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Domino s pizza business environment essay

Assignement Business Environment Feb 2013 TASK one particular a: Examine the various types of organisations and their purposes and compare the mission, goals, as well as the strategic aims of your selected organisation which has a similar organisation. The various types of organisations are: ” Sole traders ” is a person who start up a business by one individual. Edge: ” Preserve all the earnings ” Maintain full power over the business ” Information about single trader is definitely keep exclusive ” Direct contact with customers ” The organization can be based on the sole dealer skills Cons: ” Unrestricted liability.

Difficult to have got finance for people who do buiness ” Extreme competitions via bigger companies ” When the owner passes away the business ends too ” Partnerships ” is then when two or more persons became relate and start an enterprise together. Benefits: ” More income for business ” The partners can have different skills ” Shared decision making ” Business losses shared between the lovers ” Lovers can exchange each other if perhaps needed Scholar ID 11170 page 3 of 20 Assignement Organization Environment February 2013 Drawbacks ” The profit must be reveal ” Unlimited liability ” To take a conclusion must check with all companions.

” The partnership has to be reformed in the event of the death of one partner ” Private Limited Corporations ” is usually an independent enterprise that provides limited liability and legal safeguard for its shareholders. Advantages: ” Limited Responsibility ” The company will continue even if one of the owners pass away ” Individual entity ” More capital can be elevated Disadvantages ” Profit should be share ” There is a legal procedure to build the business ” Firms are generally not allowed to sell shares for the public. ” Financial information filed with the Registrar can be inspected by any person in the public.

” Public Limited Companies ” is a company basically with stock market and its talk about can be sell or buy from any individual Advantages: ” Limited Responsibility ” Fresh shareholders and investors can be easily assimilated ” The company has a legal existence individual from administration and its people Student IDENTIFICATION 11170 site 4 of 20 Assignement Business Environment Feb 2013 ” Due to their size a PLC can occasionally dominate the marketplace Disadvantages ” Setting up the expenses can be very expensive ” The firm can be open to community inspection ” Because of their size they cannot usually deal with clients at a personal level.

Decisions can be gradual because the PLC has many administrators ” Cooperatives ” is usually an enterprise founded and controlled by a group of you are not selected users for benefits. Positive aspects: ” Getting in bulk ” Working together to solve concerns ” Great motivation of all members to work hard pertaining to profit Cons ” Probability of conflicts between members ” Poor managing ” For a longer time decision ” making process ” Franchises ” is a great organisation that operates within the brand of another organisation that is already on the market called franchisor. Advantages: ” Operate within an already regarded brand ” Support via franchisor ( training, financial).

” Could work with franchisor’s existing lovers Disadvantages Pupil ID 11170 page your five of 20 Assignement Business Environment Feb 2013 ” Must function from tasks already set up from franchisor, the operation has no power over the business ” Franchise must to pay franchisor mainly because use all their name. ” Private Sector and Open public Sector Organisations Student ID 11170 webpage 6 of 20 Assignement Business Environment Feb 2013 DOMINO’S FRENCH FRIES ” OPERATION INTRODUCTION Domino’s pizza started in 60 by Mary Monaghan (www. coversupermarket. com) and his sibling. After one year Tom bought him brother’s half started to be the sole owner.

In 1967 Domino’s opened the initial franchise in 1978 to have over 200 franchise stores. In 1985 that they opened their particular first shop in UK currently reaching over 700 stores. By simply 2000 visiting have more retailers in fallowing countries: Canada, Tokyo, India etc . More than a decade ago, after 38 years of title Domino’s pizza sold 93 percent with the company to Bain Capital for $1 billion. In 2004 Domino’s commenced trading common stock on the Stock Exchange. In 2006 they opened up 8000 total stores in international market segments. The company continues to grow today exceeding 9350 stores in more than 60 intercontinental markets.

