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Self esteem and stress term paper

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Self-Esteem and Pressure

Life is a continuous journey, the one which is filled with a rollercoaster of emotions and learning experiences. Throughout the voyage of your life, all individuals inevitably come across potentially stress filled situations, my spouse and i. e., fatality of a parent or guardian, friend, or perhaps lover; divorce; drug and alcohol abuse; financial difficulties; traumatic breakup; joblessness; etc . People generally respond to stressful circumstances in one of two ways. Initial, some individuals employ stressful conditions as a driving force, a catalyst to accomplish their very own objectives and improve their situation. Next, additional individuals make use of stressful situations as a depressant, a reason (consciously or unconsciously) to become “stuck in the mud” because of their failure to cope.

This paper analyzes and investigates the large number of issues related to self-esteem and stress. Portion II talks about the effects that stress may well have upon self-esteem. Simply III, a few possible alternatives or anxiety busters that may be used in in an attempt to have a better self-esteem and therefore less pressure are defined. Finally, this kind of paper concludes with tips for keeping the stability between self-esteem and pressure.


Stress may well have different negative effects upon self-esteem. Initial, stress could cause an individual to suffer a loss of assurance, and may produce a feeling of low self-esteem, triggering a feeling of hopelessness and depressive disorder to set in. (http://www.mindtec.co.uk/stress-art/effects.html). Up coming, stress could potentially cause self-blame, remorse, cynicism and a sense of total failure to put in. (http://www.mindtec.co.uk/stress-art/effects.html).Third, stress can lead to feelings of anger and resentment for nothing in particular. (http://www.mindtec.co.uk/stress-art/effects.html).

Next, stress might create a feeling that something is missing. (http://www.mindtec.co.uk/stress-art/effects.html). Sometimes people who are stressed out frequently let it consume them, for the point which the larger picture (i. at the., stress can pass in due time) becomes obscured in the adverse minutia (i. e., stress). Fifth, someone who is going through stress could find an extreme unwillingness to go to job builds up, which makes it harder to handle going to function each day. (http://www.mindtec.co.uk/stress-art/effects.html).Lastly, stress generally results in reduced self-confidence. (http://www.mindtec.co.uk/stress-art/effects.html).

In researching the books it was found that a number of studies have been done to associate self-esteem and stress. Research have suggested that there is a negative relationship among self-esteem and stress. It absolutely was also found that self-esteem appears to moderate the consequences of stress about psychological working. Individuals with low self-esteem display more relax from bad events than patients with substantial self-esteem. Excessive self-esteem may well protect the from relax by allowing the individual to feel fewer vulnerable and become more capable to bounce back coming from stressful scenarios.

High self-esteem may also bring about more active and successful coping and enhanced inspiration in response to fret (Abel, 1996). In an article by Kreger (1995), it absolutely was hypothesized, following reviewing a lot of studies, that scores about self-esteem may act like attributional style in predicting the consequence of stress which perceived anxiety may be more related to self-esteem than to actual stressfulness of a circumstance. After conducting a study with this hypothesis, it was found to be supported by your data, that pressure inversely linked to self-esteem. (Kreger, 1995).

In respect to another study, researchers discovered that there is a solid relationship among how someone copes with stress and self-pride. It was also found in the same article within study, that the article made reference to, that individuals with low self-esteem are more inclined to view their very own behavior to be dependent on the specific situation while individuals with high self-esteem have a better capacity to participate in a wide range of dealing behaviors (Smith, Zhan, Hunington, Washington, 1992).

This article likewise asked the question, why carry out people with low self-esteem make their coping responses therefore situation-dependent. It has been suggested that self-esteem influences coping since it is so strongly related to personal attributions several events and outcomes (Smith, et approach., 1992).

The analysis in this article attempted to research the partnership between self-pride, self-concept clearness, and the topics preferred coping styles when faced with demanding events and situations. They chose a selection of college undergraduates as their participants for the analysis. Researchers hypothesized that (1) higher self-esteem would be associated with clearer self-concept, (2) a clearer self-concept would be linked to more positive coping styles when an not clear self-concept can be related to even more negative dealing styles. They found that self-concept clarity exerts a stronger influence on a individual’s ability to cope with stress than the influence exerted by self-esteem (Smith, ou al., 1992).

