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Idea comparison and analysis throughout theories

The nursing profession has turned some remarkable accomplishment through the 20th and 21st centuries, which has led to the recognition of nursing while an educational discipline. The move toward a theory- based practice has shifted the focus through the vocational look at of nursing jobs to a even more meaningful and organized profession. As a result, the knowledge and practice of nursing is embedded and guided by theoretical framework of the occupation. Theories likewise give path and goal to the nursing jobs profession, and they are developed to enhance nursing care and education, and to offer a basis pertaining to practice.

A theory is an idea recommended to explain a phenomenon, interprets observation, specifies relationships, and project end result (Parker & Smith, 2010). The ideas of nursing can be rank in three areas: (a) grand breastfeeding theories, that gives abroad perspective to the goals and structure of medical not meant to be easily knowledge or examined, (b) middle section range hypotheses, contains fewer concept, and relationships are more applicable to nursing practice (c) practice level hypotheses, which has even more direct impact on nursing practice than even more abstract ideas.

Mid-range hypotheses are both easily understood and applicable towards the daily practice of breastfeeding. For the purposes of this assignment, the core ideas of two middle selection contemporary medical theories will be highlighted as well as the concept explanations analyzed. One particular theory will be discussed along with its software to medical practice, the theory’s idea statement, metaparadigms, philosophies, and conceptual unit. Finally, breastfeeding resources, and nursing understanding from theorists are included in this paper to show the efforts to breastfeeding science.

Core Concept

A concept is a word or suggestions that provide a mental picture to promote interaction about a phenomenon and can be either empirical or abstract encounter (Walker & Avant 2011). Core ideas are the primary building blocks inside the development of ideas, as such; advocates employ main concepts along the way of theory advancement (George, 2011). The metaparadigm of nursing consists of four primary concepts they can be; person, wellness, environment, and nursing (George, 2011). The core principles of the two contemporary nursing jobs theories chosen are Leininger’s culture treatment theory, and Kolcaba’s comfort and ease theory. These kinds of theories are believed middle selection theories because they are more understandable and better to apply to everyday nursing practice and may be applied to advise an intervention.

Conversely, the grand theory is more considerable and provides a framework intended for organizing concepts (Smith & Liehr, 2008). Although medical care has knowledgeable numerous improvements over the past years, the basic basic principle of medical, caring for the sick, not changed. With the addition of evidence-based care as a result of nursing analysis and extensive research simply by nursing theorists there are extra components to nursing that nurses have to know and appreciate to provide excellent care. Unfamiliarity with someone else’s tradition can lead to feelings of dread and insecurity due to differences in belief, ideals and practices (Leininger (1991). These advocates view the sufferer as a whole and believe care should be implemented from a holistic approach.

Principle Analysis

Leininger is the head of the transcultural nursing motion in exploration, education, and practice. The overarching notion of this theory (culture) ” based self-control is intended to serve individuals, communities, companies, and communities. In the 1950s, while working in children guidance residence with stressed children and their parents, your woman observed repeated patterns of behavior in children that seemed to possess a social basis. Your woman identified these repeated habits as the missing hyperlink in nursing jobs understands of knowledge and culture care that is required to support complying, wellness, and healing. Due to this experience, she attacked further education in human being behaviors that led to the introduction of her transcultural nursing theory (George, 2011). Leininger (1991) defines Transcultural nursing because “the comparison study of cultures to understandsimilarities (culture universal) and difference (culture-specific) across individual groups With this description as the building blocks for her function, Leininger centered her practice on ethnic care principles, practices, and beliefs of people or categories of different cultures. The goal of her theory is always to provide nursing care that promotes well being or well-being to help people up against illness or perhaps death, in a culturally significant way (Leininger, 1995).

Transcultural nursing is made on the basis that people of different cultures not only define ways that they see and encounter care, but how they bring up these perceptions, and activities to their general health (George, 2011 ). Kolcaba worked since the head health professional on an Alzheimer patient treatment unit; she observed that patients had been nonparticipants in a few of their everyday living activities. This observation generated her progress the Comfort Care Therapy. Kolcaba’s comfort theory gives nursing staff the tools needed to identify coziness needs of patients and families and ways to satisfy those needs. Comfort, the lady opined, is the purposeful actions taken to treat ones physiological, cultural, interpersonal, financial, spiritual, environmental and physical demands. Accordingly, in the event the patient demands time to words concerns and questions, it is imperative that the nurse listens attentively while offering culturally appropriate encouragement and reassurance (Kolcaba, 2003).

The ideas of other medical theorists (Orlando, Henderson, Patterson, and Zderdad) were utilized to explain three different types of comfort and ease needs: (1)ease-the state of calm and contentment, (2) relief-the condition of having certain comfort want met and transcendence, and (3) transcendence- that express in which one can possibly rise above concerns and pain( Parker & Smith, 2010). Because comfort and ease is a fundamental human need, it must be experienced in a alternative manner, and nurses who have practice ease and comfort care in their daily routine happen to be innovative, effective, and gratifying to themselves and their individuals. The situations in which convenience need are present are physical, psycho-spiritual, socio-cultural, and environmental. Nurses are in charge of for making certain patients are comfortable and safe because meeting the comfort needs of individuals and their families leads to improved satisfaction, dedication and dedication to the business (Kolcaba, 2003). Transcultural and Comfort theories focus on different facets of individual care; nevertheless , commonalities exist between the ideas.