In same yr they starts its sponsorship of The Simpsons in UK. (the Domino’s effect. 13 supplement, Properties Gazette, Come july 1st 19 2008 Issue) In 1999 Domino’s started to be the first home delivery company to float inside the Alternative Investment Market. In 2000 that they introduced popular bags to keep the pizzas hot and crisp during delivery. Domino’s started making pizza and today the present menu is known as a variety of Italian ” American products yet pizza stay main product, Domino’s along time taking many improvements countertop and toppings. The Domino’s Lasagna Team is hard working, committed to excellence and serious about enjoying yourself.

There are a lot more than 170, 1000 team members utilized by 600 corporate-owned stores, a system of a few, 000+ domestic franchise-owned retailers and worldwide franchise base that functions more than five, 000 shops in more than 70 marketplaces around the globe ( www. dominosbiz. com ). Over 21 years old, 000 affiliates work in UK and Irish stores and in a range of support capabilities ranging from promoting, IT and training. Jeff Monaghan bought the business to get the amount of $500, now Domino’s has already defined as “megabrand as it already actually reaches a total of $5. one particular billion when it comes to global price tag sales.

This can include $3. two billion in domestic revenue and $1. 9 billion dollars in intercontinental sales. ( www. statupbizhup. com ) Student IDENTITY 11170 site 7 of 20 Assignement Business Environment Feb 2013 MISSION, GOALS AND PROPER OBJECTIVES MISSION Their objective is to be the very best pizza delivery company on the world. Sale more pizza, have more fun. GOALS If the business started Tom Monaghan, the president, had an just one goal to open three shops. This aim is accomplished even exceeding the objectives Domino’s has turned it is attentions into a new aim, namely to help make the people to take pleasure in their pizzas.

OBJECTIVES ” Improve speed and performance of pizzas making. Boost efficiency and speed in delivery. Reduce the costs of pizzas. To boost customer associations. Make more profit. Scholar ID 11170 page 8 of twenty Assignement Organization Environment Feb 2013 REVIEW DOMINO’S PIZZAS WITH PIZZA HUT(FRANCHISE) PIZZA HUT OBJECTIVE They take pride in making ideal pizza and providing courteous and useful service punctually all the time. ( www. wiki. answers. com ) Every single customer says “I’ll be back!  PIZZA HUT AIM Their goal is to reach 85% acknowledgement of the new product in their target audience.

The most important aim of the company is to increase revenue and profits. PIZZAS HUT TARGETS To serve the customer, to provide delicious and hygienic pizzas and useful delivery services. Practice the actual preach: sincerity, ethics and open sales and marketing communications. While Lasagna Hut’s quest is to increase products and buyer loyalty, Domino’s Pizza and motivate their employees saying selling even more pizza then your company will have more profit and personnel will be better rewarded because of their work as an effect will have more income for their personal activities.

Pizza Hut’s objective is to launch new products and marketing in a more advantageous and profitable growth while Domino’s Pizza desires to expand their business by simply opening as much stores and offering services and products as good that loyalty to his clients. Domino’s Lasagna and Pizza Hut are competitors in pizza marketplace and features same marketplace demographic features. Both businesses have been able to offer to the customers a good and quality lasagna and services. Both businesses want to have the best promotion of goods so that they can increase their earnings and want to cover a larger area of the market.

College student ID 11170 page being unfaithful of twenty Assignement Business Environment February 2013 TASK 1 w ” Describe how stakeholders influence organisational mission and goals and discuss just how and to what extend your selected organisations (responsabilities) meets stakeholder expectations. Almost all stakeholders possess a real importance for a organization. Each of them is an important part of organization. Customers. The purchasers want that company to supply good companies service consumer. For Domino’s customers are real crucial, they are based mostly by client’s satisfactions plus they know that it is crucial to keep these people.

Each of satisfied customer bring with him profit. To started to be one of the most leading pizza delivery Domino’s has made and put the focus on customers feedback with regards to improving the quality of products and services having many times their particular survey. Personnel. The employees wish that company to create a nice place to operate and to provide them with a good schooling. As well employees is very important from this company. With no good employees no business can expand up. Domino’s know their very own employees knuckle down every day to supply great food and customer care why spend financial resources in training these people. Suppliers.

