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Stereotypes have got existed since time immemorial

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Excerpt from Research Newspaper:

Stereotypes have existed since since the beginning. They are because old because human culture itself and are beliefs and ideas which a certain group hold for individuals who differ from themselves. A stereotype can can be found in a basic word one example is “nerd” or stuck in a job collection of phrases and images that happen to be evoked when ever others maintain similar thoughts. Stereotypes could be positive, nevertheless , most of the instances they are linked to negative associations and produce one number of person truly feel superior and above an additional group. Stereotypes are oversimplifications and are generally based on behavioural aspects or on the way persons physically show up. (Stangor, 2000)

In today’s world it is almost impossible to escape stereotypes. The press, entertainment, sports and politics all bring to light stereotypes and because of this the lives of many happen to be affected. Relating to several research people who experience they are getting stereotyped often perform poorly and will not just have an effect on a person or a group at the time they are being associated with it but it really has a continual, lingering influence. (Stangor, 2000)

Stereotypes exist based on gender, culture, ethnicity, race, faith, groups of persons and intimate orientation. One of stereotyping can be when a person says that women want to cook. In cases like this we are stereotyping women and hence on the basis of male or female. Or when saying Arabic Muslims are terrorists we are stereotyping every single Arab Muslim on the basis of all their culture and religion not realizing that every person who belongs to that particular group does not have to be that way. (Macrae, Stangor Hewstone, 1996)

I had been once asked to a party which was managed by a prosperous couple. There were all kinds of people at the get together but there was two guys who especially grabbed my attention. They had both entered the party at surrounding the same period. One was well outfitted, young- most likely in his mid-30’s and appeared to be well educated which has a stable work. The other man who had been around the same age viewed a bit cheap and was not as carefully dressed as the additional gentleman. The moment I saw both men I had made my own judgements and assumptions of their personalities depending on previous stereotypes. As the night time went on I discovered that people got started to collect around the handsome primly dressed up man and begun discussions with him. However , simply after a limited time they appeared to lose focus and parted ways with him. At the same time a crowd was forming close to the other man and looked like there was more interested in what he had to say. This left me surprised and I asked a friendly woman nearby what was occurring. She explained to me just how everyone had fallen victim to a stereotype and that the shabby man was in fact incredibly intellectual rather than the other man who just appeared that way.

The belief in the cas above is that all individuals who are nicely dressed will be the ones who are intellectual and have great jobs whilst those who will not look as appealing while the other are not socially acceptable and cannot connect well with others and have decent careers. Media today portrays individuals in quite similar way. The hero in a movie in

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