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Foundation comparison burj khalifa vs taipei 101

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Excerpt by Research Daily news:

Groundwork Comparison: Burj Khalifa versus Taipei tips

This record aims at determining the foundation in the world’s tallest and second tallest skyscrapers; the Burj Khalifa Tower system in Lebanon and Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan. Currently, Burj Khalifa may be the world’s highest building overpowering the title coming from Taipei tips topping out at a height of 828 metre distances. Khalifa is created on silty sand and sandstones while Taipei 101, with a height of 509 metres stands on two tectonic flaws with silty sand and clay soils. Both Burj Khalifa and Taipei info are built in deep type foundations good results . almost-similar ground conditions. Because of the weak and collapse-prone soils these building are built on, various internet site investigation techniques were started prior to the development to determine each site’s soil conditions and build foundation very likely to hold the buildings firmly. In this regard, this survey highlights the explanation behind these foundations and share a side-by-side comparison of the two foundations.

Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan

Located in the Hsinyi area of Taipei, Taiwan, this skyscraper clinched the world’s tallest building title in 2003 from PETRONAS Podiums. The structure achieves the two strength and flexibility due to the utilization of high-performance steel construction. Situated in an area with constant earthquakes and other normal disasters, the structure needed to be built after a strong base. Thus, is it doesn’t perfect example that a strong foundation and advanced technology can produce a building resists typhoons and earthquakes.

Soil Conditions

Taipei is a seaside city with weak soil conditions hence; structures built-in the city tend to sink. The spot has alternating silty clay-based and silty sand deposit. In addition , the alluvium level is present at an average interesting depth of 45. 5 metres while the groundwater table changes at an height of 2 meters below the earth surface (C. Y Shelter Partners, 2004).

Moreover, the area is situated on top of two tectonic fault lines and experience typhoons every summer, with winds reaching 201 kilometres per hour (Binder, 2008). Besides, the large potential earthquakes create shear forces which may tear buildings separate. Dealing with these natural phenomena required system designs that can withstand the impacts connected with them.

Internet site Investigation

The appearance of the structure’s foundation was initiated following numerous full-scale pile trial installations along with comprehensive instrumented pile insert tests. In addition , t-z contour for each sub-surface stratum was assessed plus the result utilized in predicting pile load-settlement conduct for the actual soil couchette of each pile; pile length was believed based on predicted loads during service.

In this regard, several heap loading testing were executed in addition to drilling more than 128 boreholes for sample. Moreover, before the foundation’s structure, numerous high quality laboratory and field testing were carried out to determine the physical and mechanical properties of soil strata (Lin Woo, 2007). Besides, sophisticated instrumentation systems were chosen for monitoring the earth responses and structural shows during the excavation process.

The Foundation Design

To curb potential collapse and damage from the building, the building blocks was strengthened by 380 piles influenced 80 yards into the surface, extending in terms of 30 meters into the bedrock. Each stack is 1 . 5 metres in diameter and can bear a load of around 1, 500 metric tons to 1, 320 metric loads. In building the foundation, the piles had been topped by a 3 meters thick base slab in the edges and 5 meters thick underneath the largest of columns.

Like a precaution, stack group results such as bearing capacity decrease and negotiation increase, were evaluated during the foundation style. In the same line, conceivable creep behaviors of piles embedded in to the bedrock were analysed using results from the pile load tests as the basement, mat, piles and also retaining diaphragm walls were modelled into one integral program for strength design of the building blocks (Yu, 2011).

Furthermore, to get piles assisting the main structure, measures of bottom cleaning and post-grouting were used to increase the load bottom sediments which improving end bearing capacity. Consequently, both typical static and STATNAMIC active loading testing were completed to validate the bearing capacities as well as behaviours of production hemorrhoids. Finally, the results from the proof weight tests obtained the design requirements well as compared with the ruse using pile ultimate load test effects.

