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Duties and responsibilities of the college

Job Description, Teacher

Most teachers have to carry out the duties of any school instructor as placed in the current School-teachers Pay and Conditions Document. All professors should also include due regard to all from the Teacher Requirements (2012). Teachers’ performance will probably be assessed against the Teacher Standards as part of the appraisal process while relevant to their role in the university.

Teaching and Learning

  • Offer the curriculum because relevant to age and capacity of the course of children that you just teach.
  • Be responsible for the preparation and development of educating materials, programmes and pastoral arrangement as appropriate.
  • Be aware of pupils’ capabilities their particular prior understanding and prepare and distinguish your instructing appropriately to develop on these types of demonstrating know-how and understanding how pupils master.
  • Always be accountable for the attainment, improvement and results of pupils’ you educate.
  • Include a strong knowledge of the range of needs included in all the students in the classroom. This will include people that have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), gifted and talented (GT), English because an additional dialect (EAL), and also use and evaluate special teaching methods to engage and support these pupils.
  • Demonstrate and understanding of and take responsibility for endorsing high criteria of literacy, which includes the best use of voiced English, whatever your consultant subject might be.
  • If perhaps teaching early reading, show a strong understanding of an appropriate educating strategy, for example systematic man-made phonics.
  • To use instructing strategies that keep pupils engaged through effective asking, lively presentation and good use of solutions.
  • Arranged tasks that challenge students and ensure high levels of interest.
  • Offer clear structured lessons, that maintain tempo, motivation and challenge.
  • Ensure that pupils attain and strengthen know-how, skills and understanding appropriate to the subject matter being taught.
  • Ensure that your instructing is effective and makes best usage of available time.
  • Select appropriate learning resources and develop analyze skills.
  • Use a selection of teaching strategies which involve planned mature intervention, first hand experience and play and talk like a vehicle pertaining to learning.
  • Evaluate your own teaching critically to improve effectiveness.
  • Mange parent and other adults in the classroom since appropriate.
  • Set targets that stretch out and concern pupils of most backgrounds, skills and agencement.
  • Have a secure understanding of what sort of range of elements can lessen pupils’ ability to learn, and how best to overcome these.
  • Demonstrate a comprehension of the physical, social, intellectual development of kids, and well-known how adapt teaching to back up pupils’ educational at different stages of development.
  • Monitoring, Examination, Recording and Reporting
  • Determine how well learning goal have been accomplished and utilize them to improve specific aspects of teaching.
  • Indicate and monitor pupil’s work and set targets for progress.
  • Determine and registered pupil’s improvement systematically and maintain records to check work is usually understood and recognise the extent at which the pupil is definitely achieving.
  • Prepare and present educational reports to parents.
  • Undertake checks of pupils as asked by assessment bodies, departmental and college procedures.
  • Know and understand how to assess the relevant subject and subjects area, including statutory evaluation requirements.
  • Make powerful use of conformative and summative assessment to obtain pupils’ progress.
  • Help to make accurate and productive make use of assessment to generate pupils’ progress.
  • Give pupils standard feedback, both orally and through exact constructive feedback and tagging in line with plan. Encourage scholar to respond towards the feedback, reflect on progress, their own work and study.
  • Use relevant data to monitor progress, set goals and strategy subsequent lessons.
  • Set homework and plan different out-of-class activities to combine and prolong the knowledge and understanding pupils have acquired as suitable
  • Participate in plans for examinations and tests within the remit of the Institution Teachers’ Shell out and Circumstances Document.
  • Behaviour and Safety
  • Set up a safe, purposeful and rousing environment pertaining to pupils, grounded in common respect and establish a construction for discipline with a selection of strategies, using praise, sanctions and rewards consistently and fairly.
  • Manage classes effectively, using approaches which can be appropriate to pupils’ needs in order to motivate, motivate and challenge pupils.
  • Preserve good relationships with students, exercise ideal attitudes beliefs and conduct, which are anticipated of pupils.
  • Have clear guidelines and exercises for conduct in class room, and consider responsibility to get promoting good and confident behaviour at the class room and around the school, in accordance with the school’s behavior policy
  • Have got high objectives of actions, promoting self-control and self-reliance of all learners.
  • Be a positive part model and demonstrate regularly the positive perceptions, values and behaviour which can be expected of pupils.
  • Be responsible for promoting and shielding the wellbeing of children and young people inside the school, bringing up any issues following university protocol.
  • Fulfil wider professional tasks
  • Work collaboratively to develop powerful professional interactions with fellow workers, knowing when ever and how to pull on suggestions and professional support.
  • Deploy support staff efficiently as suitable.
  • Connect and co-operate with relevant external systems.
  • Help to make positive contribution to the larger life and ethos from the school.
  • Communicate efficiently with parents/carers with regards to pupils’ achievements and well-being employing school systems/ process as appropriate.
  • Take responsibility for enhancing teaching through appropriate professional development, answering advice and feedback coming from colleagues.
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