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Marketing and fitness center essay

Each of our fitness is situated in Cockeysville, Baltimore, and provides fitness services to the people of all era, level, and expertise. The key purpose of “Our Fitness” is usually to promote healthy lifestyles by providing knowledge on nutrition and exercising practices. “Our Fitness” is well known for it’s exceptional services and aims to expand the business by providing two additional services. Initially, we will start fitness classes for people previously mentioned 55 years aged. These health classes are executed to provide a secure environment for folks above fifty five to promote exercising habits and healthy life styles.

Second, our health and fitness center will have our very own restaurant next to the work out center specifically designed pertaining to the users. Our exercise center’s restaurant will provide low-fat, low calorie, and high protein and dietary fiber food specially designed for promoting healthy eating routine. Strategically, Our fitness’s main market focus on will contain people over 55 and mostly retirees. Our secondary target market involves college and high school students.

a. Three ways that determined these items and/or providers would be the the majority of feasible and potentially successful for the business to add are:

1 . Placement

2 . Developments

several. IS the profit margin large enough to make cash but tiny enough to your “target audience” to afford?


Placement or perhaps location is one of the most important factors in bringing in and retaining customers. Everybody prefers easier and more easy way to get products or services. Therefore , “Our Fitness” uses the placement approach to connect the products and services with the customer by looking into making services and products far more convenient and more accessible to the customers. Our health is located in the organization area and densely populated residential area with three several universities and one community college.

However, there are only two fitness gyms in the place with expensive membership and maintenance assistance fees. Overall, this work out center will be in the center of public places. At the same time, Our fitness center’s restaurant will be only one diet concerned cafe in the location. Therefore , employing competitive benefit through the launch of two new services will help to retain old members as well as to catch the attention of new members in the area.

installment payments on your Trends

People want to live longer and appear good subsequent healthy behaviors. It is very important to identify the market tendencies to assess the industry potential. Comprehending the market developments helps to reply according to customer behaviors as well as to develop sustainability. Alternatively, it also helps to analyze each of our competition and market potential. Different fitness centers are using different approaches to appeal to new members along with retain existing members. We need to understand that newbies want new services. It is far from possible to satisfy the buyers without understanding their needs.

We have a fierce competition in the market to improve customer satisfaction by simply introducing new products/services. Simultaneously, there are many unsatisfied consumers who also always change producers or owners due to unsatisfactory support or products. In our circumstance, we possibly lost various members because of same solutions since past few years. So , we introduce our products/services as a result of customer survey and market research. Each of our market research and survey technique will play a vital role to grow our marketplace in the future.

3. Is the profit margin adequate to make cash but tiny enough to your “target audience” to afford? The profit margin is large enough to generate money because we have the younger generation who spend a great amount of cash on meals. You also have the retirees whom spend plenty of money about good health. As well, these days individuals are more health conscious and comply with healthy practices. Exercising and healthy eating are the main priorities of numerous people. The point audience will be able to afford it because it is a comfortable environment that promotes exercising habits and a healthy way of living which allows confident energy to adhere to.


Competitive advantage is created through the comprehension of your competitors and their products and services. One of many competitive advantages of Our Health is exercise classes specifically designed for people over 55 as well as restaurant service pertaining to members with unique food selection and unique price. Almost all fitness centers present classes and specialty teaching but many don�t have classes that target an older age audience. We want our associates to think more comfortable doing exercises and teaching with people of the identical experience level. On the other hand, persons over fifty-five are the kinds who use more money about healthcare, and that we aim to reduce their health-related costs simply by engaging associated with age certain and niche classes. Our on internet site restaurant can provide nutrition wealthy health foods and diet services to members and also other guests. It can be restricted to people only following one or two years, because our company is using the cafe as advertising to increase membership rights.


I will focus on papers for advertising, which will reach an extensive, geographically-targeted market. These advertising will be concentrated to attract those who are 55 or perhaps older because they rely heavily in newspapers. Magazine advertising can be low-cost and involves short timelines. Concurrently, this type of marketing channel will certainly reach the total circulation, whether or not only a part fits each of our prospective account. I will utilize Facebook as a marketing tool; Facebook . com is still, by far, the most popular, together with the most evenly-distributed demographics of any social websites platform. Facebook or myspace is the just social media program that you need, whatever field your business is in.

The key reason to use Fb to advertise is definitely the use of Fb by most age persons. In addition to ease of use, Facebook ads and business internet pages are economical, reliable, and extremely quickly disseminated to all users. Finally, we will count heavily about word-of-mouth promoting, as personal reviews are usually the most reliable form of info. This promotion can also be used to achieve the extra market, browsing colleges and advertising the job opportunities as well as membership rights benefits.


Price is the worth that you exchange for a services or products. Pricing aims should arrange with the business goals and is affected by elements such as competition, consumer response, and other regulatory requirements. Generally, other fitness centers charge $59 per month because service fee and $55 per personal training school in the area. So , we must provide support for affordable prices than the competitors. Alternatively, it is very important to comprehend the demand of product or perhaps services before pricing as there is a direct marriage between selling price and demand. Our primary pricing target is to maximize the income and volume. This goal helps to take full advantage of long-term revenue by lowering costs and increasing business. Penetration pricing will be used to maximize the product sales of amount by means of a affordable.

First, all of us will minimize the one time member fee for all newbies, so that they have to pay monthly cost only, which will be $39. 99 per month. As well, for new associates and existing members, who have are 5 decades or elderly, will have to only pay $15 per fitness category. The price can be gradually increased after developing market share and customer devotion. We uses cost-plus prices method since it makes simpler to calculate the selling price for our services/products. Since, our production expense per membership per month is usually $20. 00, and $4 per health class. Consequently , our profit per person in membership is definitely $20 and $11 in fitness class per person.

