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Grading system for a using finger print scanner

At the moment, technologies greatly changed the way of life. With technology, advancements, people are always looking for fast and easy way to suit it with their fast stage. Majority of people use computer systems for business, entertainment, and education. Teaching and learning has remained the primary activities in schools and educational institutions. However , there are other essential activities taking place in this kind of institutions just like managing the student’s data and other managerial activities. All over the world, activities like these are generally handled through computerization.

However , that is continue to far from the case in our nation where the majority of institutions continue to be using manual method. Baliuag University is definitely one of those organizations that still using manual method of handling student’s data which is time consuming, demanding and are also often vulnerable to error. One of these of the problem that may happen in manual method is during the distribution of sophistication cards following your semester is finished.

This classic way causes hassle and inconvenience not only for the scholars but as well to the instructors and staff.

And it consumes a lot of time. Instructors were also inconvenience by the pupils who navigate to the faculty area to inquire about their very own grades. The faculty a new hard time covering a large number of their particular students, resulting to long line of college students waiting for all their turn to manage to get thier grades. The process of distribution of cards can be viewed a problem on its own. The students have to go back and forth in various department and offices to complete their very own class cards for the semester which can be required for enrollment for this semester. The perfect solution is to these disadvantages lies in useful management of information system.

A student information method is a software software for education establishment to control student info. This system may well range from small scale to cover student’s records alone to enterprise-wide solutions. Most student information systems utilized today are saver structured or web- based. With this proposed program, we hope to formulate a student data system for the that will improve or substitute the traditional technique and decrease all the manual works and paper works that will enable not only the scholars but the instructors as well for ease and convenience, and efficiency in working with students. A kiosk will probably be placed in a but guaranteed area to provide

services. Information these kinds of grades and student’s personal data will be contained within the kiosk which is often updated by the assigned officer in a anchored location like the Dean’s Business office or faculty room.

Declaration of the Issue

With the many college students each mentor handles every class, and with so various classes he handle just about every semester, grades distribution towards the end of the semester pose big problem to all mentor. Much so the management of students’ profile and data on the portion on the office/college concerned. This kind of study considered to solve this kind of concerns consequently; the study should address the following problems:

What type of device gives students an easy method00 to access because of their personal profile, subject weight and grading record? What are the components and features of the proposed kiosk? What may be the feasible style of device in relation to: cost, materials availability, and functions?

Target of the Study

Especially, the goals of the research are the subsequent:

To develop a for a that will provide students an easy access to their personal profile, subject load and grading statement. And for teachers to automatically import the grades of students in the Dean’s business office thereby removing the traditional practice of class greeting cards distribution by the end of every term. To construct a kiosk that uses fingerprint scanner to view the present student’s personal account, subject fill and grading report. To look for the cost of the program, materials and the function that will justify their construction.

Conceptual Framework

Figure 1 ) Conceptual frameworks for the student information and grading program kiosk applying fingerprint scanning device

Figure 1 ) represents the theoretical foundation the Student Data andGrading System Kiosk Using Fingerprint Scanning device which varieties the types of procedures for the development of the system. The input consists of finger printing, because the little finger print employed as username and password for the account plus the database from the computer. The procedure, includes the developing the program and model, the output consist of student information, subject weight and grading report from the students. Pc Kiosk. It is an apparatus that houses some type of computer terminal that often employs customized kiosk software program design to operate while avoiding users from accessing system function. Finger-print. It is an impression of the chaffing ridges coming from all or any section of the finger. A friction ridge is a raised portion of the epidermis on the espichar (palm and fingers) or plantar (sole and toes) skin, composed of one or more connected ridge units of chaffing ridge pores and skin. ( Fingerprint Scanner.

It truly is based on CMOS sensor technology and precise optical system that allow capturing high quality finger-print images almost without effects. Information Program. (IS) may be the study of complementary sites of software and hardware that lenders and organizations use to acquire, filter, and process, create, and deliver data. Scholar Information Program. (SIS) is a software application for education organization to manage student data. Officer. It refers to the one that is responsible for the upkeep, setup, and dependable operation of computer system.

Scope and Delimitation

Students can only look at his/her personal profile, subject matter load and grading survey for the prior semesters. Zero data could be change or edited, nor he/she can access various other student information. The for a is intended to be applied only to the school of Environmental Design and Engineering in Baliuag College or university. When no user is definitely logged in, the for the will only reveals pertinent information about the CEDE office. The students need to register during enrollment period for his record being included in the databases to be attainable. The registered fingerprint from the student to be used as username and password. Once the grades have been released by the mentor or the power from the CEDE office, they will never end up being changed other than by the administrator of the system. The grades in the for a are for viewing only, the official grading report will still be the concern with the Registrar’s

Office in the from Baliuag University. The proposed kiosk is not networked.

