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Having developed in a pig farm, Mr Lim Hock Chee fantastic brothers, Mr Lim Hock Eng and Mr Lim Hong Leng, have worked with each other and were able to bring the Sheng Siong Group Ltd to carry over a great 800 mil dollars as market capital. The group initially started out from its first store at Ang Mo Kio in 1985, and has now widened to become among the largest superstore chains in Singapore, with a total of 37 stores in Singapore. Lim Hock Chee, is the Chief Executive Officer otherwise known as CEO, and is also responsible for overseeing the functions in the organization, to set the directions for brand spanking new growth areas and developing business tactics.

Mr Lim also oversees day to day operations, such as selecting and to make certain that there is quality control of the meat related businesses in the outlets. He is also known as a single of the most available boss an organization can have. He leaves his cell phone number publicly offered at any outlets, so as consumers can reach him with convenience, and that the problem will be solved with great productivity.

He also states during his speech that, This company does not have a boss, you will discover only staff. The customer is the real manager. That’s why I have already been reminding my working buddies not to become mistaken regarding who all their boss is definitely. , this kind of shows just how much respect and effort he spots into making sure that he is aware of, keep close relationships together with his customers which to lead his employees with himself for example to delivery exemplary solutions to the buyers. Mr Lim Hock Eng is the exec chairman in the company, and is in charge of business strategies, preparing and business administrations. He also deals with day to day functions, which includes supervising the set up of new stores, supervision of preparation and the submission of bids achievable lands and premises to create the joints at. Also, last but not least, he also runs the remodelling works as well as the equipment required to fit into the modern outlets. Mr Lim Hock Leng may be the Managing Movie director of the firm, and is in charge of overseeing businesses and advancement the business in according to consumer patterns and personal preferences. He likewise manages daily operations like the supply, the storage as well as the control of top quality of the seafoods aspect in grocery stores. They all go through the same motto, in which is always to give in their particular all in the business, and this their customers are the bosses, hence allowing them to offer their fully into anything that they do, to ensure that the customers get the best they will. Thus, this kind of shows that the brothers basically split up the workload, and of them have their areas that they will be in charge of. This ensures that arguments will not arise as if they all were to be responsible for the same areas, there are range to be arguments and issues will occur. This family members business is unique as they are the first in line to introduce live produce into their branch by Woodlands, to generate it just just like the wet industry, in which many Singaporeans are accustomed to, but rather, in the store itself. This eventually turned out to be a success, and it has been the specialty that Sheng Siong carries in to all of their outlets. One of many strengths that Sheng Siong has as a group, be it natural or processed is good brand recognition. Being the top three or more supermarket chain in Singapore, in order to let even more people know about the brand, launched a televevision programme known as the The Sheng Siong Show through which started in 3 years ago. Many Singaporeans also feel that Sheng Siong is the first choice place pertaining to the value of cash chain, by which also does not disappoint regarding quality, particularly in areas such as seafood. Since 2008, Sheng Siong continues to be awarded the status to be a Superbrand in which acknowledges the most exceptional brands available in the market. Another durability that Sheng Siong has is that they offer an advantage of skilled management. Having founded the corporation since 85, and only focusing of the full industry in Singapore, it gives you the company with at 34 years of encounter in the industry. Taking care of the company in that case comes into the hands in the trio, in which has already familiarized with the sector. This will benefit the company significantly as it will ensure that the management is fully developed enough to make the right choices, and will also not fluster with regards to managing adversities. Lastly, the final strength that Sheng Siong possesses is that it wont be influenced greatly in times of distress or perhaps trouble. Grocery stores has the unique abilities to survive and thrive under times of distress. This is so as whatever happens, consumers still need to eat, therefore the demand to get food supply remains consistent. Much more special events, people are going to go with food in supermarkets because they are safer to take in, as people will have the perception the selection process are definitely more stringent, and therefore making the foodstuff safer to take in as compared to foodstuff bought at the wet marketplace or all those food that are sold at eateries and food courts. However , additionally, there are some weaknesses that Sheng Siong owns. Firstly, Sheng Siong faces a high competitive rivalry. This faces lots of competition such as the powerhouses such as the NTUC fairprice, Chilly Storage and Giant. Grocery stores, with very low product differentiation, it is very hard to build a loyal customer base, and also it is easy to lose their customers. A minimal product differentiation means that the thing that decides in which the customers get the products is definitely the location. Usually, if facing a choice of where you should buy groceries, the majority of consumers is going to just go together with the one that is definitely closest to them, or perhaps which is one of the most convenient for them. Another weak spot that Sheng Siong features is that is vulnerable to hire and time costs. Studies have shown that up to 85% of the operating expenses is usually spent on the price tag on labour and rental. This can be a very high percentage as compared to all of those other operating expenditure spent. Thus, it generated Sheng Siong, in accordance to their low cost purpose, to not opening any fresh outlets in the year of 2013, and continues to be facing a great difficulty in finding new space to increase.

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