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Columbian exhange notes study guideline essay

The Columbian Exchange brought profound changes to both the Old World and the New. Culture was converted through the launch of new plants and family pets in equally directions. Health and population levels were affected, often in catastrophic ways, by the exchange of conditions. Culture and history had been transformed by introduction of new technologies, which usually brought Native American civilizations advances in tool use and warfare that had previously been unknown to them. This kind of lesson encourages discussion of the outcomes of the Columbian Exchange.

Lesson Goals

¢ Discuss the changes in agriculture and technology wrought by the Columbian Exchange.

¢ Explore the structure of global trade that resulted from the Eurasian existence in the post-Columbian Americas.

¢ Analyze the historical, economical, cultural, and material rewards and costs of the Columbian Exchange pertaining to the Unites states and Eurasia.


¡ Participate in the threaded community forum (online, obtained by teacher).

Discuss: The Columbian Exchange

To finish this lessons, do the subsequent:

Review the internet screens to arrange you to get the online discussion question.

Ask for help if the materials is different to you.

Print out the Threaded Discussion Board Grading Rubric and review the contents.

Utilize the threaded community forum to begin this activity. Be sure to check back regularly to participate in the topic with your fellow students and teacher.

You can earn notes through this space as you work through the lesson.


Group Dialogue Prompt

Talk about the costs and benefits of the Columbian Exchange. Who taken advantage of more in the exchange: the modern World or the Old Community? Consider the influence of animal, vegetation, and scientific changes, associated with diseases.

What goods, which includes human beings, figured in the global trade network that came about in the early on modern period? In what techniques did a global trade network lead to the increased prosperity and prominence of a lot of societies? About what ways did it lead to the exploitation of other societies? In what techniques did it impact ecosystems? Support your conversation points with details and evidence.


The Columbian Exchange changed the world and formed its shape for the future; some of the consequences were negative and several were confident. On one area, the Columbian Exchange tips the New Globe and the Aged World because it exposed to them to new seeds, which brought the people more food to consume and money crops that helped all their economy. The brand new World was exposed to crops such as bananas, tea, espresso, and sugars cane. Sugars cane became a significant funds crop pertaining to the New Globe. The Unites states brought smoking cigarettes, cocoa beans, pumpkins, avocados, tomatoes, pineapple, and peanuts to the Old World. A bad effect of the Columbus Exchange was the demographics that became of the ” new world ” by the end with the trading program. Due to diseases and epidemics such as yellow fever, wechselfieber, and the bubonic plague, tribes in the Unites states lost five, 090 percent of their human population.

The New Community, however , only transmitted syphilis to Eurasia and The african continent. Although the disease was able to destroy people, the population of the Older World don’t suffer. Instead, it increased while Eurasia was recovering from the bubonic plague, and in addition because of the amount of meals that was brought into the New World from your Americas. The citizenry in Eurasia went up 20 percent throughout the Columbian Exchange. Animals generated within the New World caused the two a negative and positive effect.

For instance, family pets like sheep helped local people because that they brought them food and wool. Wild cattle were also hunted intended for meat and hide. Yet , sheep along with horse, rabbits, and rats will eat the crops grown in the Americas causing less food for the local people. The animals brought into the Old Community did not cause any risk, except for the grey Squirrel. All of those other animals brought into Eurasia and Africa had been merely pertaining to curiosity.

The Old World taken advantage of more through the Columbian Exchange. While the populace in the New World was lessening dramatically, the people in the Outdated World was recovering and increased by 425 , 000, 000 to 545 million. Eurasia and Africa also would not receive a unfavorable effect via plants, illnesses, and pets or animals. They were likewise much more advanced technological, using their weapons produced from metals just like copper and iron. At the same time, the New Universe had very easy weapons in comparison, made from wooden and natural stone which could certainly not go against the European shotguns and daggers.

The plants that discovered in the global trade network were plums, tea, espresso, tobacco, pumpkin, corn, sugars cane, pineapple, avocado, potatoes, peanut, taters, and cocoa beans. Animals like cattle, sheep, swines, horses, parrots, rabbits, mice, honeybees, chickens, llamas, and dogs were also included, along with disorders such as yellow-colored fever, malaria, syphilis, bubonic plague, tuberculosis, and autorevolezza which were commonly transmitted through animals. Africans, Native Americans, Asians, and Europeans like Hernando Cortez were figured inside the trade network. The global control network generated the prosperity and dominance of Eurasia.

This was feasible first and foremost for the reason that amount of food in Europe and Asia increased when American agriculture was brought into the continents. This allowed for the population of Eurasia to grow. The trade also allowed for the success of Eurasia because whilst that region was rising economically, the Americas were slowly decreasing. Europeans brought in diseases that were fatal to Natives, eliminating most of all their population. The animals generated within the New Globe also ate the plants that were meant for the people, triggering starvation. When Eurasia was becoming good, the Americas were facing exploitation.

The trade network affected ecosystems because the invasive animals generated within America wrecked the balance with the food string. When they consumed the natives’ crops, that they faced hunger and the inhabitants decreased considerably. On the other hand, several animals had been hunted for his or her hide, triggering their populations to decrease as well as the species to sometimes turn into extinct. Many of these animals include whales, walruses, and tigers. To sum it up, the Columbian Exchange brought plenty of change to the world; some being positive plus some being negative.


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