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Identification data greg smith date of birth

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Research from Composition:

Recognition Information

Greg Smith

Day of Beginning: May 1, 2003

Elmer Elementary

121 Lincoln Streets

Boston, Ma

Reporter: Name

Chronological Age: 9 years 10 several weeks

Referring Region: Elmer General public Schools

Greg, age being unfaithful, lives in Boston with his mom Eileen, his father sessions a few times 12 months and this individual has no various other siblings. Greg has resided with Eileen since delivery and only resided with his father until following the divorce when he was six. Mother has recently remarried. At present he attends an integrated-preschool classroom on the Briarcliff School in the Elmer Public University district.

Descriptions of Difficulty Behavior Operationally Defined

This kind of functional habit assessment is being completed on the request from the Elmer Community Schools Exceptional Education department in response to Mrs. Smith’s request for tips to assess Greg’s behavior concerning sensory integration and habit disorder.

Measure the Problem: Displays lack of wish to socialize with peers along with instinct control. This can be measured through number of off-task behaviors during socialization.

Issue Routines Recognized

Inappropriate Responses: anytime Greg teases or threatens, screams at, or yells toward another person. Case: “You’re ridiculous. ” “I think you stink. ” Non-example, “Can I use that? ” (Neff Iwata, 1994)

Physical noncompliance: instances in which Greg does not physically reply to adult-directives within 20-seconds with the request. Model: Greg is usually told for taking the bathroom move and this individual remains sitting down. Non-example: Greg is told to pick up the toilet pass and he goes to pick it up and says, “Fine, whatever. “

Functional Analysis Hypothesis Stated

Immediate causes of Greg’s behaviors happen to be socializing with peers then when someone imposes limits. The behaviors incorporate inappropriate responses and physical noncompliance. If he commits these kinds of behaviors he could be avoiding mingling and seeking to gain back power or control. Being around peers causes the behavior along with when an power figure for example a teacher explains to him how to handle it. The issue of panic triggered by socialization within peer organizations can be resolved through great reinforcement and desensitization.

Completed Pathways Examination

When Greg was discovered he appeared to peform off-task behavior through the morning period when he began classes and slightly prior to lunch and also before classes ended. Off-task behavior was noted around 3-4 occasions daily. The off-task patterns of incorrect comments took place the most with three times. When during each instance. (morning, lunch, afternoon) The off-task behavior of physical noncompliance occurred only once and usually happens only once when ever student seems intimidate, penalized, or limited.

Intervention (Antecedent/Prevention)

-When Greg is in school and has to take a group for a task, prior to assigning him to a group, ask him with who have he would think most comfortable. In the event no response, assign him to a group and inspire him to participate while giving him destroys whenever he feels as well anxious.

-Identify reasons Greg wants to prevent or avoid situations.


A. Replacement unit Skills: We recommend that social connection be elevated as well as interpersonal lessons be provided to Greg while his behaviours indicate a need for clear instruction and facilitation during social circumstances. Group socialization specifically would be beneficial for Greg.

B. New Adaptive Skills: Allowing Greg to talk even more with colleagues increases his communication expertise.

– An official Behavior Involvement Plan [BIP] should be produced in order to provide Greg with regular behavior expectations. (Risley, 2005).

Brief Process of Techniques: If college student becomes restless give him a break. If pupil isolates himself, have him join a group. Allow for self-direction from scholar to improve assurance.

Intervention (Consequences)

Reductive Consequences: Offer Assistance

Instructional Consequences: Reward with stickers or stamps

Progress Monitoring and Evaluation

Info Collection Techniques

A. Timelines for Data Collection and Review

Interview with Eileen Smith, Mother, April a couple of

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