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Factors affecting the resistance of your wire


Level of resistance is a pressure, which opposes the movement of an electric energy around a circuit.

Resistance is usually measured in Ohms. George Ohm learned that a outlet sometimes resists the flow of electrical power. He known as this ‘RESISTANCE. ‘ This individual even came across a rule for exercising the level of resistance of a routine, which was:

R= V ÷ I

V- Volts

I- Current

R- Resistance

Ohms law according to the more level of resistance means more energy should be used for the present to pass through the wire.

Resistance is a measure of how much strength is needed to press the current through something.

Amount of resistance occurs when the electrons travelling along the wire collide with the atoms of the wire. These accidents slow down the stream of bad particals causing amount of resistance.







To investigate the way the length of a Nichrome line can affect the resistance of your wire


In my opinion the longer the wire a lot more resistance there will be.

I really believe this because if the length of the wire is usually increased then this resistance will also increase, because the electrons will have an extended distance to travel and so even more collision and friction will certainly occur.


The factors i am going to change are the entire Nichrome cable and adapt the adjustable resistor for taking 3 blood pressure measurements.

The elements that I am going to keep frequent are: same thickness of the wire and the set up in the circuit ought to be the same.








sixth is v AMMETER






I started out of while using experiment simply by setting up the circuit since shown above. I had being careful in connecting the circuit, for the reason that voltmeter had to be placed in seite an seite and the ammeter, which needed to be placed in series. The Nichrome wire was cut to just over 100cm so the crocodile clips can attach on the line, making the results more accurate. I stretched out the wire and sellotaped it for the ruler. I did this thus i do not need to lower the cable every time; most I have to perform is just maneuver one of the crocodile clips to another length. The energy supply is then switched on make on almost 8 volts. Let me then record the reading of the ammeter and put the results in a table. After that I will adapt the changing resistor to 7 volts, which would show up on the voltmeter, Let me record the reading in the ammeter. Let me once again modify the changing resistor to 6 volts this time and record the examining.

I will repeat this for the other four lengths, which are as follows:






The safety safeguards that I should be taken into consideration are: Handle the energy supply carefully. Be careful the moment touching the wire, it can be hot, it might even burn if the ac electricity exceeds over 8 volts. Do not perform the try things out in damp areas, while waster is definitely a good conductor of electrical power, which could become dangerous if it comes in contact with the current.


To ensure that I actually conduct a reasonable test Let me ensure that the experiment is carried out at least twice to have more reliable and accurate benefits. Wire measurements are kept the same as well as the equipment is in a good working order. I will also make sure that the density of the cable stays regular for each span and current. I shall also make sure that the current passing through the line will not alter until each of the lengths of wire had been tested plus the voltages noted, then I will certainly increase/decrease the current to the wanted voltage. After every time We experiment Let me let the line cool down ahead of I start my various other experiment.


I will take notice of the resistance in the circuit and the current, the voltage and ohms. I will also take notice of the thickness features any impact on resistance and length.

The will also take notice of the temperature to ensure the heating effect would not change any readings.

Obtaining Evidence


100 876 0. 60. 520. 49 13. 333313. 461512. 35590

TYPICAL 13. 05023

80 876 0. 70620. 57 eleven. 428511. 290310. 5263

AVERAGE 11. 0817

60 876 0. 950. 830. 74 8. 42108. 43378. 1081

AVERAGE almost eight. 3209

45 876 1 ) 41. 21. 08 five. 71425. 83335. 5555

AVERAGE 5. 701

20 876 2 . 72. 392 installment payments on your 96292. 92883

AVERAGE 2 . 9639

My own prediction was conclusive with my effects. It showed that as you increase the length of the Nichrome cable you also increase the amount of resistance. The present is dependent within the amount of voltage, which can be applied. The present has to proceed through a circuit, which includes resistance so if you increase that push you also increase the stream of the current.


The graph can be described as straight line through the origins, which means Level of resistance, is roughly proportional towards the Length.

This is due to if you twice length, you double the number of atoms inside the wire, and so doubling the amount of electron, that causes resistance: Theresults support my own predictions well, the effects turned out just how I had anticipated, they meet the expected line well. I had believed that in the event you increase the length then level of resistance will also enhance.

So , this effectively signifies that if the wire was trebled or much more than then the level of resistance would as well treble or perhaps quadruple.


From my personal graph I am able to see that my results that we collected are extremely reliable. I know this because my chart does not display any individual anomalous results. I could see on the graph that non-e with the results plotted are anomalous because all of the points rest fairly over the same directly line.

After i was computing the measures of the Nichrome wire, my measurements has been slightly erroneous as the rulers applied might not have been exact, and it was challenging to get a precise reading of length by simply eye, since the cable was not totally straight.

I think that I could have made my own experiment more accurate I could make use of a new or more quality digital voltmeter.

My spouse and i also found the fact that experiment was quite easy to build, as it was simple and uncomplicated.

Even more experiments I can do relevant to the resistance in a wire, would be to see whether the following factors would make a difference in the resistance of a wire: ( I have made a prediction for each aspect from my very own scientific knowledge on how I do think the amount of resistance would difference in a wire for that particular factor )

Thickness of wire:

I do think that if the thickness with the wire is increased the resistance can decrease. This is due to of the embrace the space for the bad particals totravel through. Due to this improved space involving the atoms there ought to be less accident.


I believe that in case the wire can be heated up the atoms in the wire will start to vibrate because of the increase in energy. This triggers more crashes between the bad particals and the atoms as the atoms will be moving into the path of the electrons. This increase in collisions means that there will be an increase in resistance.

Sort of metal:

In case the material has a high number of atoms you will see high amounts of electrons triggering a lower resistance because of the embrace the number of electrons. Also if the atoms inside the material are closely loaded then the electrons will have more frequent crashes and the level of resistance will increase.


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