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Evaluation of fbi s virtual case file article

1 . Project Background Virtual Case File (VCF) was a software program developed to get the United States Fbi (FBI) among 2000 and 2005. Its initial creation to replace the FBI’s outdated case management system named Automatic Case Support (ACS) program. VCF was obviously a third component of FBI’s Three set Project. The first component of the Three set project was upgrading society and components (computer ports, servers, computer printers and servers). The second element was improving of FBI’s network system. The third component was modernizing the FBI’s investigative applications by creating VCF.

Research Applications Foreign Corporation (SAIC) was contracted to design, develop and apply VCF system in 2001. The Trilogy project was originally budgeted for $379. 80 mil and slated to be implemented in 2004 (U. S i9000. Department of Justice, 2005).

The main purpose of VCF was to automate the FBI’s paper-based systems and processes, enable FBI providers and analysts to obtain information about situations anywhere in the United States, and to eventually replace the antiquated ACS system (Goldstein, 2005).

VCF might also include a great evidence administration module, an instance management module and a records management module. There was clearly no commercial software package offered that could fulfill FBI’s requires in 2001 when the project started, so a custom-developed system solution was necessary (Marchewka, 2010).

The VCF project did not meet their initial deadline and was never deployed. It was officially cancelled by the FBI in April 2005 after some years of project activity and costing $581 million (Goldstein, 2005; U. S. Department of Justice, 2005).

installment payments on your Project Review The F Trilogy project was delayed by nearly one year. The 2 components were successfully finished but Electronic Case Data file was hardly ever completed. The sole functioning feature of the VCF system was your workflow part. Users could create circumstance packages and automate the submission procedure.

A thorough analyzed conducted by the FBI via opening an instance, creating prospects and shutting an investigation identified approximately four hundred problems. The FBI wasn’t able to create, search and review case leads and case documents (U. S. Department of Justice, 2005). The VCF system did not have an off-line use method. FBI agents working on the case could not draw out case supplies from the system to use once working in the field. The VCF would not allow users to form columns of data to allow less difficult searching info. It do have an examine trail of case data files in the program hence was prone to reliability breaches. Within a nut-shell, the VCF program did not fulfill the FBI’s current needs.

three or more. Reasons for failure The VCF project failed because of a pattern of faults that lead to a series of incidents that sooner or later lead to the greatest failure of the project. What causes the job are common with other failed THIS projects. What causes failure will be analysed resistant to the CHAOS crucial success elements for jobs (Standish Group, 2009).

3. 1User Engagement There was insufficient user involvement in the VCF project. Crucial users had been never engaged from the requirements gathering and usability screening stage, which are the key phases of an IT project. With no involving users, the SAIC development group found it very difficult to comprehend all the requirements. As a result features that were not necessary were integrated while essential features were not implemented.

3. 2Executive Supervision Support In the first place of the job, it was crystal clear that the VCF project weren’t getting executive support. Even though cash were made available for the project, there was an ever-increasing internal and external pressure to finish the system quickly (Goldstein, 2005). The Sept. 2010 11 2001 bombings increased the need for the program. This ended in SAIC agreeing to unrealistic project deadlines and choosing shortcuts when it comes to planning and system advancement..

3. 3Clear Statement of Requirements In accordance to Mueller (2005), the FBI would not have full set of program requirements if the contract was awarded to SAIC. Even though the FBI had an 800-plus requirements document, the requirements were too complicated, incomplete and not completely defined. Likewise the requirements papers focused even more on the better details of the system layout rather than the high level capabilities of the system (Goldstein, 2005). Failure from the VCF project was as well caused by constantly changing requirements. During the job life-cycle, the FBI made 400 change requests almost all of which experienced major impact on what was currently designed and produced.

a few. 4Proper preparing The VCF project was missing of appropriate planning. First of all, the F had simply no Chief Data Officer (CIO) at the start of the project. With out a CIO, the FBI had no common software system. The FBI had twenty-three divisions, every with their bought it budget, investigations database and applications (Goldstein, 2005). Secondly, the FBI had not any Enterprise Structure (EA) in position to assist these people in making powerful decisions about IT projects. This shortage cause the SAIC developers having no formal documentation showing how the FBI’s IT composition and systems are mapped to it is processes to guide them through the development of the VCF program. Also SAIC was honored a contract that did not have got a defined job schedule and milestones.

a few. 5Realistic Objectives The vital need for the VCF system by the F, pressure through the public and government result in SAIC plus the FBI saying yes to unrealistic and focused project conclusion dates. As a result of pressure, SAIC agreed to provide the initial version of the VCF 6 months prior to the original day.