Concept Comparability

In comparing and studying the concept explanations among the two theories it is vital to note that Leininger’s goal of nursing jobs care should be to provide care consistent with the patients’ cultural ideals, practices, and beliefs. Rns are often unaware of the social issues surrounding a patient’s health and need for care which results in a lack of tenderness towards the affected person. According to Leininger (1995), cultural effectiveness begins together with the examination of personal values, biases, prejudices, and beliefs with the caregiver. Leininger’s theory is made to establish cultural competence amongst nurses and also other caregivers because it is important to have got contact and communication with people of other cultures, hence creating understanding. One important factor of medical care is the engagement with individuals of numerous cultures simply by asking inquiries prior to rendering care. The failure to incorporate culture into patient attention increases the prospect of mistrust by patient and resentment through the health care provider. Comfortableness trust enhance when rns ‘consider ethnical preferences during patient care (Andrews & Boyle, 1999).

Contrariwise, Kolcaba’s comfort theory is seen from a holistic approach. The four regions of the human knowledge are tackled are the physical, which includes every physiological scopes, the psycho-spiritual, which is self-awareness, the sociocultural, which includes the family, social relationships, customs, rituals, and religious procedures and the environment( Kolcaba, 2003). Cultural sensitivities are important to patients and families, and they are allowing for significant moments to keep in mind a doctor. Nurses also reflect on these types of moments which will give them feelings of fulfillment. Nurses can present small , non-technical acts of comfort one example is a back again massage, keeping a perishing patients hands, washing curly hair, sitting with an restless patient and holding a crying child for a parent. Each of these gestures can be an example of holistic comfort measures that will possess a positive impact on a person’s total convenience (Kolcaba, 2003).

Like individuals, nurses have comfort need which includes a secure and clean work environment, continuity of treatment, flexible schedules, and helpful educational improvement. Kolcaba’s convenience model permits nurses as a part of the making decisions process and in-turn give feedback and support for staff. These types of comfort actions for healthcare professionals provide a good nursing section and which usually teamwork and professional goals are fostered(Kolcaba, 2003). The core of these two theories is attention, which is the unifying characteristic of the nursing profession.

Idea Statement, Metaparadigms, Philosophies

The selected theory is usually Leininger’s traditions care theory. Leininger is among the first transcultural, global, medical consultant and is also the creator of transcultural nursing, the transcultural nursing jobs society, plus the journal of transcultural breastfeeding. Culture impacts every aspect of man life and defines health, illness, and the search from relief from diseases (George, 2011). Culture could be applied to all aspects of medical both in inpatient and outpatient settings. As a result of culturally various population in the usa and other first world countries, it is of vital importance that lifestyle care is known as a part of the programs for medical and other wellness science related field.

Due to health ideas related to social groups, persons may not select modern day medical treatment and treatments; therefore it is essential to educate the communities regarding culture care. This theory may be greatest applied to breastfeeding practice frist by educating breastfeeding students to formulate an understanding, appreciation, and value for the diversity and individuality of patients’ ideals, beliefs, and culture with regards to illness, treatment and result. Extensive learning hospitals and outpatient configurations for all nursing staff, and health care providers is of vital importance.

Principle Statement

Culturally consistent nursing jobs care is usually meaningful and appropriate to the cultural philosophy, values and traditions of patients because of their health and ease and comfort. Nurses ought to perform a traditions care assessment on entry to determine the opportunity of take care of the patient when in medical center (Leininger, 1995).


Wellness is a state of living to preserve and help the perform all their daily proper care in a culturally beneficial method (Leininger (1995). The environment is identified as “the totality of geophysical situation (p. 10). She describes nursing jobs as a discovered, humanistic and scientific willpower focused on human care activities. Leininger, yet , does not determine the concept of person; he declares the person can be not culturally suitable in many cultures. Thephilosophy of medical is based on the range of practice for the profession, as well as the values persons hold while basic with their belief in nursing theory (Fitzpatrick & Whall, 2005). Leininger’s beliefs is that you will discover similarities and differences in culture, which should be explores regarding ones values, beliefs, and traditions.


A website have been dedicated to the housing of vast amount info on Leininger’s theory. This website contains beneficial information on traditions theory and transcultural nursing jobs. Additionally , Leininger’s work, research, and magazines are all highlighted on the website. Leininger is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), an exclusive chance society for nursing, started in 1922; it is the second largest available in the United States. The mission with this organization is “to support the learning, expertise, and professional development of nursing staff committed to making a difference in health care worldwide.


The conceptual and theoretical versions used in nursing jobs provide information on strategies to improve practice, develop program and identify goals of nursing practice. The area of nursing theory is going through continued expansion as advocates continue to generate new relief of knowing that is impacting, positively, the nursing profession. Nurses can no longer afford to provide proper care as usual although must work with new know-how, skills, and insights to provide nursing care that is broadly relevant and sensitive for the needs of patients. Since the difficulty and awareness of individuals continue to rise, it is notable that a community of practice is established that utilizes tactics that promote the transcultural and ease and comfort needs of both breastfeeding staff and patients. Twenty-first century nursing practice demands that nurses identify and meet the comfort and cultural needs of all people, family and community. Further, healthcare professionals must develop the knowledge and skills that could enable these to provide suitable care also to identify obtainable resources for the sufferer.

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