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The mom poem dissertation

“The Mother” poem is written in totally free verse, that flows and it is easy to read and understand. It can be ultimately about the mourning of “A Mother “who has lost her kids this poem shows the deep desire she has, to only want the best for her kids. Throughout the composition from the 1st to the last we can unmistakeably see, what fate her and her children could have had, experienced they were living. This poem gives the viewers exceptional understanding into the 1940s era, were a world of lifestyles, low income and secrets were the everyday “norm” this is the age, were abortions were a “Crimes” and it was seen as an “Sin” to abort children. Prostitution was an everyday happening, due once again to not enough money in these types of impoverished occasions and there is no contraceptive in this time.

The composing of the composition is impeccable as if Gwendolyn writes intended for herself the truth is I actually do believe that “the mother” is Gwendolyn, it is obvious to see that only an individual who has been through this, could write with such emotion and emotion. This poem is published from the cardiovascular system, and as a reader it pulls at each and every feeling, especially if you are a women. The poem is about a “mother “who grieves for her aborted children, but this girl never truly ever sensed the pain of childbirth, she under no circumstances touched 12 fingers and toes, and she hardly ever caressed their hair. She lets us know vividly of her babies in her womb, how she listens to their tiny cries.

Equal 20 to 33, the girl talks willingly to her kids, she tells them simply how much she loves them, and just how much the girl longed for each and every one of them to survive. She also gives in depth how, the lady was not “deliberate” and how the lady sees these people as “never made”, the girl with and will often live with the guilt and pain with the abortion. Regardless of how she thoughts it in her memory, this poem is so full of prevailing thoughts “The Mom “is feeling and always will feel loss, misery, woe, anguish, love, and also anger but the deepest sentiment is the sense of guilt. The sense of guilt that blows up her center into a mil pieces, the lady torture’s their self relentlessly with the deaths of those children. Each and every day for the rest of her lifetime, she will hear her babies cry, she will envision there delivery, she will picture them having a wedding, she will always be left with anger, frustration and heartache.

She never select her existence, it was a life many people suffered it’s the period of poverty it was an era were women did not lose interest children out of wedlock, according to the chapel and god abortion was a dreadful despicable word. Who also knows the way the back streets abortions affected her, or perhaps her health she was wide open to infection and in many cases death. Those of this time looked upon people just like “The Mother” she was not a better than the dirt issues shoes, she would be known as the whore due to the work she did. But it’s the only life she knew, and she understood with all her heart, the decision was right to cease the children.

She didn’t wish them creating a life like hers, too live like the girl did, she knew in her decision no matter how heart wrenching it was, she produced the choice to abort and so her children could be salvaged from the dark and risky world that awaited all of them. The ending of the poem that shows us the person “The Mother” really was it says “believe myself, I cherished you all. “Believe myself, I knew you, though faintly, and I liked, I cherished you”. “All”. She showing her kids that in spite of everything, while she was pregnant your woman made bonds with these types of children, she cradled her belly, she spoke to them and soothed just a normal mom would, the lady could have called each one of all of them.

The last word is “All” the girl knew it was “All” her fault and she under no circumstances denies this kind of, her your life added to the abortion decision, she liked them” All” each and every one of those. All is, “HER ALL” which were her children, and even though they don’t survive the abortion that they lived in in her memory forever. She was obviously a mother before that fateful day, when her children were obtained from her, and I really do think that with each child’s loss of life a piece of “The Mother” died too.

References http://sparknotes.com

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