The suppliers need that business to have a very good and along collaboration with them and pay them expenses on time. Domino’s Pizza has a good regards with suppliers because they are a key factor in a business. Domino’s Lasagna is very strict when choosing their particular suppliers since they are one of the largest volume customers off pizzas ” related product and in addition they need the suppliers to ensure their particular highest quality item Management. The management wish that business grow up and increase profit. Franchisor. The franchisor want that company offer a good work and to keep a good picture of brand. Pupil ID 11170 page 15 of 20.

Assignement Organization Environment February 2013 PROCESS 2 a ” Clarify the nature of UK economic system and just how it affects business organisations such as yours. UK have a free marketplace economy, which means the market economy have just a little government control and they can easily fixed the retail price without state intervention. For same time is a industry where the sellers decide points to sell as well as the buyers make a decision what they want to get and for just how much. As for additional organisations and Domino’s Pizza is an edge that they can conduct the work within a free marketplace but may also be a disadvantage since in a free of charge market almost all time are definitely more competitors.

Domino’s can arranged their rates and their activity without been affected via government affect only if the change fees, instead there are situations where they need to stay flexible together with the prices because of competition and so they need to spend more money for advertising because in a free industry the consumers have many alternatives. TASK 2 b ” Discuss how governments manage the nationwide economy in short , and evaluate the impact of fiscal and monetary plan on businesses such as your selected organisation.

UK government tries to manage the national economic system in the fallowing ways: ” keeping a low unemployment level ” keeping a low inflation rate that may be as low rates ” aiming to produce several goods and services that contain a growth economy ” by simply lowering taxation The money policy represents all authorities imposed taxation and fees to maintain a balance of macroeconomics. Fiscal policy relates to market services and goods and by raising or decreasing taxes can have a significant effect to organisations, can climb or reduce inflation and unemployment.

In case the government decreases taxes can be an added advantage for Domino’s Lasagna because automated and demand would increase. If demand increases the business can College student ID 11170 page 10 of twenty Assignement Organization Environment Feb 2013 have got a higher revenue and that assistance to open other stores. When the organisation grows help decrease the lack of employment rate since new jobs automatically appear. When the federal government increases taxation the demand diminishes and the organisations are frustrated to invest and unemployment increases.

When inflation is large has a negative effect on Domino’s Pizza for the reason that organisation will raise the rates and this instantly leads to reduce demand and this affected the company’s profit. The monetary insurance plan is treatment of economic authorities in cash overall economy. The economic policy have influence in interest rates, exchange rate, funds supply. When it comes to Domino’s Pizzas organisation could be seriously affected by rising rates of interest because the company need to pay more cash back to financial institution or prevent the loans witch is a really help out with company’s develop up.

If the interest rates improve the population won’t be able to take financial loans as well and this means in the event the costumers you do not have money the necessity decrease plus the production is usually affected as well. Lower interest rates have the opposing effect as well as the organisation will make more expenditure because the ingestion increase too. TASK 2 c ” Analyse how competition plan and regulatory mechanism operate the UK regarding your chosen enterprise. Competition insurance plan is a great organisation that tries to control commercial activity in competition so that several companies having to have total power within the market.

Competition policy take the follow profit for customer: ” buyers can advantages from products and services in the best prices ” to adapt to competition policy, the firm develops studies and deliver new advancement Office of Fair Trading (OFT) may be the UK’s client and competition authority. Their particular mission is usually to make markets to provide a great work for buyers. OFT the actual market research and provides consumers all the necessary details to make sure that they will make the right decisions regarding the products or services that consume.

Regarding Domino’s French fries there is no informations revealing the organisation might have created challenges so that MEISTENS intervention being necessary. Student ID 11170 page doze of 20 Assignement Organization Environment Feb 2013 Activity 3 a ” Utilizing your chosen business as an example, describe how market structure establishes the prices and creation decisions. Domino’s Pizza is definitely part of monopolistic market. The monopolistic competition is a sort of imperfect competition.

