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Education system between romania and uk

Currently an important and discussed concern by most countries is a education program. In many countries by year to year politician try to help to make changes in order to improve this. However , it occurs that instead of improve it the system become more complicated and corrupted. In certain countries is believed that is better to study everything simply by heart but also in others the practical part and learners opinion much more important. Therefore this article is going to talk about the main dissimilarities and similarities between Romanian and Uk education system.

Even though Romania and the UK have very different education systems there could be found a lot of similarities. The age required to attend school is comparable; in Romania six or perhaps seven and in UK half a dozen years old. In both countries primary and secondary schools are compulsory. Furthermore, in Romania as in the UK at the age of five-teen students have to complete an exam in order to stick to further education, preparing these people for college or university.

Age required to your university in Romania is precisely the same as the one out of UK, eight-teen or over.

UK has the same three years of study in higher-education, the same as Romania. In Romania as with the UK, in higher education, students have a number of credits they need to achieve over the academic year and there are also examinations periods: one in session one and one in semester two. Both countries provide students the chance to choose from many different courses. A number of the courses will be compulsory and vary from college to school and some optional every student can make which ones to adopt.


Important dissimilarities can be discovered between this two countries education program. In the UK is definitely applied an interactive and efficient method of teaching, that is not applied in Romania, which usually encourages learners to express themselves freely and participate to courses. The compulsory education of these two countries is unique. The Romanian compulsory education last to get ten years while the one through the UK pertaining to eleven years. Children commence school at the age of six or perhaps seven and follow the principal school, ten years. They must take a great examination at the end of principal school called the National Exam, depending on assessments throughout the last four years. Depending on their results they go to secondary college (high school) which last four years but first two are required. However , students have to full all four season in order to apply for higher education.

Towards the end of secondary school students must fill in the Romanian Baccalaureate examination form simply by an mouth and created examination. Compared to Romania the place that the statutory education age can be from six to eight-teen (if you would like to follow a university or college after the second education) in britain is via five to six-teen. Great britain education strategy is divided in four Essential Stages and pupils happen to be assessed at the end of each stage. At the end of Key Level Four learners have to attain General License of Second Education (GCSE) in order to continue with even more education. In the event they opt to follow a degree they have to adhere to further study course at the end that they have to attain the GCE A-level (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level). Through the financial viewpoint the education in the UK is far more pricey than in Romania. For example one year of university in UK is a few, 075 whereas in Romania is only 420.

The length of a master level is of 2 yrs in Romania while in the UK it takes just one year. Moreover, UK students are encouraged to follow further education, although can be expensive, because the government supports the students (for example learners can get a student loan). By contrast, in Romania you will find governmental financed universities, wherever students are admitted if perhaps they move the entrance exam using a high grade. The government funded slots are limited and are allocated to students according to their benefits. Furthermore an additional difference could be easily seen in the marking system.

In Romania compared to the UK, where marking system is formed simply by letters (A* to G) or proportions, the degrees are figures and are from to ten. Ten is a equivalent intended for A* or perhaps 100%. Moreover, Romania plus the UK differ with regard to the policy of plagiarism. The interest rate of stealing articles is very full of Romania even among higher-education institutions as a result of corrupted educational system. A number of educational personnel accept give incentives to because they are unhappy by their income and work condition. (, )

To summarize, the main similarities and differences between Romanian and United Kingdom education systems will be the one relating to compulsory education, marking system, qualification, framework of training year, the price of studying, stealing articles and classes in higher-education. Many Romanians say that Romanian education product is better than others countries mainly because students know more things for a higher level. But what matters one of the most: the quantity and also the quality? Could it be better to learn more and ignore everything in two days or perhaps is better to find out useful items for everyday routine and forever? The answer of the questions is dependent from person to person, and later those all of us studied in both program can understand the advantages and disadvantages of these two education systems.

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