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Legal basis of rendering of t to doze essay




* THE LEGAL BASIS 1987 Cosmetic ” Article XIV, Section 1 ” Article XIV, Section 2 . 1 R. A. 7160 (Local Gov’t Code ) * THE K+12 SIMPLE EDUCATION CHANGE


3. The enabled/empowered value-driven, visionary Filipino is the greatest prize of this country, a eye-sight shared by simply every portion of our world, a eye-sight achieved through quality education.

4. Document XIV, Section 1 . ” The State shall protect and promote the right of all people to top quality education at all levels and shall consider appropriate learning to make such education accessible to all.

Article XIV, Section two (1). ” The State shall establish, preserve and support a complete, sufficient and integrated system of education relevant to the needs from the people as well as the society.

five. WHERE HAPPEN TO BE WE AT NOW? Not enough mastery of basic expertise due to overloaded curriculum High school graduation graduates (< 18 years) lack basic competencies and maturity

6. In your area, only six of every 1, 000 Level 6 elementary students are ready to enter secondary school.

Simply 2 of each and every 100 four th season high school graduates are suit for college.

7. Internationally, Filipino youth adults rank 41st in Research and 42 and in Math among forty-five countries.

8. Millions of Offshore Filipino Employees (OFW) particularly the professionals and those who intend to study in foreign countries are at a disadvantage. Our participants are not immediately recognized as experts abroad. The Washington Contract and the Bologna Accord recommend 12 years of standard education for university admission.

9. The Philippines is the only staying country in Asia using a 10-year pre-university program Supply: Adapted from SEAMEO-INNOTECH Desk 3 Comparative Data for the Pre-University Education in Asia Country Standard Education Pattern Total Brunei 12 Cambodia 12 Philippines 12 Lao PDR doze Malaysia 12 Myanmar 10 Philippines 12 Singapore eleven Thailand doze Timor-Leste 12 Vietnam 12 Mongolia just lately added marks to make standard education more than a decade.

10. Why Add 2 yrs? Decongest and enhance the standard education programs Better quality education for all

14. “We ought to add couple of years to our basic education. Individuals who can afford pay out up to just fourteen years of schooling before school. Thus, youngsters are getting in the best schools and the best jobs after graduation. I want at least 12 years to get our public school children to offer them an even chance by succeeding.  ” Leader Benigno H. Aquino III

12. K+12 is not new. The proposal to expand the standard education dates back to 1925.

13. WHAT IS K+12? K+12 mean Pre-school and the 12 years of general and second education. Kindergarten refers to the 5-year aged cohort that takes a standardized kinder subjects.

14. K+12 Education Eyesight Graduates of Enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program can: Acquire mastery of standard competencies. Be a little more emotionally adult. Be socially aware, pro-active, involved in open public and civic affairs. Become adequately ready for the field of work or perhaps entrepreneurship or higher education. Be legally employable with potential for better profits. Be globally competitive.

12-15. Studies in the Philippines have demostrated that an added year of schooling improves individual earnings by 7. 5%.

18. What Will the Society Gain from K+12? K+12 will facilitate anaccelerated economic growth. K+12 will facilitate mutual recognition of Filipino teachers and specialists in other countries. A better educated culture provides a sound foundation pertaining to long-term socio-economic development.

18. What Will the LGUs Gain from K+12? EVERY CHILD A PRIDE FROM THE LOCALITY Boost employment in your area and worldwide Increase business enterprises More internet marketers and buyers Improved family income Improved LGU cash flow 18. Studies validate that improvements in the quality of education increases GDP expansion by 2% to installment payments on your 2%.

nineteen. How Do We Add the Two Years? Proposed Model: K-6-4-2 Model Senior High School Grades eleven to 12 (16-17 years old) Junior High School Degrees 7 to 10 (12-15 years old) Elementary School Degrees 1 to 6 (6-11 years old) Pre-school (5 years old)

twenty. What is High school graduation? 2 years to consolidate academics skills and competencies and enable in-depth field of expertise for students depending on occupation/career observe they wish to go after Skills and competencies relevant to the job industry

21. Execution Plan (proposed)

22. Summary Change can be two-fold: curriculum enhancement and transition supervision. K+12 is known as a less costly option to the present system of education. We now have 5 years to address disadvantages before setup.

23. 2. 1987 Metabolism Art. XIV, Sec. you Art. XIV, Sec. 2 . 1 * R. A. 7160 THE ENABLED FILIPINO: VISION & VALUE POWERED

5. Highly competent; Highly skilled; Emotionally mature; Highly productive K+12 ENHANCED FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION (K+ 6 + 4 +2) Local Government Devices Other Gov departments THE EMPOWERED FILIPINO

twenty-four. Therefore , this can be the perfect time for the K+12 Enhanced Standard Education Change. It are unable to wait any further.

25. WE ALL COUNT ON YOU!! Make K+12 your HERITAGE!!

26. Crew 4A Doctor Carmelita Big t. Dulangon Doctor Caredad Labe Dr . Mum. Milagros Velez Dr . Rosalie Pasaol Mister. Bianito Dagatan


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