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Each of our crazy globe technology iraq and hiv

Our world today is a crazy one, in several ways. It is so dissimilar to what it accustomed to be. The advancement of technology, coupled with such things as HIV/AIDS or terrorism and America’s retaliation (and the War War), combines to form a brain boggling, and somewhat gloomy environment for one to live in.

With DVD’s and DVD players, Playstations 1s and 2’s, and even ‘old fashioned’ things such as videos, cd’s, and pcs, technology conveniently confuses the innocent bystander.

After that there is the bad side of technology (although a few would believe computers and DVD’s are the bad side): chemical combat, weapons of mass destruction and so on. How come do people create might be found? I suppose the solution is greed. Being a perfect model we have Saddam Hussein. This individual kills and suppresses his own persons presumably as a result of greed) then openly ‘defies’ America (I say sarcastically).

Then however there’s Bush.

He’s not specifically evil (or is he? ), but he is greedy and moronic. He makes announcement that America is ‘gonna’ kill Saddam and free of charge the Iraqi people, meanwhile he’s convinced that he provides Iraq and it is resources, and is also one stage closer to global domination. There are rumours of his of the Illuminati, a secret company which ‘controls our thinking’ and is aiming to take over the world.

So , who does one help in the War situation? Which in turn incoherent miser? My response to that is instead of side with any person, one can either totally disregard it, or perhaps decide to affiliate with peace.

The wonderful issue is that, staying neither an Iraqi nor an American (I am the truth is South African), I am able to express my own distaste for people two particular people without having to be shot, while Iraqis would have during the warfare, or possibly outcast as an American.

However , Americans would have no reason to ostracize myself unless they like and support Bush, for My spouse and i don’t hate Americans, I actually dislike carried away and lying individuals that exploit a predicament to their own good.

Merely look at the situation: big effective Bush offers Iraq a whole bunch of weapons of mass destruction (to his own advantage) and then a couple of years later this individual complains that Iraq can be described as threat therefore he decides to play military and consider it all back again, killing some individuals in the process.

Everything negativity regarding Bush most likely makes me personally sound pro-Saddam, which I am definitely not. In my opinion, he is the quintessential evil. Whether it came down to that, I think We would be more content if Saddam was killed rather than Rose bush.

Of course there is the deeply depressing element of our crazy world, HIV/AIDS.

While we all know for sure that someday Saddam and Bush will ‘hit the bucket’, AIDS may well never vanish entirely (not to get pessimistic or perhaps anything).

Except if a cure is located, it seems in order to stop ASSISTS is education in avoidance. And then people actually have to care enough. It may seem peculiar to some persons, but moving into Africa I realize what can occur. Some witch doctors in fact prescribe having sex with a virgin mobile to treatment AIDS.

A very important factor that really reaches me can be when people declare ‘Oh, ASSISTS isn’t that bad, really good populace control. ‘ I then usually ask them if they would have the same view in the event someone close to them contracted AIDS. Would they simply inform their about to die loved one they are sorry she/he has SUPPORTS, but you will discover simply too various people with this planet and her death is not really very much of a damage anyway? That usually gets all of them thinking.

Therefore , what are we all to do, using this perplexing and depressing…’stuff’ (for deficiency of a better word)? It may not audio so great, but I guess we should just plod on and hope everything gets more understandable and less depressing!


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