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Comparing cultural differences term paper

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Learning Job

As the nation becomes increasingly more different we will be given the challenge of understanding each of our cultural differences. The purpose of this kind of paper is always to develop and design a learning task that examines cultural dissimilarities of two ethnic/cultural groups. For the purposes of this project all of us will assess the differences between Asian and Western nationalities. The project will be based within the cultural impact of overall performance in workforce, production, product sales, customer solutions, etc .

Prior to we can create a learning task we must initially understand the ethnical backgrounds of both groupings.

Cultural Backgrounds

Asian Culture

The monetary boom seen in various Parts of asia during the 90’s called into question the task ethic and cultural ideals that produced these countries successful. One of the definitive answers for the task values which have been prevalent in Asia, specifically China, has become attributed to the concept of Confucianism. Confucianism is the prominent school of thought in China. This school of thought frowns upon the notion of individualism and instead targets the requires of the group (collectivism). An article released in the Log of International Affairs clarifies

Confucianism is said to appear not on the individual yet at the person, the human being enmeshed in a set of relations to human beings. Contemporary society is not just a contract between previously unconnected individuals. Alternatively, society, especially the family, may be the state of nature, and manifest our very own nature through our associations with others. Almost all of these kinds of relationships happen to be hierarchical, whether inherently therefore , such as those of parent and child, or perhaps by required convention. (39) Proper behavior (in Confucian terms li, or ritual) is action in a way consistent with the romantic relationship we have with others. We should be magnanimous toward those reduced status and respectful of these in a superior position etc. (40) This does not imply a servile conformity to the dominant forces in society or an renoncement of moral view, since not in good times the social buy itself becomes corrupt and proper personal behavior is a way for countering the file corruption error of world. It does mean acting in accord together with the intrinsic pride of the human relationships in which we discover ourselves. (Moody)

The hierarchal structure of Asian world has offered greatly towards the success of varied Asian nations.

Asian workers are committed to working together to complete a task and please their managers. This type of attitude and sociable structure is effective in increasing productivity resulting in various economic benefits.

One other article demands that the success of Cookware culture is based on the solid familial a genuine that drip over in the workforce. This article explains

Family members are good because the ideals of paternalism on the one hand and filial piety on the other remain vigorously maintained. The same principles apply to additional institutions, too. The corporate version of sucursal piety requires employees to provide unstintingly of time and effort; paternalism requires the business to foster its staff through thicker and thin. ” (Popham)

Western Lifestyle

The Western world has also been in a position to create extremely successful financial systems but with principles that are practically the complete contrary of Hard anodized cookware culture. European culture is likely to value independence and individuality more than Cookware culture.

Western workers will be rather do it yourself involved and tend to be motivated simply by individual accomplishment instead of the achievements of the group. The Harvard Foreign Review points out

Individualism is definitely the notion that society can and should always be understood like a collection of autonomous individuals, that groups – with the exception of the nation-state – have no ordre significance while groups; that every behavior, insurance plan, and even honest judgment needs to be reduced with their effects about individuals. Almost all individuals perform the game of life upon equal terms, even if they will start with distinct amounts of physical strength, perceptive capacity, or capital assets. The playing field can be level set up players are certainly not equal. (Marglin)

Western tradition also tends to promote fresh inventions and discoveries, which create new businesses and brings jobs to the economy. American Culture also contains the concept of a free of charge market culture. In a cost-free market “supply and demand are not governed or are regulated with only minor limitations. ” (American Heritage Dictionary) This type of industry promotes competition among businesses and creates a market through which citizens have access to high quality goods at fairly low prices. The Harvard Foreign Review talks about that, the concept of markets like a system for organizing creation and exchange, is a distinctly modern technology, which grew in tandem with the cultural presumption of the self-interested, algorithmic person that pursues wants without limit, an individual who owes allegiance only to the nation-state. ” (Marglin)

Westerners usually perform in a different way in the workforce than Asian workers. Westerners tend to become motivated by promotions and monetary incentives while Cookware workers often want precisely what is best for the complete company and their coworkers. Additionally , jobs in the western labor force have higher turnover rates than those inside the Asian labor force because Cookware workers usually stay with one company for lifetime.

The Learning Task

As you can see American and Cookware cultures are different in many ways but there are also many similarities. For instance, both nationalities think very highly of education and hard work. The learning project will seek to employ these commonalities to connection the space between the two cultures and bring about a larger understanding of both cultures. The learning project will be implemented in two methodologies; colleges in Asia plus the West and corporations in both nationalities.

There are some extremely obvious main reasons why these two methodologies were decided to carry out this project. The concept of implementing the project in to the colleges is vital because these colleges will certainly house the future workforce and the leaders of corporations. Since the world turns into increasingly more global, our labor force will have to be even more sensitive towards the needs and customs of employees. It is important to show them the importance of understanding various other cultures plus the differences that may appear in the workforce. Understanding these variations will aid them in creating powerful businesses and being good commanders.

The task will need to be implemented into the existing corporate scenery of both equally cultures to boost awareness and to promote tolerance. In addition , personnel need to be in a position to communicate with each other so they can full any jobs that they need to complete. A learning project might aid significantly in the achievement of this goal.


Even as stated earlier the learning project will seek to utilize similarities involving the two nationalities. Since equally cultures benefit education, the project can utilize an educational structure to put into practice the learning job. This means that it will have instructors that may teach different workshops, that may include;

Tolerance of beliefs and traditions

Understanding differences in work ethic

Operating as a team

Understanding different Command styles

Every single workshop will probably be limited to twenty people per class increase in composed of five groups of four. Each group will be presented assignments to complete and may have to interact to get the best of the workshops. The student teacher ratio in the workshops will be kept at a minimum to ensure the honesty of what is being taught.

The instructors will be individuals that been employed by in both cultures a minimum of three years. These individuals need to have a tangible understanding of how to bridge the differences between these cultures. Additionally , they must end up being willing to reveal there know-how about adapting to cultural dissimilarities.

Each category will be taught twice a week for 6 weeks. There will be a required workbook and college students will be accountable for the learning the material that is shown to these people. Additionally , it will have guides available over the internet to assist any student that is having difficulty comprehending the concepts that are presented in class.

At the college level, these workshops will probably be incorporated into the curriculum and will also be a mandatory requirement for graduation. The classes will probably be implemented on the pass or fail basis and students that fail the class will have to repeat it to be able to receive a level. College students is going to take one category during annually that they are in class.

The second phase in the learning job will be the actual utilization of ethnic tolerance in real life situations. This means that scholars will use the actual have learned when they enter the staff. In addition , the organization workers uses this information to boost the output of their organizations.

Western students will make sure that they can exhibit an awareness of Oriental culture and vice versa. These types of students will even exhibit this kind of knowledge when they begin to rise the corporate ladder. The learning job will aid them to make concrete decisions as they get leadership roles with various companies.

The project will also allow for cultural exchanges, which will enable Asian learners to operate the West and American students to work in Asia;

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