The Burj Khalifa Towers, Dubai

The world’s highest building was unveiled completely comprising of over one hundred sixty floors which has a podium surrounding the base; a representation of technology at its best following a combination of several technological and structural innovations (Bianchi Critchlow, 2010). Pursuing its achievement, the superstructure is a great illustration of an efficient and robust composition ever seen in the great modern great skyscrapers. The tower is made on a few. 7 meters thick number supported by bored piles of just one. 5 metres diameter extending to about 50 meters below the basic of the number.

Soil Circumstances

The site in which the tower is situated is constantly altered by the deposition of marine sediments causing unprecedented varying in the area’s sea level during new geological times. Moreover, Dubai is a low-lying state located with its near-surface geology focused by debris of Quaternion to late Pleistocene age, including mobile Aeolian crête sands, evaporite deposits and marine sands. In addition , the soil and rock conditions in the internet site are comparatively loose to medium thick sands overlying weak to very weak sandstone and siltstone with interbeds of gypsiferous and carbonate cemented layers that happen to be also very poor.

Furthermore, Dubai is for the eastern edge of the geologically stable Arabian Plate and separated from the unstable Iranian Fold Belt to the north by the Arabian Gulf. This website is therefore considered to be located within a seismically active area. This required the construction of a structure able of stand the constant tremors within the place.

Site Exploration

Prior to the construction of the basis, several geotechnical assessments including of thirty-three boreholes were drilled utilizing several techniques. Additionally , SPT sampling and double-tube rock coring and 60 pressure-meter tests were performed furthermore to cross-hole seismic research for equally P. And S-wave (Bunce Poulos, 2008). The SPT sampling had been conducted in the overburden soils, in poor rock and also soil bands encountered in the rock strata. In line with this, static insert testing was conducted upon 7 evaluation piles prior to construction and, 8 production piles had been as well examined. The additional significant evaluation was a sole lateral insert test that was performed.

The Foundation Style

The Tower’s foundation is made up of a pile supported number having a stable reinforced tangible raft of three. 7 yards which was added using C50 grade self-consolidating concrete. The foundation’s number was built in 4 separate pours; three wings and the center core with each number pour done for over a 24-hour period. Additionally , support was commonly at 300mm spacing in the raft, and arranged in a fashion that every 10lh bar in each direction was disregarded; this led to a series of dump enhancement pieces throughout the number at which six-hundred mm times 600 millimeter openings in regular times facilitated get and concrete placement as shown beneath.

Moreover, the Burj Tower’s raft is definitely supported by 194 bored cast-in-place piles. The piles have diameters of 1. 5 meter and about 43 metres long with a design capacity of 3, 000 tons each. In this regard, the tower’s stack load test out supported a lot more than 6, 000 tons as well as the C60 class self-consolidating tangible was put by the tremie method utilizing polymer slurry. The skyscraper’s friction piles are recognized in the naturally cemented calcisiltite conglomeritic calcisiltite fomiations expanding an greatest pile skin friction of 250 to 350 kPa (Subramanian, 2010). During the development, the rebar cage was placed in the piles with attention paid out to navigate the rebar cage in ways the number bottom rebar could be threaded through the many pile rebar cages without interruption, which will greatly simple the raft construction.

The building’s groundwork was designed within a Y-shape to lessen the impact of wind forces present in the Arabian Gulf of mexico and to make the structure basic easier to construct. The “buttressed” foundation assures each wing’s perimeter columns support the other using a six-sided central core; the actual result was a hard building equally laterally and vertically (Lee, Kuchma, Baker, Novak, 2008). The central core provides the structure the mandatory torsional capacity the fermeture walls extending from the key at the end of each wing.


During the building of Burj Khalifa, the engineers encountered several issues which they tackled to minimize failure and damage of the structure. The 1st problem was the presence of chlorinated groundwater in the suggested site. This is solved by ensuring the piles’ concrete mix was a sixty MPa depending on triple combination with 25% fly lung burning ash, 7% silica fume, and water-to-cement ratio of zero. 32 (Baker Pawlikowski, 2009). Besides, there was installation of waterproofing systems along with cathodic safeguard system making use of titanium mesh to minimize any kind of detrimental effects form corrosive chemicals in

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