3. 6Smaller Project Milestones SAIC wished to deliver a complete working program without any milestones. This led to huge and major re-changes of the system during program review and testing.

three or more. 7Competent Staff At the start from the project, the FBI experienced no Primary Information Official. This triggered the session of a task manager, who no experience in THIS project supervision (Goldstein, 2005). Considering the size and price range of the VCF project it had been very crucial to have a very experienced job manager to head the job. Having an inexperienced project supervisor can lead to poor project management practices and policies. For example , SAIC was awarded a weak contract that did not specify conclusion milestones, assessment stages and penalties to get missed milestones (U. H. Department of Justice, 2005). In addition , the contract was based on hours worked rather than deliverables (Mueller, 2005). In a nut-shell all the FBI had an inexperienced THAT team without having experience in software creation projects and general job management.

three or more. 8Ownership The VCF project had 12-15 different essential personnel, this kind of included five different primary information representatives and 10 different project managers through the project period (U. S. Department of Justice, 2005). This excessive turnover in key staff involved in the project lead to a lack of project ownership and accountability.

3. 9Clear Vision & Objectives The VCF project lacked crystal clear objectives. The terrorist disorders in September 11 2001, Hanssen lookout case and Oklahoma City bombing case triggered the FBI to regularly change the task objectives (U. S. Doj, 2005).

5. Alternatives to stop failure It will spotlight some the alternatives that the F could have thought to avert failing of the VCF project.

5. 1Enterprise Structures The FBI should have regarded having EXPERT ADVISOR before starting the VCF project. It could have helped SAIC in mapping the FBI techniques and systems. The lack of a great EA brings about a poor requirements analysis which in turn increases the probability of an THIS project faltering.

4. 2Human Resources The FBI must have considered having a CIO and experienced THAT project administrator before awarding the deal. A CIO would have ascertained that the F has sufficient personnel with the right skills arranged for the VCF task. An experienced project manager will have ensured that proper task management techniques and planning are adopted.

4. 3Contract management Thinking about the size, difficulty and expense of the project the F needed a well-defined contract that explicitly states and addresses crucial issues just like milestones, deliverables and fees and penalties. Also the payment contract terms should have been based on giveaways and breakthrough.

4. 4Requirement analysis An intensive requirements evaluation should have been done that will have produced an exhaustively detailed requirements documents. SAIC should not have started growing the system without needing a thorough comprehension of the requirements.

4. 5Phased procedure Considering the size and difficulty of the project, the project should have recently been developed and deployed in phases. A big-bang method of large IT projects usually fails.

some. 6Communication Better communication was need among FBI, SAIC and the professional management. This will have avoided unrealistic agendas and targets between the 3 members.

5. Lessons to get Management This section will spotlight some the real key lessons to be learned from your failure from the VCF task.

5. 1Enterprise Architecture (EA) is vital for this An EXPERT ADVISOR is highly crucial in logically managing a provider’s investment in IT and really should be a foundation for any huge IT task.

5. 2Plan before you act Huge IT jobs need comprehensive planning of resources and time. This also requires having crystal clear and complete requirements before any kind of development work is started.

5. 3Human capital supervision Having the right people with correct skills and experience with the right positions is vital. Also ensuring nominal turnover of key personnel during a project’s life-cycle is crucial to the success of the task.

5. 4Incremental approach Significant IT jobs need to be created and used in phases. A took approach helps to minimize the risk of inability and allows problems to identified and fixed early.

5. 5Financial assets Financial capital is not really a short cut to faster delivery. Large THAT projects want realistic agendas to ensure their very own success.


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