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Contemporary hawaiian music essay

We have a famous Hawaiian saying, “You know in case the Hawaiian harmonies are good if perhaps they give you chicken skin” (Alternative Hawaii, 2002) and, I have to say, hearing the online radio streaming of KCCN FM100 gave me goosebumps. Being more attuned to “Western pop” culture, it was a pleasantly refreshing knowledge for me to take an hour and listen to modern day reggae, downtown music and ragga with an isle beat gowns truly Hawaiian.

Fourteen original Hawaiian tunes, including the Top five hits in KCCN graphs, were played out during a later afternoon plan that likewise aired a couple of brief “Hele On” targeted traffic news, ad advertisement each by Earth Talk about and Hawaii.

gov, and 8 a radio station ads motivating the people to participate at the ongoing 2010 Census. The DJ upon deck did not talk much except to provide quick, hidden inside plugs to get a party function and to bring in songs.

A distinctly obvious feature inside the contemporary Hawaii music can be its weakness to take pleasure in and desire.

The soulful tracks I believed speak of the excitement of affection, romancing the heart of another or accepting a love’s rejection. But although the lyrics consist of sad words, the melody is always positive and fragile. The island reggae beat and the smooth ballad is very easy on the ear especially when tools, like the ukulele, saxophone and native piles blend together to produce the perfect harmony.

The result is one relaxed listener psychologically transported within an island paradise in Beautiful hawaii, and its effect to music lovers is no less than rejuvinating the heart and soul. I think KCCN FM100, becoming a radio stop that plays modern hip-hop and heart and soul Hawaiian music, carries the familiar the airwaves spunk of other American hiphop channels. The DISC JOCKEY was very energetic and a party disposition, and even the traffic news reporter was this sort of a chipper in delivering traffic improvements as a local RnB music played without your knowledge.

The adverts aired involving the 4: 30-to-5: 30pm the airwaves show were mostly the varying types of advertising the 2010 Census Count – outlining what the census results would mean to businesses, the improvement of social services and what it takes to the future generation. I do believe delivering the message applying both in English language and the community dialect shows a lot regarding the listeners’ profile of KCCN, a mixture of both equally modern and traditional Hawaiian folks.

I actually also think that although all local songs aired had been sang in English, they will always try to bring out your traditional Hawaiian flavor. This much is apparent in both songs and commercials played out. Listening to KCCN and the music aired right now there makes myself realize how global Hawaiian music could be in terms of their appeal to both people, locals and foreigners. Everyone is able to appreciate an island design music inspired by the world-loved Bob Marley and metropolitan rhythm with the modern RnB.


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