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Epidemiology and contagious diseases dissertation

Epidemiology & Communicable Disorders HIV or the Human Deficiency virus is similar to other malware including the influenza, but the something that makes this kind of virus so different than some other is that the person is unable to very clear this one out completely. Once someone is definitely infected, you cannot find any cure. Over time, HIV can also hide or mask on its own in the system’s cells. The cells within a person’s human body that fght off infection are called CD4 cells or perhaps T cellular material.

HIV problems these skin cells and clones or recreates itself inside these cellular material, then damages them.

HIV over time is going to estroy numerous of these cellular material that the body is unable to fght off infection anymore. When this begins happening, ASSISTS or Attained Immunodeficiency Problem happens which is the final stage of HIV. HIV is usually transmitted through someone’s blood vessels or body fluids which can cover semen, breasts milk, vaginal fluids, and rectal mucous (AIDS. GOV, 2013) and generally it is handed from one person to another through sexual contact; however , HIV can also be transmitted through having a baby or IV drug use.

Healthcare workers can also be at risk from infected bodily fluids.

Fluids from an nfected person can easily deliver the virus to another person’s bloodstream. Within 2-4 several weeks, and up to as later as three months, exposure to HIV can happen having a sudden onset of flu like symptoms which include fever, chills, rash, night sweats, muscle tissue aches, throat infection, fatigue, inflamed lymph nodes or ulcers in the mouth (CDC, 2013). Sometimes no symptoms of disease are present in someone with HIV. Specific individuals may feel sick as HIV turns into HELPS or have irregular bouts of sickness, but not really know or feel they are attacked.

When HIV progresses to HIV, this individual flu just like sign and symptoms described earlier can become far more severe. Many of the complications stemming by HIV will be opportunistic attacks, which happen in sufferers with a destabilized immune system (CDC, 2013). “Some of these opportunistic infections incorporate tuberculosis, salmonellosis, cytomeglaovirus, candidiasis, cryptococcal meningitis, toxoplasmosis, cryptosporiosis, Wasting Affliction, neurological complications, and kidney disease (Mayo Clinic, 2013). Specific skin cancers which include Kaposi’s Sarcoma and lymphomas also happen in individuals who are HIV positive (Mayo Center, 2013).

Antivirals are the treatment for HIV and presently there is no well-known cure. Treatment most often requires combinations of numerous drugs in order to avoid creating pressures of the computer virus that are resistant to single drug treatments (Mayo Clinic, 2013). The number of CD4 or T cells displays treatment response. The viral load ought to be undetectable when undergoing antiviral therapy. The count is usually checked once treatment starts off and usually supervised every 3-6 months. Whether or not someone posseses an undetectable viral load, the spreading of HIV is a possibility.

In accordance to quotes and amounts provided by the CDC, regarding one and half million people 13 years of age and younger is HIV great. Demographics also show that almost 20% of people who happen to be infected have no idea of they have the virus. The CDC estimates that now yearly, there are about 50, 000 new instances diagnosed (2013). At risk groups include homosexual men, bisexual people, and African Americans (CDC, ) Young Atrican American guys are at greatest risk portal contracting HIV among several ethnicities and races (CDC, 2013).

Could be risk for HIV or interpersonal determinants of health related to HIV can be income, education, geographic place, overty, male or female orientation, early childhood activities, and alcohol or substance abuse. The CDC states, “that by lowering the number z new HIV infections and improving the health and wellbeing of those currently infected with HIV will depend on changing the social determinants that place people at risk of infection (CDC, 2-13). The epidemiological triangle of HIV consists of three things: the person, the causative agent, and also the environment (Smith, 169).

The causative agent that causes ASSISTS is HIV or the computer virus itself. The host can be described as person regarding HIV and the environment is the either the host or maybe the agent, although a factor that influences discussion between the two. The epidemiological triangle consists of three points: the person, the causative agent, or the environment (Smith, 169). In the triangle for HIV, the agent that causes AIDS is HIV or the disease. The host is a person in the case of HIV. The environment can be neither the host neither the agent, but something which influences conversation between the two (Smith, 169).

The number factors pertaining to HIV contain age, love-making, ethnic history, race, intimate orientation, education, and economical status (Smith, 169). The agent celebrities or causative agent intended for HIV will be the virus by itself and the setting of transmission, life circuit and virulence of the malware (Smith, 169). The environmental elements for HIV include sociable and economic considerations which includes family, community, political organization, public insurance plan, regulations, corporations, workplace, profession, economic status, technology, flexibility, housing human population density, behaviour, customs, culture, health procedures, health companies (Smith 169-170).

A community well being nurse with an focus on HIV/AIDS works in a community or public well-being setting, teaching t risk groups regarding safe sexual intercourse practices and the dangers of showing needles. Preferably, the registered nurse would hook up patients to aid groups and services, teach patients or perhaps people in the neighborhood about the prevention of the spreading of the disease, and help provide treatments and medications. A lot of important issues that nurses happen to be bringing towards the forefront in todays community include employing strategies to continue to keep HIV patients engaged in program HIV as well as nursing care, incorporating prevention research studies to help reduce transmission locally and globally, undertaking outine HIV testing in health care adjustments, ensuring entry to antiretroviral prescription drugs, and preparing for emerging issues in HIV care including diabetes, liver disease, obesity and elder care (Kirton, 2007, p. 8). The Global Finance to battle AIDS, Tuberculosis and Wechselfieber is a national organization that channels a portion of the funds to the international auto financing for this individual fght against HIV and AIDS. It also gives funds to conditioning health systems, as most happen to be inadequate to educate and advise communities and folks about preventing HIV. Programs supported by the Global Fund give to communities with lifesaving ntiviral therapies and counseling around the prevention of the virus.

Additionally there is a local organization called AFAN or Aid for Assists of Nevasca that provides support and care for HIV positive people or those who are dealing with HIV in Nevasca. “AFAN supplies direct consumer service programs, food applications, prevention and education applications, and community outreach. It is the mission of your client services programs to improve the physical health and psychological wellness ot the persons we serve, while endorsing their dignity and enhancing the quality of all their lives (AFAN, 2013).


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