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Creative method verizon s more enjoyable term

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Excerpt from Term Paper:

Although not a massive market section perhaps, horse lovers (most of to whom are women) might even be offended by unflattering depiction of the very small horses. The concept a young woman would prefer a cute cellular phone rather than a pet as a present also seems to portray small women as shallow. While not a clinical sampling, the notes within the comments site of YouTube for the advertisement included a large number of notes by users (presumably young females, the goals of the advertisement) that they would trade their particular phone for the pony any day! (an equally unscientific vote of young women by the author on this paper produced the same results).

The meaning of an advertising campaign for a cellular phone should communicate either the phone’s added social value aesthetically or perhaps the phone’s added financial or service worth. This advertisements does neither.

Is the imaginative approach appropriate for the mass media environment through which it is likely to be seen?

If noticed on the Internet, the advertisement may be marginally more effective on YouTube, considering that some people work with YouTube specifically to watch advertising for firms they just like. Someone who appreciated Verizon, or perhaps was thinking about switching, may well watch and understand the advertising campaign. Viewed over a television, the meaning of the ad would be practically completely misplaced – somebody might just see the horses and not notice the phone, and miss the Verizon brand and theme tune at the end as well as the note about the “music-playing” candy or the fresh Venus cellphone. The advertisement was, it should be noted, at first shown within the Fox network, during its regular nighttime television coding.

Is the advertisement truthful and tasteful?

Sincere and tasteful to what, a single must request? The advertising claims not any ‘truth’ other than the promo of new telephone designs. Other than raising consciousness and getting attention it can little to share new data. And regarding taste it is offensive to both dog lovers and young women. On a Verizon blog, one commentator mentioned: “The American Miniature Horse in this commercial is not a good representation from the breed, nor is the casing and condition it is in and the fresh ‘owner’ can be not attractive for any family pet… As a breeder/trainer/exhibitor of American Miniature Horses (I have been involved with horses of most breeds pertaining to 38 years), the breed of dog as a whole is generally friendly, willing and capable of do a lot more than munch apart a doghouse although spoiled teenagers contemplate their ‘nasty’ nature” (We add the pony industrial: Verizon Wireless Opens Network, ” 2007 DHADM).

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