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Creon character characteristic essay

The Greek tragedy Antigone, by Sophocles, introduces character types that can be referred to as tragic heroes. This tragedy has the persona face using a dramatic reconciliation. Creon, one of the primary characters inside the play, is actually a major tragic hero as a result of his personal features and the activities he made. There were three specific characteristics which can be explained to identify Creon’s character. He was ignorant, rude and insecure. Creon had a all-natural habit to be ignorant of others. He will not notice other’s opinion, advice and viewpoint.

Creon thinks that as he was the king, he previously the right to help to make decisions with out bothering to go over it with others. Creon refuses to tune in to the sensible words of Teiresas about letting Antigone bury Polynecies. He will not follow the tips soon enough and suffers having a catastrophe in the death of his beloved son and wife.

This kind of fully shows Creon being ignorant because Teiresas’ advice is always the optimum and is used by many other nobleman.

One other example of Creon being uninformed in this misfortune is the moment Haemon gently persuades his father that arresting Antigone would not become the best decision, especially as he is interested to her. Yet Creon will not listen and does not realize there exists a significant romance between his son and Antigone. This individual just follows through using what he believes is right. This individual also does not take notice to the point of view of the citizens of Thebes and just how they disagreed to that reality of Polynecies not being hidden. Considering dr. murphy is the king, everyone’s expectation is that he would tune in to the individuals of the nation, but Creon’s ignorant conduct doesn’t allow him to do the proper thing. The realization to overcome his ignorance would not come in soon enough to save his family.

One other character characteristic the Ruler of Thebes has is usually his show of rudeness. Creon had an egoistic way of seeing things. One of these of him being impolite was if he accused Teiresas of accepting bribery since Creon just can’t accept this when Teiresas tells him that mother nature itself is usually rebelling against Creon’s twice sacrilege. Accusing the seer of bribery is bluff because, this individual only stated that for his own benefit of believing having been right and Teiresas was wrong. Teiresas was a seer and therefore well deserved more value than what having been given. Creon was being engage and not since Teiresas was trying to support him. Creon’s verbal language likewise is incredibly hurtful in front of large audiences. When Haemon talks to Creon about Antigone, Creon says “If she is a girl, you’ll truly feel a cold as she lies next to you.

Will there be anything more serious than giving your love to a hoe that doesn’t ought to have it?  (pg17). Considering the fact that Haemon was engaged to Antigone, and Antigone is definitely Creon’s relative, this was a rude comment for Creon to make. He previously no respect for the relationship between them. While speaking with Antigone, Creon also added, “Oh, go to heck, -you as well as your marriage with you. Lots of the times, Creon would make irritating remarks about others devoid of realizing the affect of his phrases. One of the main reasons Creon had so much arrogance was because of the insecurity hiding below his character. Even though he seemed highly effective on the outside using his celebrity as being a ruler, he was in fact, insecure. This tragic catch leads to the death of many people as well as to his individual downfall.

Creon feels everybody is not in preference of him and for that reason takes actions so people can take him more critically. He takes actions so people would get the point that he is not somebody to be taken advantage of. A good example in the perform can be seen when Creon disregards other’s suggestions. When he will not listen to Teiresas’ advice, he could be too insecure to possibly realize that the guidance provided was principled. When Creon finally reached the realization of what he had completed, it was too late; his insecurity had previously destroyed him. All of these attributes of Creon had a substantial impact on the results of the plan of the play. Creon’s ignorance, his rudeness and insecurity led him to take activities that were never right. It leads to his own battling and the enduring of others. The moment realization finally hits him, it is in its final stages to save his family members by losing their particular lives. In the final picture he blames himself for all your tragedies.


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