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Grapes of wrath ruben steinbeck s book the the

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Grapes of Wrath

Ruben Steinbeck’s book, “The Fruit of Wrath, ” referred to the financial divide that existed in the us during the Great Depression of the 1930’s and the tragic result that occurred because of this. A native Californian, Steinbeck used his home express as the setting for a history of a family of migrant plantation workers, derisively called “Okies” for their part of origin, Ok. The problems the friends and family faced, although originally caused by a natural tragedy, seem to be made worse as a result of male’s inhumanity toward his fellow man. Steinbeck novel was a criticism of any system of economics that allowed a few wealthy landowners to fully make use of scores of incapable, yet honorable, common people.

Growing up in California, John Steinbeck was completely aware of the wealthy landowners who, following acquiring the terrain from really original Mexican owners through dubious means, transformed the state of hawaii into an agricultural wonderland. Troubled by the unfairness of the system, along with the massive battling caused by the truly amazing Depression, Steinbeck wanted to reveal the tremendous suffering of many migrant staff. In exploring this new Steinbeck were on the road many migrant labor camps and “saw firsthand the destitution of migrant family members in federal government camps and spontaneous Hoovervilles. ” (Railsback, 2006, g. 129)

Steinbeck’s experiences were put down in words since the tale of Tom Joad, who after his release from jail found his family the victims of the economic catastrophe. Their farmville farm had been reclaimed by the lender and the family was going out of Oklahoma pertaining to the promise of a better life in California. However , California was not a paradise and Tom fantastic family discovered themselves at the mercy of a system that exploited staff and maintained wealthy landowners. Despite the various difficulties experienced, Tom fantastic family in the end maintain their particular dignity by simply transforming their very own fear of a harsh community into difficulty against injustice.

Steinbeck’s very best argument against a system that divided those into individuals with great prosperity and those who had been poor and exploited was his vivid descriptions with the conditions confronted by the migrant workers. Having visited various camps Steinbeck was able to accurately describe the horrors encountered by migrant workers to the rest of the American public.

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