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Effects of bilingualism composition


The use of native language in learning permits students to learn the lesson quickly. It will help them to examine and most likely write quickly. (Yolanda Quijano, 1994). The use of the Filipino vocabulary in educating develops ongoing learners who also are experienced in the use of their native language and other dialects. (Mona Valisino, 2006) Making use of the mother tongue of a student forms their essential thinking expertise, drawing a conclusion and making comparisons. (Ocampo, Fajardo, et al, 1990). Filipino was declared as the ‘lingua franca’ since it is the language that is certainly being voiced and realized by most of the Filipinos, that is why Philippine should be used in education.

(Dr. Rosaryo Yu, U. S. SWF) However , the English language language is definitely the universal terminology. It is used commercially and it is also a element for success in the business world.

The english language is also trusted as studying and instructional materials. Furthermore, it helps visitors to be worldwide competitive for this reason English is used as medium of instruction in schools.

(Rebecca Alcantara, et al, 1996) According to the 1986 Philippine cosmetic, the Filipino educational program implemented the application of bilingualism in all levels of educational institutions in our nation. Bilingual education aims to work with both English language and Philippine as moderate of instruction for students to obtain quality education with the help of the collaboration with the two languages. (Tony Rimando, 1994, Manila bulletin) This kind of research should know the effects of bilingualism to the academic efficiency of the next year college student in Pasig Catholic School.

Statement from the Problem

Bilingualism is used in schools all around the Philippines as instructed by Department of Education. One of many schools that implement bilingualism is Pasig Catholic School. In this light, the research workers would like to identify the effect of bilingualism to the academic overall performance of 4th year pupils in Pasig Catholic College or university. This study also aims to answer this questions: a) What are the benefits of bilingualism to the academics performance from the fourth season high school students in Pasig Catholic College? b) What are the disadvantages of bilingualism to the academic overall performance of the last year kids in Pasig Catholic University?

Significance in the Study

The researchers would like this examine to help Pasig Catholic College in identifying the effects of bilingualism to the academic performance from the fourth 12 months high school students. Specifically, this section will provide a brief explanation on the a number of significances in the research about the effects of bilingualism to the academic performance from the fourth year high school students in Pasig Catholic College. This study could be more likely to be significant to the subsequent persons: To students.

This study delivers evidence to students regarding the effects of bilingualism to their educational performance. To teachers. This kind of study can aid educators to have a deeper understanding to the said bilingual education. At this time study they will come up with fresh teaching processes to offer their students a better education. To future investigator. This research will profit the future researchers as their information and reference point in making an identical research. Additionally, this research can also wide open an opportunity to the development of this examine.

Scope and Delimitation in the study

This kind of study covers the effects of bilingualism to the academics performance in the fourth yr high school students of Pasig Catholic College. The researchers will incorporate different procedures and. This study will be done by chosen fourth 12 months High School students throughout the school yr 2012-2013. The researcher will certainly gather data using different books, clippings, and websites. They will also conduct a review to be directed at fourth 12 months high school students. This kind of study will probably be conducted for the school 12 months 2012-2013.

Chapter 2


This chapter presents gathered details which has relevance to the research and can function as reference in understanding the nature of the topic. The following facts and info were accumulated from distinct books, encyclopedias, websites, journals, and other thesis papers.

Related Literature

Currently, majority of the world’s human population is bilingual or multi-lingual than monolingual. This tendency also favorably affects cognitive abilities of people around the world. Experts have shown the bilingual mind can possess better interest and task-switching capacities than the monolingual brain. Additionally , bilingualism has results at equally ends of the age variety: Bilingual children as fresh as several months can better adjust to environmental changes, while bilingual seniors can experience fewer cognitive fall (Marian, Versus & Spivey, M, 2003). Being bilingual can will vary benefits. The improvements in thinking and physical digesting determined by bilingual experience can help a bilingual person to higher process details in the environment, leading to a richer learning. This kind of better attention to component may help clarify why bilingual adults a new third language better than monolingual adults learn a second language (Gollan, T. They would., & Acenas, L. A., 2004).

Related Study

Bilingualism causes belief to students as well as to the teachers. It is also one of the reasons why students could not speak British fluently. It tends is that they combine up the two languages which results in “taglish words or phrases. Students also encounter difficulty in translating Philippine words to English and vice versa. Learning both different languages at the same time triggers minimal fluency in either Filipino or perhaps English as their emphasis is not really constant in one language. Various other students cannot express themselves in English since they are used in speaking in Filipino which results in for being an uncompetitive college student when it comes to English language (Madriaga, Nazareno, et approach, 2001).


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