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Grievance handling article

Fair Trading Factsheet

Problems handling

November 3 years ago

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Call Customer Affairs Victoria

about 1300 fifty-five 81 81.

Quick idea

Successful businesses work hard to keep their customerssatisfied. Although elimination is better than treatment, it is practically inevitable that at some stage you will obtain a customercomplaint. Avoid presume a buyer complaint is actually a negativeexperience since, if taken care of well, it can be a valuable

learning tool.

An effective complaintshandling system needssomeone in the company todrive that and take ultimateresponsibility.

Benefits to your business

The right way to do it

A highly effective complaints controlling

strategy is essential to your business.

Your company can benefit in a number of


Handle complaints effectively by simply:

¢ improved product top quality and

service delivery

¢ fewer mistakes and less time spentfixing these people

¢ better understanding of customers’needs

¢ greater customer commitment

¢ more customers through term of

mouth advertising and marketing from satisfied


¢ creating a policy of welcoming

customer problems

¢ setting up a program to handle

complaints effectively

¢ training the staff to deal with

grievances well

¢ working with the complaints you

receive quickly

¢ ensuring the method for makingcomplaints is easy to your


¢ regularly reviewing yourcomplaints record.

¢ a fraction of the time and money spentattracting buyers

¢ improved business reputation

¢ a healthier important thing.

Remember you could be pushingprofits out of the door if you do nothave an effective grievances handlingsystem.

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Copyright State of Victoria 08


1300 55 81 seventy eight

Good Trading Factsheet

Quick hint

Apply a company policythat contact is to be madewith the consumer within48 several hours of the first


Set up a process to handlecomplaints effectively

Coach your staff to handlecomplaints constructively

A powerful complaints handlingsystem needs an individual in thecompany to drive it and consider ultimateresponsibility. This really is a person whohas the very best interest of both thecustomer and the organization at heart, and the social and managerialskills to ensure the system isperforming very well.

Make sure all staff be familiar with

issues handling coverage, why

it was released, how it can work

and the benefits for your business.

The issues officer needs

to make certain:

¢ there is adequate information

available to people about how

to address any problems with your

organization, especially

at the stage of sale

¢ front line staff know about:

¢ the problems handling coverage

Encourage and reward the staff pertaining to

dealing with disgruntled customers

and handling all their complaints well.

Deal with the complaintsyou receive immediatelyImplement a firm policy thatcontact is to be made with thecustomer inside 48 hours of the initialcomplaint. This will make certain that thecustomer knows the problem isbeing prepared. Although the issuemay not end up being resolved, the customerwill know that it is beingaddressed.

¢ all their authority to settlecomplaints

¢ once and to which theyneed to refer complaints

¢ there exists a process to handle themore hard and complex cases

¢ complaints are evaluated regularlyto discover any constant issues

¢ studies are made to seniormanagement about grievances.

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1300 55 seventy eight 81

Fair Trading Factsheet

Date of Issue: The fall of 2007

Assure the process formaking complaints can be easyfor your clients

Some suggestions are:

¢ Have a desk in your storewhere persons can take theirenquiries or problems.

¢ Arrange a passionate phone linefor complaints or problems.

¢ Consider using a straightforward sign atyour point of sale, or a paragraphon organization invoices, such as’Your custom made is important to us.

If you are not satisfied, please allow

us know’.

¢ Include a customer feedbackoption on your site.

Review your problems

on a regular basis

Regular reviews of complaints can

supply you with a good indication showing how

and where your company could


¢ Make use of a standard kind to record the

details of issues (see following

site for example).

¢ Review problems monthly

or quarterly to establish whether

you will discover any trends

or perhaps obvious things could

change or improve.

¢ Use complaint data to check

how very well and how quickly your

staff take care of complaints.

More info

Information about fair trading isavailable by:

Consumer Affairs Éxito

Victorian Consumer &

Organization Centre

113 Exhibition Street

Melbourne 3 thousands

Phone 1300 fifty-five 81 seventy eight

Site www.consumer.vic.gov.au

Regional Office buildings

Consumer Affairs Victoria also has

regional offices located in Ballarat

Bendigo, Geelong, Morwell

Mildura, Wangaratta and

Warrnambool together with a

mobile outreach service that

regularly sessions rural areas.

To look for details on the office or

mobile assistance nearest you, ring

1300 fifty-five 81 81 or navigate to the

Customer Affairs Éxito website

on www.consumer.vic.gov.au

and click on the Contact Us link.

As this publication prevents the use of legal language, advice about the law could have been summarised or expressed on the whole statements. These details should not be trusted as a substitute to get professional legal services or mention of the the actual laws.

Authorised by the Victorian Govt 121 Exhibit Street Melbourne Victoria 3000. F1-01-02

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Copyright laws State of Victoria 2008


1300 fifty five 81 seventy eight

Client Complaint Type

1 . Customer details

Subject (Mr, Mrs, etc) Friends and family name (surname)

Given labels

Street address


Home telephone number

Business telephone number


Cellular telephone number

Current email address (if applicable)

2 . Details of other person or provider involved in this kind of complaint Term

Street address


Home telephone number

Business contact number


Mobile phone telephone number

Email (if applicable)

3. Information on goods or services provided to the customer

Date of purchase or service


as well as

Description of the goods or perhaps service including make, style, type of support, purchase approach, etc .

4. Details of the actual customer problem is

Workplace use only

Complaint received by

Particular date received


Actions taken or required

Date action completed






In writing


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