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Keen roles around cultures matrix essay

Select 1 common work role that recurs in world mythology.

Possible options of keen roles are the following: parent divinities, divinities of conflict, home or hearth divinities, divinities of affection, divinities of wisdom, divinities of medicine or health, divinities of the wind, divinities of agriculture, divinities of the sky, ruler of all gods, etc.

Identify the role in the title of your matrix.

Choose two myths, each via a different lifestyle, in which the divine role appears.

Identify the divinity titles and nationalities in articles A and B.

Total the matrix by answering each of the five questions intended for both picked divinities.

Subject: Divinities of affection and Natural beauty

Column A

Divinity Name: Aphrodite

Culture of Origin: Traditional

Steering column B

Divinity Brand: Freyja

Culture of Origin: Norse

1 . How is this divinity portrayed? Describe the divinity’s role in the myth.

The girl was portrayed to be the empress of love and beauty frequently shown grinning. She is the daughter of Zeus.

Some myths also state they little girl of Uranus (Aphrodite, 2002). One of the more known and advised myth is definitely her aiding Paris to abduct his love Sue of Troy. She was your goddess of love, lust, fertility and magic. According to Freyja (1996), she is thought to be thedaughter of the sea our god Njord plus the earth-goddess Nerthus. She had a twin brother named Frey. Some believe that she was married to Od and once he passed away she under no circumstances married again and applied her forces to have love-making with gods, mortals, dwarfs, giants and dwarfs. Others say that she is the same person as Frigg who is partner to Odin (Freyja, 1996).

2 . Is the divinity male or female? What function does this sexuality play?

Aphrodite is girl. Her male or female function could be the sexual part of the myth surrounding her because she is reputed for seduction. Freyja was a female who was the goddess of lust and love.

3. Within the misconception of source, how does this divinity match up against other divinities? How does this divinity interact with or out-do divinities of the same gender also to divinities of the opposite male or female?

Aphrodite is among the twelve superb Olympians. Aphrodite was able to make all the gods and mortals fall in love or always be overcome with desire, other than Athena, Artemis, and Hestia (Aphrodite, 2002). She is known to have had a large number of affairs against her fatidico spouse to gods and mortals. Aphrodite was evenly quarrelsome and manipulative to both sexes of divinities. If anyone wronged her she’d make them get excited about whomever or whatever the lady pleased. Freyja is one of the most respected of the goddesses. She is perfectly respected by female gender of goddesses. She is the goddess of fertility and it was declared that if a female wanted children they only needed to ask her and simply being in her occurrence would become with child. The male gender is most lustful after Freyja. She could manipulate virtually any male sexually.

4. Exactly what the divinity’s attributes, just like divine powers or qualities? What objects does the divinity possess, for instance a weapon or perhaps animal, that assist him / her?

She surely could make any individual fall in take pleasure in. She could seduce any person she desired. She was able to encourage sexual desire, the proper care of women in child birth, magic, and your woman helped 50 percent the human heroes murdered in struggle to Valhalla. She was known to ride a board or maintain a chariot pulled by simply cats.

a few. Identify one character by contemporary traditions that stocks characteristics of each and every divinity and explain how come you decided to go with each persona. What real life idealsdoes this divine position represent? How attainable happen to be these values? For Aphrodite I think with the vampire personas from the tv program and publication series of True Blood. They can compel visitors to do no matter what they want by either staying lustful or perhaps on human beings by hypnotizing them to do what they want. I believe it shows that even at the start sex was still being the key to being able to adjust to get what you want.

My spouse and i don’t totally agree with these kinds of ideas. I do think depending on whom you are these values can be quickly attainable. For Freyja Let me use The case Blood once again but with the character of Sookie Stackhouse. The lady was lusted after from most men that came about her and she was magical because of being a fairy. Again, with regards to the type of person you are a couple of the ideals are great. I am aware for women who may have difficulty becoming pregnant would love to include her keen power of male fertility. Scientifically it is possible to help ladies become pregnant but still not everyone is capable to bear a kid.

Summary: Write a 150- to 350-word brief essay dealing with the following: So why do so a large number of cultures have divinities in similar roles?

I feel that as a human the thirst to get knowledge is the reason why many ethnicities have divinities with similar roles. I believe that a lot of these mythological divinities were made as a way to make clear why things are the way that they will be. There as to be a good reason that things are this way and prior to modern technology finding the actual reasons were next to impossible.

In addition there are people out there that believe the main reason that all of these divinities are incredibly similar is because they gods are actually aliens from other planets visiting the world. I can’t say for sure whether some of the stories told have any semblance of truth, however it does allow you to think of the possibilities. In many made use of they believe there is only one goodness that made everything. There is no right or wrong answer at this point since I believe that until we find a way to travel back in time we all can’t understand exactly why these kinds of mythical divinities are so comparable.


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Freyja. (1996). In Bloomsbury dictionary of myth. Recovered from http://search.credoreference.com.ezproxy.apollolibrary.com/content/entry/bloommyth/freyja/0


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