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Kolb learning models essay

David Kolb’s theory of learning models is one of the most widely known and extensively applied and it suggest that learning is known as a cyclic process which involves an individual proceeding through each of the subsequent four phases and will at some point prefer and rely upon 1 style more than the others. The four styles are: Divergers, Convergers, Accommodators and Assimilators. Research has displayed that these four styles have different names along with the ones mentioned above, they are:

Divergers is also called Reflective remark

Convergers is usually called Active experimentation

Accommodators is also known as Concrete knowledge

Assimilators is usually called Summary conceptualization

Let all of us take a look and discover how the understanding of each you can be applied to the role to be students doing work individually and since a group.

Divergers/Reflective observation ” Divergers love to think just before they discuss and they study and assess a situation ahead of giving their particular personal judgment. They want to investigate and are able to perspective situations via many aspects which allows them to recognize problems.

A lot of times a Diverger would rather sit back, listen and watch, end up being imaginative and open to xperience, being very thoughtful of everyone’s ideas. Convergers/Active testing ” Convergers think about points, use ideas to solve problems and then check out their ways to see if that they work in practice. They like to ask ‘how’ about a scenario, understanding how issues work in practice. They like facts and may seek to help to make things useful by making small and careful improvements and look in alternative means of doing some thing. They want to work without any assistance, thinking cautiously and acting independently.

They find out through discussion and computer-based learning is more effective with these people than other strategies. Accommodators/Concrete experience ” Accommodators prefer to be involved in fresh experiences, have got a hands-on approach and learn through learning from your errors. They like a practical trial and error approach, can adapt to situations and love to set aims and agendas. Assimilators/Abstract theory ” Assimilators want to be even more logical, they really see no need to offer their own personal views, they might rather believe it through and do study.

They will also study through conversation that needs a logical and thoughtful approach. They prefer lectures to get learning, with demonstrations wherever possible, can respect the knowledge of authorities. In addition they often have a strong control need and prefer the expending simple predictability of internal models to external messiness. This design is used in schools most of the time along with corporations. After researching these four different styles I was able to compare those to four several individual experience.

One of my friends likes the assimilator way for her school work, she likes to know the facts before she does anything at all. She is likewise going to share the knowledge she has gained from this task with her cousin whom falls in the category of a Converger and tends to fail with her experiments. Another one of my friends feels that she actually is a Diverger, she would somewhat listen, accumulate data and analyze a predicament and give feedback. She’s very considerate of every person’s ideas and puts all their feelings and thoughts into consideration.

I likewise onsider me a combination of the Accommodator and Converger, My spouse and i learn greatest by the hands-on experience and searching at different ways of doing things. In conclusion, That stuff seriously it is very necessary for a person to know their particular style of learning for the next reasons: in case you know this about yourself you are able to pinpoint your weak points so that you may work on them to help better the studying practices, you can apply your specific design to the task at hand if it would be finding a book or article to read, a video to observe, a tape to listen to or perhaps solve that by learning from your errors.

You may also notice how others work differently and understand that individual also that it will become a better work and study environment. Not only does this support when studying individually, it is a great benefit once participating in a group or group because once working in an organization or crew you have a mix of styles so the participants will have a different judgment of the topic depending on that they view the subject.

Along with different views of any topic, in the event you know the learning design you could talk about that with them and in addition they may be able to generate adjustments to accomodate you style of learning, especially if you are experiencing problems holding the topic, idea or idea. The importance of learning design stems from the idea that educating, if it is to work, should be focused on the preferred learning style of the learner(s). In the event that teaching is definitely not in-line to the learning preferences of learners, it really is unlikely the fact that teaching will be effective, at least not as successful as it could be.

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