Significance of the Study

This kind of paper wants to15325 make the next contributions:

The recommended system will be beneficial to the faculty in a manner that it would make the class greeting card distribution simpler if not really, abolished. This kind of research study is most likely the basis of future innovations upon kiosk creation and app. It will present convenience to students to view their present student’s personal account, subject load for the semester and former grading studies. To the CEDE, this devices will make simpler works with accuracy and reliability and productivity.

The following books and research has significance to the current study, and serve as a shape of reference in the development of the system.

Overview of Related Literature

The discussions consist of quotations from published materials for featuring additional information around the significance in the proposed system in order to attain its goal.

According to Trip Adler, enrollment is definitely the process of entering and confirming data of students to register on a particular school. Different interrelated procedures build up registration procedures called Enrollment Program (ES). ES are used particularly in recording and locating student info. Tracking pupil information is additionally one feature of HA SIDO, in which the university can trace the standing of a pupil. (Adler, 2011) Trip Adler says enrollment is a process of entering and verifying info of college students to register over a particular college. From several interrelated techniques will build up registration procedures. Relating to Matthew Townsley, “The implementation with the successful registration management program requires cooperation, coordination and teamwork amongst various campus constituencies.  (Trip Adler, 2011)

The project can be related through this study mainly because both can track the data of the pupil and the enrollment system.

In the paper “Information System which includes prepared by Jesper Dybdahl Hede, he centers on inspecting, designing and implementing an info kiosk. The data kiosk is supposed to be a tool for writing information. The goal of the project is to make an alternative to the reception office which could minimize the workload of the receptionist. It is a server- based app. Terminal monitors are set up around, and in this terminal will be the place that the users get the information that they needed. The system is able to combine several data bank as well as allows the employees to provide information. This kind of study is related to our task because it is based upon information for the. In our circumstance, our for a is meant to become tool for viewing student information program such degrees, subject load and student profile. Likewise, instead of becoming server- based, our system aims to be stand alone.

In “Stand “Alone Interactive Kiosk using Barcode Reader (by Canta, 2014) the authors focused on creating a college student information system that would ensure that the students to read their academic process, grades and student data. The project composed of the computer airport terminal, barcode target audience and barcode which are used since password and username. When an ID inlayed with the bar code is sought through the barcode reader, the system display the student’s information. Students can only view their particular profile, programs, grading report, announcement and vicinity map. The government of the method is the only one who can change or perhaps edit the data within the program. The program employed is protected in Aesthetic Basic 6. 0. This study relates to our project because both equally used Image Basic 6th. 0 intended for encoding this program of the program. And both equally focused on scholar information and grading reports.

And in “Online Student Info System of Farreneheit. L Vargas College Tuguegarao City (2010) which was done by Anthony Perez, he focuses on web-based student information systems. The analysis extended the viewing with the information in the student to prospects who happen to be related to these people. The access is not only inside the school building but everywhere there is web connection. The study can be utilised by the educational deans, instructors and mechanic who have to update the knowledge of the students in terms of subjects, grades and gratification. This study related to each of our project mainly because both centered onstudent details system. In our case, rather than web-based we used off-line student info where college students will not need any internet connection to access their very own data.

The development of data-gathering tools that are used in collecting each of the necessary details in the study, and the analytical tools employed in developing the program software product evaluation was presented in the preceding areas.

Method of Analysis Used

A different method of information or perhaps data gathering plays a huge role in conducting a research. Reviewed below is a research method used by the research group in conducting the analysis.

Literature Assessment Method. This method helped the researchers to know and apply the appropriate knowledge for the proposed system design creation. In this technique, books, articles and different multimedia system materials of related subject were useful to gather useful data to get the study. Searching the internet pertaining to fast gain access to of relevant information and to seek out applicable devices that the supporter can be used was resorted to also by researchers.

File Analysis. Document like pupil information sheet, evaluation kind and other college student related form were analyzed to identify common data important in the ingredients of the proposed system. This kind of helped the proponents to create the student data system software that the user can easily become familiarized with.

Interview. Those who are directly active in the operation of the student information system particularly students; teacher and parent/guardian were the respondents with this study. This helped the proponents to design the system that may suit the user’s need for current information.

Declaration. The proponent observed the students, professors and school employees in the process of preparing pupil records making use of the currentsystem and procedure. This kind of helped the proponents to develop a system that is certainly more prepared and flexible that will make the student record processing faster.

