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Interview skills composition

1 . List three key parts involved in the connection process.

•Sender (encoder).

•Channel (Message).

•Receiver (Decoder).

2 . Identify three key attributes of successful communication and briefly clarify their influence on the interaction process.

Openness is actually a key characteristic of connection, as by simply listening with an open mind and showing genuine interest, the relationship and trust involving the client and counsellor develops. Openness with body language is likewise important, mainly because it lets the consumer know you are being honest and congruent.

Empathy is another crucial characteristic, since by being responsive you have concerns, understand, and care for the client thereby making a warm, friendly environment that is safe for the customer to be able to speak freely.

Thirdly, positiveness is important in communication. Using positive rather than negative messages, both spoken and nonverbal, shows the customer that you esteem them, their beliefs and believe in their very own ability to gain personal awareness and expansion.

3. Inside the communication operations between a customer and a counsellor, limitations may be present.

List three specific communication limitations.




four. Take among the communication boundaries given in your answer to the question above, and briefly explain how you would apply strategies to overcome these barriers.

Environmental factors can be quite a barrier to listening because outside noise, telephones and other people discussing can distract you via getting a

clear message and understanding of what the client is saying. To prevent this consumers should be seen in a fairly soundproof room, with all the windows and door closed to cut away excess sound. Also when possible, your cellphone should be on silent, in order not to distract either yourself or your client’s brand of thought.

five. List two basic micro-skills of guidance and in short , describe how they can be used to facilitate the relationship between counsellor and customer.

To help a good consumer and counsellor relationship, the application of active being attentive is very important so as the client seems they are heard, understood and respected. The counsellor needs to focus on what is staying said, as well as how it is said, so they get a obvious understanding. The counsellor also has to not let listening obstacles distract them or the client. Barriers can include; judging, blocking, day dreaming or environmental factors. Paraphrasing is another micro-skill that develops a good relationship. By the counsellor picking the most crucial details and reflecting them back to the client, they are clarifying what has been said plus the client sees that the counsellor is listening and knows what they are declaring. Paraphrasing likewise help build trust and promotes sharing.

6. List one advanced micro-skill of counselling and briefly describe how it can be used in the coaching process.

One particular advanced micro-skill of coaching is to obstacle the client. This is used in the counselling process to assist making the client aware about faulty pondering, self-limiting and destructive behaviors and morals. It is very important though, to only use this micro-skill when the counsellor has generated a good marriage with the client, and then, it may only be applied where actually necessary. In that case with the brand new awareness, with any luck , the client is open to explore more positive morals, thinking and behaviours.

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