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Fea analysis of pumpkin ball impact on console

Individual Behavior


The system is the component that makes a interaction link between man and machine. The Gaming system assembly consists of the HMI (Human machine interface) and the console cover. The Gaming system shell is the part on what the HMI part gets mounted. The HMI (Human machine Interface) comprises of the all the digital part such as LED light bulbs, button, PCB etc .

The system of the washing machine is one of the significant part when considering the safety with the user since it contains wide range of electronics portion and its breakage could result in safety issue which is given maximum priority when making any merchandise. So , every console design made has to pass specific UL tests without that the product may not be launched in market [1].

Out of numerous safety test out performed for the console, probably the most important test out is the ball impact evaluation. The ball is actually a hockey filled with crushed stone upto 1/3rd of it quantity and affected on the console. The test quite definitely resembles while using pendulum effect test but the only difference between the two is that the pumpkin ball can be deformable throughout the impact making it more dynamic and hard to study.

The need to perform the ball impact test out on the system can be comprehended by an example where there can be described as major effect on the console directly because of any unidentified reason. Therefore , the full effects can damage the console. The major concern is the access to the live wire after the damage.

The main goal of this paper was to associate the ruse with the experimentation. During the cool product development if a console can be been designed, the only way to check on whether the item would complete the UL standard protection test through the design stage is by ruse. So , the only way to understand the accuracy of simulation is always to study the behaviour of the console when impacted together with the ball and compare it with the actual experiment with the help of accelerometer.


Wherever H. Sridhar and Sushilkumar Vishwakarma worked on modeling the behaviour of dried out sand with DEM for improved impact prediction with an objective to create a standard simulation model that could capture the behaviour of ball filled up with sand molecule when influenced on the concrete floor wall and validate this with the trial and error model. The simulation effects showed a detailed proximity with experimental results [2]. Hamidreza mahmoudi worked on the Modeling of Bonnet in LS-DYNA for Pedestrian Study with an effort to come up with a finite element model intended for analysis of pedestrian kinematics with the help of LS Dyna and hypermesh software. The peak speeding and the effects duration had been used for the comparison with the experiment [3]. Edwin Fasanella and Karen Knutson worked on the describing the best practices intended for modeling aeroplanes impact applying explicit nonlinear dynamic limited element unique codes such as LS- Dyna. In crash research, the most concern point may be the magnitude and the duration of optimum acceleration. Experimental data evaluation, digital filtering is also discussed [4]. The record by SMP Svensk upon requirement and test options for impact by swing element for which the accelerometer is utilized during the experiment and results are compared in g devices [5]. The Outspoken, Stefan and Marika done the material designs for polymers under Crash loads giving an overview in existing materials models pertaining to thermoplastic appropriate on layer elements in LS-Dyna as there are still challenges in existing numerical equipment for crash simulation [6].


The pumpkin ball impact check setup a new ball stuffed with sand to its 3/4th of the volume and hook attached to the top with the ball using the tapes. The vertical height from the hinge point is 39. 2″. Some counter weights were kept in the back of the pumpkin ball create to avoid any misbalance during the swing movement of the ball. The Pumpkin ball’s height and location was adjusted such that the ball impact with the centre of the knob. The weight of the ball is about 10. 5kg. Two triaxial accelerometer were used to measure the acceleration within the console and pumpkin ball.

Two accelerometers had been used throughout the testing. 1 was placed on the gaming system 76mm away from the impact level and an additional was placed exactly at the rear of the impact stage of ball. The impact is usually maximum along the z course which is normal to influence. The reading was taken for the horizontal miles of 5″, 10″ and 15″.


The key target from the simulation is usually to check if the stresses pertaining to Console happen to be within allowable limit and there ought not to be any click disengagement between Console and Fascia whilst ball effects The simulation is been done using the LS- Dyna and hypermesh software and discrete factors are used inside the ball to replicate the sand debris.

5. 1 Presumptions

  • Screw contacts modeled using Rigid and Beam elements.
  • Plastic material parts (console) modeled by simply tetrahedron factors
  • Sheet metallic (Top panel) is patterned by shell elements.
  • Pumpkin ball of 500mm dia is utilized for ruse
  • Material houses assigned intended for ambient 23C (ambient temperature) condition. Temperature effects not included in ruse
  • 4. a couple of Loading and Boundary condition

    • Initial Velocity in Z-Direction is definitely applied on the ball which usually would give the same impact strength.
    • 1G gravity fill is applied to the complete unit in Y-direction.
    • Lower part face of the Best Panel can be constrained in all of the DOF.

    Dried sand debris are patterned using the under the radar element technique (DEM) approach and covering element is employed to version rubber ball.

    The LS- Prepost software is utilized for the content processing. Maximum stress levels during every run happen to be within the allowable limit from the material and did not watch any risk in the set up and breeze disengagement in every load situations.


    Since the relationship of the simulation was made by performing the experimentation about the same model, velocity values for both the simulation and experimentation were being compared. The maximum acceleration value obtained in experimentation was 20. 71g and in simulation 19. 53g. The mistake between the ruse and experimentation maximum g value features 5. 69% which inside the acceptable limit. Thus, outcomes obtained from LS- Dyna gives a good relationship with the fresh test. This provides a frontward step towards the simulation method to accept the design in its early stage only.

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