Operating Treatment

Listed below are the steps in operating the KIOSK:

Set the product in ideal place where user can easily view their particular records. By simply keying his user’s brand and username and password, the supervisor from the School of Environmental Design and Engineering business office registers all of the official signed up students of the CEDE in the present semester along with their personal and school related data. The administrator uses the designated pupil number of the enrolled scholar in the enrollment form. The administrator after that supplies all the required information inside the kiosk. Students can gain access to and watch their record using a finger-print. Once the scanner detects the fingerprint, the kiosk immediately displays the student’s current record. The administrator may update the current information of your student by making use of the selected student number to gain access to specific student’s data. The supervisor can now make an update for the student info sheet. The administrator should save each of the changes and updates he made in the student’s details sheet ahead of the students can view the current information of their record. Scholar can see the updated data of their record once they access through the use of all their fingerprint.

Architecture Procedure

The following are the process in the manufacturing of the FOR THE: Install the program to the computer desktop.

Connect each of the peripheral devices needed like the printer and fingerprint scanner. Make sure that the printer and fingerprint scanning device are properly installed and connected. Created the body of the kiosk.

Place the computer computer system, printer and fingerprint scanning device inside the kiosk. Install the apparatus in the designated guaranteed place where the student could possibly access and view their very own records. As well, connection wires from the CEDE office to the

Project Explanation

The goal of this kind of study is usually to implement students information kiosk system inside the College of Environmental Design and Anatomist of Baliuag University. The pc terminal is enclosed in a kiosk and a fingerprint scanner can be interfaced in the system. The fingerprint scanner is used to log to the system.

Classified by Table 1 is the believed cost of the proposed program. The computer hardware is chosen with account of the selling price and performance. The proposed system will reduce the time consumed in gathering and monitoring data inside the information approach to College of Environmental Design and Executive. The office may also save cost of operation as a result of reduced paper works and likely elimination of sophistication cards. The reduced time in manual work can also transformed into the elevated productivity and efficiency of the same human resource with the college.


The Student Information and Grading System Kiosk Using Fingerprint Scanneris a system proposed for education establishment to control student related data and information. The objective of the system should be to provide the learners an easier way to gain access to their academic profile. A kiosk is positioned in an place to deliver providers. There are two ways to access the kiosk, by simply either the students/professors or perhaps the administrator. Students can only view their information and sign in by using fingerprint. The system, interfaced with the fingerprint scanner will detect the fingerprint with the student and would screen the information from the students on the screen. The kiosk could also print the grading record. When simply no user is definitely logged in, the kiosk will only show the information about the CEDE department. The proposed program used the subsequent devices just like Fingerprint Scanning device, Computer Computer system, printer plus the wooden advantages of the for a. And for the software applications: Image Basic 6. 0 with MS Get and Paving material Photoshop for the program and design. The overall cost of the proposed system is Php. twenty-four, 150. 00


The Student Info and Grading System For the Using Finger-print Scanner uses an easy technique of access details by using fingerprint scanner. The kiosk gets the function to assist the students to read their performance and watch their educational information. The main advantage of this for a is that it helps the students and professors to minimize the paper works and for the scholars, easy access of information anytime they want it. The student information program that may be looked at when gain access to with the authorized fingerprint of the student are definitely the student’s info and degrees and to help the student to keep track of their academics profile they have an option to print the info. The suggested system used the following equipment such as Finger-print Scanner, Laptop Desktop, inkjet printer and the wooden body pertaining to the for a. For the software program applications: Image Basic six. 0 with MS Get and Adobe Photoshop pertaining to the program and design. The total cost of the proposed product is Php. twenty four, 150. 00. Investing and applying the system like this in the university would benefit mainly the students. It might add reputation to the university or college and be within the emerging set of modernized intitution in our country.


Enhance the software or use programming terminology for advance user interface and complexity. Design and style the kiosk for different goal instead of pupil information and grading program with procedures for different indentification system rather than finger print scanner. The system can be utilized to get wider application in the college or university. It is possible to feature provision intended for on-line program.


1 ) BinalAklesh Kumar, (2011). Slim Client Web-Based Campus Details System to get Fiji Nationwide University, Intercontinental Journal society Engineering & Applications (IJSEA), Vol. Number 1 ” 13-26 <

2 . Trip Adler, (2011). Enrollment is the process of coming into and validating data of students to join up on a particular school. Diverse interrelated procedures build up enrollment procedures referred to as Enrollment System (ES). < http://tripadler/ftp/esystem/10197.pdf

3. DybdahlHede, Jesper (2010). Information System- Modelling, Design and Implementation. Master’s Thesis, Technical University of Denmark, DTU, Denmark <>

4. Canta, Faith Sheryl, et. approach, (2013- 2014). “Stand “Alone Interactive For the using Barcode Reader. Thesis, College of Environmental Desig and Architectural, Baliuag University or college.

5. Perez, Anthony M. (2010). Online Student Information System to get F. M Vargas School Tuguegarao. Thesis


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