In another content a study was done comparing the relationship between coping styles, self-concept, and stress. The coping designs researched from this study were optimism vs . defensive-pessimism. These types of coping tactics have been considered to protect self-esteem from threatening situations. The goal of their study (1) was going to see if applying different intellectual coping approaches experience different levels of identified stress, (2) and also to see what components of the personal might these coping approaches be trying to defend or perhaps maintain (Morrison, 1991).

Their very own study advises instead of assuming that coping styles are security for self-pride; they are just like likely to safeguard weak areas of the personal. Researchers also available that defensive-pessimists and those without consistent dealing strategies demonstrate themselves to get more burdened than optimists. Female optimists are more pleased with their abilities for handling stress than are defensive-pessimists and those devoid of consistent coping strategies. Optimists coping approaches coincide with less anxiety. Males, with the exception of the optimists feeling less stressed than patients without regular coping approaches, coping style differences do not reflect variations in satisfaction (Morrison, 1991).

In reviewing an additional article examining the interactions between self-esteem enhancing and self-esteem threatening relationships, lifestyle stress, recognized social support, and psychological symptoms through the use of new measures of esteem enhancing and esteem threatening relationships. It was hypothesized that confidence enhancement will relate absolutely to global self-esteem and negatively to psychological symptoms and respect threat could have the opposite relationships consistent with the risk to self-pride model. It absolutely was also hypothesized that the confidence enhancement and threat measures would be the cause of significant difference in self-esteem and mental symptoms over and above demographic, life stress, and social support steps. Researchers hypothesized that these actions would be uncorrelated with each other since other measures of positive and bad social connections are mainly uncorrelated. They found that esteem menace was linked to psychological symptoms independent of stress, support, and demographic variables. Both esteem enhancement and esteem threat produced independent input to guessing global self-esteem after handling for primary levels of global self-esteem (Short, Sandler, Roosa, 1996).

Overall, according to the majority of of the books researched, self-esteem has small to do with how people cope with or perceive the levels of stress within their lives. It has more related to other factors including coping models and self-concept. However , the purpose of this research was to reproduce the findings of studies already done to retest the hypothesis that people who have large self-esteem perceive themselves to obtain lower numbers of stress than those with low self-esteem and those who have low self-esteem understand themselves to obtain high degrees of stress than those with large self-esteem.


There are a great number of possible solutions or pressure busters that may be used in so that it will have a higher self-esteem and so less stress. Examples of this sort of techniques incorporate aromatherapy, joy, massage therapy, relaxation techniques, yoga exercise, etc . Martin (1993) advised that a amusing perspective in one’s concerns allows to distance your self from them, to consider them fewer seriously, and thereby knowledge them because less intimidating and distressing. Martin’s studies have built after past job that has indicated that high humor individuals display less bad affect intended for adverse your life circumstances than low humor individuals. Norman Cousins (1979) published a merchant account of his recovery via a serious disease through joy and frivolity, now providing rise to much focus in the popular media for the importance of joy for physical and internal health.

In a study made by Martin and Dobbin (1988) subjects provided a secretion sample, along with 4 self-report measures, to measure secretory immunoglobulin – A to see if wit had an have an effect on in the immune system system’s defense against viral and microbe infections. Their conclusions found a significantly moderating effect of humor for the relation between daily problems and S-IgA levels. People who have the low laughter scores revealed immunosuppressive effect of stress because higher degrees of hassles had been related to decrease levels of S-IgA. By contrast, the high joy individuals improved stress did not result in reductions of the resistant system’s protection. Humor has many uses which have been now becoming examined as a result of research about many different subject areas of joy.

Humor can be linked to things from stress to illness to self-concept. Several experts have explained that it has become proposed that humor might be a particularly effective means of excuse the effects of anxiety (Lefcourt and Martin, 1986; Martin, 1989). They identified that more hilarious individuals act in response with considerably lower numbers of

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