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Corruption of the catholic church term

Ruben Donne, Protestant Reformation, Cathedral, Art Of Protest

Research from Term Paper:

Judging from these illustrations, it is entirely possible that the Popes could have set the example from the top rated and recently been more having faith in of the typical people, getting them in the fold of their own accord, with out arm twisting, coercion and threats. An idealistic look at this may be, however it is also an affordable one provided the obtainable literature within this period of record.

More Appealing Course of Action

Having taken a look at the fact that was realistically possible for the Catholic Church from 1100 to 1500, it is now possible to propose an even more desirable intervention for the Catholic Chapel prior to the protestant movement which in turn brought the strength of the cathedral as an absolute to an end. To begin, the installation of a Pope, or any best figurehead with so much electrical power vested in them seems to be a poor idea- citing the adage that absolute electric power corrupts absolutely. A better ways of ruling the church within the highest amounts would have undergone more democratic means, for instance a sort of ecclesiastical congress, which will would have happened up of educated individuals who can fairly kind church coverage and lead the cathedral without the capability, or temptation, to lead the like any sort of california king. With this sort of controlling body in place, there are numerous other critical courses of actions that the Catholic Church would have taken.

With regards to the involvement in the Catholic house of worship in politics and army matters, probably it is appropriate to say there are courses of actions which should not need been taken- the house of worship had no place in waging war, putting together armies, or perhaps controlling terrain. nor, should the church have been involved in the evaluation and collection of taxes. Authentic, churches will need property and funds to exist, although modest houses and the fees of the people would have been more appropriate in retrospect than the aggressive variety of huge income taxes from poor individuals, requisitioning of land from rightful owners, and acting a lot more like a armed forces state than a religious establishment.

The last likely course of action would likely have avoided many of the problems of this Catholic House of worship. From the beginning, the priesthood would have easily recently been open to males and females who were definitely not celibate, although of high integrity in concerns of libido, and not lovemaking predators or deviants. This is not to say that today’s Catholic church will be totally cleaned out of sex misconduct, nevertheless this action would have gone quite a distance to avoid the proliferation of 21st century scandal that has connected the church once again to its primary and created a new era of protest.


This kind of research has shown the classic struggle for human freedom, the pitfalls of greed, and the fact that almost always there is a richer tomorrow in the event one can take the time to find it. Unfortunately, the fact those who do not learn from history are ruined to repeat it has been proven once again too. Whatever the case, in closing, something else is definitely abundantly clear- history is usually an ever changing force that can teach regarding the past, and influence the future.


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