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Growing in a unable to start family is a difficult thing for the child to endure. Since a child my classmates and I resided average lives. On occasion We would hear tales, from good friends at institution, how unable to start their families were. It was not really until my personal sophomore yr of high college that I had a friend that was via a unable to start family. Through my best friend I actually learned that growing up in a dysfunctional relatives builds a child’s personality in numerous confident ways. I could see, in James Smith, that being brought up in a dysfunctional family made him an independent man.

Adam was born and raised in Houston, Arizona. At a new age James’ parents single. Due to the divorce James offers two more youthful half brothers. One by each neurological parent and their second spouse. The older of the two brothers can be 16 and serving time in a state correctional facility pertaining to boys due to burglary fees. The younger from the two is approximately 9 years of age and lives with James’ estranged ex-stepmother. James’ neurological father is incredibly ill together with the HIV disease and James is unsure of his health or where he at the moment lives. Adam worries if his daddy is well or even even now alive. His mother and stepfather, whom he were living with right up until he was 12, are currently looking to kick their heroine addiction. Throughout the 20 years of James’ life this individual has lived with multiple family members and a friend, which is I. This individual currently, provides a two-bedroom house, in a very exclusive area of Harrisburg, with a co-worker. James has been practicing at Compaq Computer Corp. for almost 12 months. He performs 40 to 48 hour weeks being a computer technician earning $14. 50 due to his great knowledge inside the computer field.

James is definitely a unique person. He is 5’5 and weight loads about 150 lbs. producing him a bit stout. His jolly round face is placed on his manila colored epidermis. While accompanied by hair, since brown while the wet sand over a beach, lower in a military-style. However when that gets extended it curl and appears like a shaggy dog. The whites of his mocha darkish eyes include a green tint to them as a result of James having Osteoporosis. A past leg injury has left him with a slight stagger when he runs or operates. When he taking walks he always seems to maintain his side right at his sides. Like he had been walking straight toward a destination he’s completely focused on.

James’ persona is between a multitude of features. The one that sticks out like a one star within a pitch-black skies is his sense of independence. Adam has never let anyone or anything prevent him via doing what he feels is best for him. He offers taken full control of every situation that has been set before him. This individual does not area actions more have an effect on his own decisions. Throughout the years James have been constantly surrounded by the bad patterns of others and never picked all of them up.

After the divorce James’ mother was given custody of the children of him. By the time having been 10 years older his mother and stepfather were applying drugs, such as marijuana, looking at him wonderful younger 50 percent brother. 2 yrs went by and today James was 12 wonderful parent were selling any kind of and anything they could get their hands on to support all their crack cocaine addiction. Wayne decided that this was an unnatural and unhealthy environment for him to develop up in any longer. He relocated out at the age of 12 in fear that his parents drug employ would have a great influence on him. In my opinion James confirmed more self-reliance, as a 12-year-old boy, than most adults have ever shown.

When i met Wayne and heard about his lifestyle from him fantastic parents, who I eventually met just before they dropped off the encounter from the Earth. We realized that even though he went through events that a majority of of us just read or hear about, does not always mean he started to be a product of environment. Actually he started to be just the opposing. He does not believe in the use of drug or perhaps affiliate himself with people who use prescription drugs. James has shown me the best thing this individual got away of his dysfunctional family life was his sense of freedom. James Smith could not be independent should you wrote him his own personal Constitution.


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