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It architecture st guide essay

Reasoning View components of the Administration and Monitoring environment Generate the Product Mapping View to illustrate just how Oracle products can be used to understand the architecture Describe the way the Deployment Watch defines just how Oracle products might be implemented to physical hardware ROR Management and Monitoring 1 ) Which from the following are capabilities offered by the Monitoring Engine in the Logical view of the Supervision and Monitoring architecture? A. Resource Screen b. System Monitor c. Collection Monitor d. Services Monitor 2 .

When mapping Oracle Items onto the Logical watch, what is the best approach? A. Utilize administration packs, connectors, and plug-ins to create a personalized product umschlüsselung for the Logical watch. B. Make use of Oracle Enterprise Manager to provide core features required by three levels for Oracle stack, and use administration packs, connectors, and plug-ins for non- Oracle collection.. Use an Oracle Enterprise Supervisor product to provide all the functions required by three tiers in the Supervision and Monitoring architecture. Deb. Use a thirdparty to provide every capabilities needed by the 3 layers inside the Management and Monitoring architecture.

Topic almost eight: Service Alignment Explain the basic concepts of the Oracle Reference Architecture Describe how Definition of a Service provides an unambiguous meaning of Service Oriented Architecture Assistance used as being a building block with a Service Oriented Architecture Identify how Merging Technology Views fines just how different Business Technology Strategies can be combined by following the foundational concepts of Oracle Reference Structure ROR Services Orientation 1 ) The Oracle Reference Buildings (ROR) involves the concept of Technology Perspectives. Which statements will be true with regards to ROR and Technology Viewpoints? A. Each Technology Perspective focuses on a certain set of products and technology. W. A Technology Perspective contains both reference architecture sights as well as useful guidance and approaches pertaining to successfully implementing he adjustments required to take hold of the products and technology. C. The Technology Perspectives can be utilised individually or in combos, for example , SATURATE with Dancing. D. The Technology Viewpoints can be used individually or in combinations.

Once used in combinations, the SATURATE Technology Perspective must be included. E. Each Technology Perspective is component to ROR and it is part of a great Enterprise Technology Strategy, We. E. A Technology Perspective is the connection between ROR and an Enterprise Technology Strategy. 2 . Which with the following will be examples of the management and visibility space between this individual traditionally supervised IT system resources and the Services? A. On-going Shift to Move to the Agile Shared Service Processing Environment m. On- heading Shift to handle IT by an End-User Experience Point of view c. Loosening of Corporate Policies and Regulations m. Increasing Number of Heterogeneous THIS Infrastructure Elements to Manage

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