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Children with straight down syndrome plastic

Children with Down Syndrome: Cosmetic surgery


Children with Down Syndrome share related characteristics including its effects on their face features. The bandwagon of all children protracts such features as extra skin. Therefore, these children have an epicanthi fold that may be additional skin area on their eyelids inner 4 corners. In addition , they have slanted eyesight openings rather than the horizontal opportunities, a feature called slant palpebral tissues. Besides, such children have flattened nasal link and may likewise have downturned reduce lip and flat mid-facial zone.

In spite of, they may have an open mouth with a protruding tongue. Plastic surgery was proposed in the 1970s as a way to reconfigure their little one’s facial features to recover coming from Down Syndrome. Surgery recoveries for this ailment are labeled into face reconstruction and tongue surgical procedure. The treatment strategy has elicited mixed issue on the parenting and parenting rights. This paper argues that parents of children with Down Problem should not subject their children to plastic surgery to make them appearance more regular.

In the first place, interventions to change the body of a child may require use of medicines, surgery or hormones. Traditionally, such interventions inflicted a few physical problems for the children and are generally optional (Ameen & Boby, 2013). The procedures to reshape bodily a child happen to be irreversible, invasive and probably dangerous. non-etheless, the fact these types of decisions are manufactured indifferent to therapy requirements differentiates these people from related parental decisions that design the child. Certainly, current laws do not consider the difference in these decisions, and for that reason, parents can easily decide to subject their children to varied body framing. Current regulations are unsociable to children body framing decisions even though raise worries on child rights, parental rights along with parent commitments.

Inside the U. H. A as an example, it is constitutionally and in prevalent law embalmed that proficient adults make a decision on their personal medical decisions. These decisions go beyond lifesaving treatment, hazardous cosmetic procedures and election treatment. In this regard, youngsters are not considered as competent adults. Ethicists argue that teenagers and young children decide on their surgical procedures. However , what the law states vests decision making for teenagers and children on their guardians and parents withy limited restrictions. Consequently , legally, mom and dad are free to determine among several alternatives including plastic surgery to reshape youngsters.

Clearly, there is very much as risk when parents are allowed to subject matter their children to plastic surgery even when the children include Down Syndrome. Firstly, cosmetic surgery inflicts physical harm mainly because it involves piercing and reducing of the epidermis (Ouellette, 2010). Besides, it could entail associated with organs or perhaps tissues and also injection or anesthetizing with hormones. Therefore, the children stand at a risk of suffering cancer, nerve damage, hypertension, diabetes or death in extreme situations. Notwithstanding, this kind of children are very likely to suffer from internal risks connected with injury to identification and stigma. Still, the piercing, trimming and treating the soft skin of children constitute child abuse.

For ages, plastic surgery was a formula for austerity and visible rich or possibly a requisite recovery treatment to get birth deformities and injury sufferings. However , today, it is an optional cosmetic surgery accessible in people of all economical structures and ages (Ouellette, 2010). Despite these, this paper is of the view that it needs to be accessible to adults only. For this reason, the researcher would not harbor sick will against plastic surgery to be treated but undoubtedly reserves that for adults just. Therefore , this is simply not a grand conceptualization to present a teenage woman for breasts implants to rejuvenate her low self-confidence. Neither ought to a adolescent boy experience plastic surgery to get skin acne scars. Instead, father and mother should tally for a few even more years to allow them to make these types of shaping decisions in their adult life.

Father and mother of children with Down Syndrome subject their children to plastic surgery to make them look “more conventional. In the first place, “conventional is a relative expression in Down Syndrome terminology because most youngsters tend to have after various other members with their family (Ameen & Boby, 2013). Therefore , there is practically nothing unusual. So , conventional is a term used to brandish children with Straight down Syndrome by their parents to refer to a “less embarrassing appear. Note that I do not work with any particular term for that purpose. As a result, my kid and child are my own children, period! If they have Down Problem, they are not normal, odd, and conventional or whatever like that just like their elder siblings or perhaps not. They are my kids, period!

Coincidentally, father and mother subjecting youngsters to plastic surgery claim unconditional love to their children (Ameen & Boby, 2013). However , they willingly, uninfluenced and individually expose youngsters to discomfort and suffering in an effort to throw a cover above their having Down Problem. Most of the parents claim to reduce humiliation, humiliation and discomfort from bullying by “fitting them in.

Excuse my dumbness, but I wonder how it helps a youngster with learning disabilities understands that his parents were extremely ashamed and embarrassed with their prospect that they might have spent astronomically to change the situation (Ameen & Boby, 2013). Evenly, I wonder how it will help the child in the next teased at school internet marketing “unconventional as the peers are not able to tell the child has Down Problem. For this reason, parents of children having Down Symptoms should not subject their children to plastic surgery. They need to wait for the kids to become of age and make personal decisions. After all, plastic surgery is a great irreversible state.


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Ouellette, A. (2010). Shaping G arental Specialist Over Children ‘ h Bodies. Indianapolis Law Record, 85(3), 956-1001.

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