic or perhaps sliding chaffing and static friction a. The wooden blocks presented in the LabPaq are too lumination to give good readings so that you need to put some weight onthem, such as a total soft drink may. Weigh the plain wood block and the object suited for top of the prevent. Record the combined pounds in grams and Newtons.

b. Place the bring board you provided flat on a stand. If necessary tape it down at the ends with hiding tape to hold if by sliding.

c. Begin the experiment by simply setting the block and its weight for the board using its largest area in contact with the top of board. Connect the block’s hook for the 500-g planting season scale. m. Using the spring scale, slowly and gradually pull the block lengthwise along the horizontal board. When the block is usually moving with constant rate, note the force suggested on the scale and record. This is the estimated kinetic or perhaps sliding frictional force. Do it again two even more times.

electronic. While thoroughly watching the spring level, start the block by rest. If the block only starts to move, note the force indicated on the scale and record. You should notice that this requires even more force. This kind of force isapproximately equal to the static frictional force. Duplicate two even more times.

Determining pourcentage of stationary friction applying an likely surface

a. Place the plain block having its largest area in contact for the board as the board is lying toned.

b. Gradually raise 1 end with the board until the block just breaks away and starts to slide straight down. Be careful to move

the plane slowly and smoothly to get a precise benefit of the perspective with

the horizontally at which the block just breaks aside. This is the constraining angle of repose θ max. Evaluate it having a protractor (see photo that follows for another way of testing the angle) and record the result. You may even measure the basic and the height of the triangle formed by board, the support, and the floor or perhaps table. The height divided by the length of the foundation equals the coefficient of static scrubbing.


c. Conduct two even more trials. These types of trials ought to be independent. This means that in each case issues the plane should be

came back to the horizontal, the obstruct placed on that, and the aircraft carefully relocated up until the limiting angle of repose is come to.



Basic Length

θ max


Trial one particular

Trial 2

Trial a few



1 . Using the mass with the block as well as the average power of kinetic friction by Data Desk 1, calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction coming from Equation you:

2 . Using the mass in the block plus the average pressure of kinetic friction from Data Table 2, estimate the coefficient of kinetic friction for the real wood

obstruct sliding about its aspect. Record your result and find out how it compares with the value of kobtained by Data Desk 1 .

3. From the info in Data Table a few, 4 & 5 figure out the agent of static friction, sfor, the cup surface in wood, the sandpapered area on wood, and real wood on carpet, etc by each of your three tests. Calculate a typical value of s. Record your ends in your own data sheets.

4. From the data acquired in Info Table six calculate sfor wood upon wood coming from each of your three tests.

5. Calculate an average worth of s. Record the result around the data piece.


A. How does the pourcentage of static friction match up against the coefficient of kinetic friction for the same surfaces and areas?

B. What makes it important to decrease friction through the operation of machinery? C. How does fat or petrol affect the coefficient of chaffing?


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