The goal is always to add 100 new members inside the first month and maximize to 500 within next six months. Therefore , our revenue will increase by simply $2000 coming from membership inside the first month. Similarly, we will provide competitively cheaper price for food and beverages comparing to local restaurants. We will likely offer promotional pricing, discounts and coupon codes for the restaurant and fitness center to attract more consumers. Our general goal will be to maximize the number of consumers to increase the quantity of sales. If we can easily maximize the amount of consumers, then simply we can increase the income as well as profit.


Client relationship administration (CRM) is a combination of systems, strategies, and practices utilized by companies to handle customer relationships and improve customer marriage. The main target of CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT is to improve business relationships with customers simply by retaining consumer retention and increasing revenue growth. Ngai stated that “the purpose of CRM system is the building of relationships to be able to affect the consumer acquisition, retention, loyalty and profitability” (Ngai, 2005). I want to use Salesforce as Crm database. Salesforce is actually a cloud-based Crm database, and does not need unique installation and hardware. This product can be very cost effective by keeping IT cost low. CRM system like Salesforce can track a brief history of consumer interactions and helps to grow our organization. The system monitor includes calls, emails, presentations, meetings, or even the further step to close the offer.

Salesforce also can track the deal details including the worth, competitor, and the stage of deal with automatic deal updates easily to close the offer. Salesforce may drive the method, productivity, and consistency by using sales app to map the product sales and predicting stages. It really is equiped with quoting capacities to track the quantity, standard and quoted cost, product code, and expected sales in a given period. In addition , company’s e-mail, mobile phone or site can be used to observe customer questions and history of their activities. Salesforce delivers customer romantic relationship data with automatic current instant access of full consumer history of almost all communications.

In addition, it helps to generate customized presentation documents about consumers and prospects and may focus sales staff’s focus on the right consumers. Cross-selling and up-selling opportunities turn into clear through better understanding of consumers and increase their pleasure. Satisfied people are likely to become loyal buyers and prevalent referrals. It is also beneficial to the client because it provides email revisions, alerts, testimonials, discount coupons, and special events and promotions. General, Salesforce tracking system will be very useful in managing and taking care of the requests and product sales of products and services.


It is not feasible to open virtually any new business with out incurring risks, and beginning a new restaurant with founded fitness center is no different. Monetary risk is one of the most difficult risks associated with any kind of new business. “Financial risk has become defined as any kind of risk with a direct influence on net cash flows” (Cabedo and Barato, 2004). This consists of problems related to price, credit, inflation, fluid, and potential losses as a result of changes in financial markets and defaulting large scale debtors (Meulbrook, 2000). You can also get risks with opening a brand new restaurant. Our Fitness center need a large amount of capital upon beginning, in order to seek the services of additional staff, purchase expensive fitness equipment, and advertise the restaurant to local health and healthy food seekers. Personal injury is another significant risk of working a fitness center and adding fitness classes especially to people of fifty five or old who are definitely more prone to personal injury.

Aside from the legal aspect, accidental injuries in our health club could cause an undesirable reputation, particularly if they are continuing. It is critical to keep a good reputation to trade our health services and get persons into each of our restaurant. At the same time, improving the quality of our existing services along with adding new specialized services and products is extremely critical, and it is one of the most essential aspects of organization. Factors including product contamination, product safety, business integrity, and failing to maintain large standards, may well reduce demand for our business. The trustworthiness of the company takes on a vital role inside our forward improvement. Therefore , poor product top quality or solutions may damage our standing and could limit business activities as well as boost our operating costs. Alternatively, there is always a risk of substitute of products and services on the market. It is very important to study the market and meet client needs ahead of launching any new business.


The most common risk associated with certainly not launching the brand new products or services could be the lack of competitive advantage in the Our Health and fitness center.  Introducing new services and opening a brand new restaurant provides the competitive advantage that people seek and will help to expand the business and satisfy existing members. Consumer preferences and tastes alter with time, you need to meet their needs and likes to increase the need for each of our products/services. Consequently , the new restaurant will try to compliment the new services/products and gratify consumer needs.

If we are unable to launch the new services/products in the market and meet the customer needs, it will not only adversely affect Each of our Fitness’s monetary performance but it really may boost by working costs, and change consumer perceptions about each of our existing services Innovation could be a key differentiator between The Fitness and our opponents. Therefore , in the event Our Health will not release new solutions then, it may run the risk of losing earth to competition, losing essential staff, reduced membership, or just operating idly, lazily, slowly,. As a whole, Each of our Fitness financial performance could possibly be adversely afflicted without fresh products/services, and the end bring about its drawing a line under.


Cabedo, T. D. and Tirado, J. M. (2004), “The disclosure of risk in financial statements”, Accounting Community forum, Vol. twenty eight No . a couple of, pp. 181-200.

Meulbrook, L. (2000), Total strategies for company-wide risk control, Financial Times, Greater london. Ngai. 2006. Customer romantic relationship management study. Marketing intellect & planning, 23 (6): 582-605.

he Feasibility Study’s Purpose

 Evaluate the nature, range and economics of building an indoor entertainment center inside the Area  Identify the audience/supporting regular membership of an interior recreation centre within the Region  Assess what amenities/programming would be most logical to provide as part of a excitement center  Explore the physical features of various sites on which the recreation centre could be made 1

Examine potential funding sources available to support initial and long term Recreation Middle alternatives


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