The monopolistic competition possess fallowing characteristics: large quantity of competitors in market ” between prices are tiny differences ” large number of substitutes products ” high marketing ” is not hard to access or quit because are present just handful of barriers from this competition The monopolistic market is a market wherever exits a large number of organisations which gives same services or products but with diverse characteristics. Same like Domino’s in french fries market exist many lasagna delivery organisations but their products are different in taste, angles of elements, brand and advertising.

In monopolistic competition for Domino’s is hard to decide their rates because they are influenced by opponents witch promote products substitutes. To be able to stay at a high level in this marketplace segment, Domino’s has spent a lot of money in advertising to get buyers trust and loyalty. In monopolistic industry, Domino’s may not always have precisely the same profit since the presence of competition plus they always need to to make studies to separate the products. Student ID 11170 page 13 of twenty Assignement.

Business Environment Feb 2013 JOB 3 n ” By using a range of cases, analyse how market causes influence the organisational response and examine how your organisation could respond. Unlike other companies which have faced difficulties during the economic downturn, Domino’s lasagna has managed to keep undone even boost sales. Even though the economy was visible influenced Domino’s features invested additional money in promoting continues to promote its bargains and savings and, apparently from 2009, for Domino’s was a plus that much from the population troubled by the economic downturn chose to take in home this kind of led to a sales increase of about 11%.

As well if cost boosts and Domino’s Pizza provide must increase prices of its products or perhaps company income would be influenced. However deals with to not include a drop in demand even increase its offering in return quality products and fast delivery order. An additional influence originates from the competition mainly because in this domain are many competition, so Domino’s Pizza try various method to remain large: ” through more intensive advertising ” goods companies customer services ” fast delivery This make the require increase.

Student ID 11170 page 13 of 20 Assignement Organization Environment February 2013 One more influence possess suppliers because if the expense of the milk or wheat or grain increases then the supply increasing as well and Domino’s Lasagna need to boost the prices and then the demand decreases. TASK three or more c ” Discuss the organization and ethnic environment of the selected company and examine to what extend it forms the behaviour of the business. Food is among the most culturally hypersensitive category of customer goods.

Intended for Domino’s richness of diversity in the workplace stimulates the work environment, creativity and innovation, and they became more powerful because they use all the human resources with different traditions. While grow older consumers alter their means to fix consumed goods. Every buyer has their very own vision of quality products that really wants to consume which is influenced by life-style and the salary of each. Domino’s has many shops in many countries with customer with different tastes they had to consider their products according to the demand and desires of customers in every single country.

By way of example in Korea Domino’s promote Potato Lasagna which topping include potato, in Portugal domino’s offer Saumoneta Pizzas with smoked cigarettes salmon and dill and creme fraiche also they sell Four Dairy products pizza. Pupil ID 11170 page 12-15 of twenty Assignement Organization Environment February 2013 JOB 4 a ” Discuss how foreign trade influences the UK business organisation and analyse the effect of global factors on UK business, together with your chosen organisation. The intercontinental trade is the exchange of products and providers outside the comarcal borders.

Foreign trade has its own advantages although also needs some larger costs than domestic trade. International trade is very important to get economic creation in general as well as for individual countries economic expansion. Like additional countries and UK practice international trade because it are unable to produce all the goods and services they need to be continuously developing. UK import is named when purchasing goods and services manufactured in another nation and when UK sells services and goods to other countries is referred to as export. Intended for Domino’s Pizza international control is starting new options borders.

When the organisation may expand simply by opening fresh stores the profit is development but likewise the competition increase. When competition increases Domino’s Pizza must focus on placing the best possible product or service so that it is clients will not turn their attention to rivals. This means that Domino’s need to commit more time and money in advertising and marketing and researches. Another great good thing about international trade is the company access to new products and suppliers which means that intercontinental expansion helps to increase development because in international trade a country ought to utilize most resources.

Globalisation is a organization philosophy which believes the world can easily became homogeneous. Globalisation features effect on the culture, economic development, environment and personal system. Globalisation have fallow drivers: ” market motorists ” expense drivers ” government individuals ” competitive drivers Industry drivers ” degree of homogeneity of customer needs ” existence global distribution network ” transferable marketing College student ID 11170 page 16 of 20 Assignement Business Environment February 2013 Industry globalisation motorists bringing homogeneity among customers.

Domino’s Lasagna can provide products to buyers in UK from other countries and this influences cultures, taste and lifestyle and may increase demand. Cost drivers ” possibility of economies of scale ” transportation price ” application cost ” economies of scope Globalisation have many positive aspects in cost drivers mainly because Domino’s French fries UK can easily supply from another countries with less costly product with same quality and business can benefit from decrease transport rates in globalisation if buy necessary products in greater quantities.

Authorities drivers ” lower taxation” compatible technological standards and common promoting regulations ” privatisation Authorities can help Domino’s Pizza by simply lowering importance taxes and export taxes. Globally, Domino’s can work in countries with less advanced technology with more modern technology from another countries. College student ID 11170 page seventeen of twenty Assignement Business Environment Feb 2013 JOB 4 w ” Assess the role and impact of EU procedures and directions on the UK businesses utilizing your organisations for instance. The European Union was founded by financial and personal union of 27 claims.

The purpose of europe is to build a single marketplace, the European market, and also to introduce a single currency in the Member Says to aid commerce and to lower the chance of being affected by exchange rate. Simply by creating a one market in Europe, Domino’s Pizza, would have many positive aspects and couple of disadvantages. EU first wants to ensure protection of investors that operate within Western european borders and introduce a common external contract price to help the exchange of goods and services between Member States.

By creating a single industry with a common external tariff, for Domino’s means new company opportunities, a smart way to have use of new market, increase quantity of consumer Even though, in UK, Domino’s working together with national forex, if here would bring in the single Euro currency, Pound, the company would have a number of advantages; ” firm would not include losses due to exchange costs that they can be removed ” the move to the one currency will eliminate and a few bank costs ” there is no a fluctuation in the prices.

EUROPEAN UNION helps to reduce the unemployment charge in The european union because for most Member Says any citizen has the right to live and work within member claims except carry out some states continue to retain selected restrictions which include and UK. Student IDENTITY 11170 webpage 18 of 20 Assignement Business Environment Feb 2013 Conclusion My opinion about this program is that i have more understanding of what suggest business environment. I produced my eyesight strengths to become considered within organisation and in addition negative and positive impact on of all factors acting on organization.

I have even more knowledge about countrywide and worldwide economic system and exactly how economy can easily influence the organisations. And now course I actually learned which is the best situation in market for to possess a good business. Student IDENTITY 11170 site 19 of 20 Assignement Business Environment Feb 2013

References www. coversupermarket. com. 2012. Dommino’s Pizza. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www. coversupermarket. com/blog/? p=211. [Accessed 15 April 13]. www. dominosbiz. com. 2011. OUR TEAM. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www. dominosbiz. com/Biz-Public-EN/Site+Content/Secondary/Careers/Team/? &lang=en_us&output=json&session-id=bdec0454534e2ab7f3ed9233e6b9f7ce.

[Accessed 14 April 13]. www. startupbizhub. com. com. 2011. Pèlerines Franchise Expense. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www. startupbizhub. com/dominos-franchise-cost. htm? &lang=en_us&output=json&sessionid=653a45ce3c73fa78dfdd910e0a4bda77. [Accessed 12-15 April 13]. www. wiki. answers. com. 2011. What is the objective statement to get Pizza Hut? Franchise Expense. [ONLINE] Offered at:? &lang=en_us&output=json&session-id=29e880efe554d20d1c63f97638aab27e. [Accessed 15 April 13]. Student IDENTIFICATION 11170 webpage 20 of 20.


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