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Lolita by vladimir nabokov research essay

Vladimir Nabokov’s choice of subject matter in his book Lolita stunned readers, nevertheless that was essentially why he chose it. Beetz, states that Nabokov’s initially inspiration for the new came from a newspaper history about an ape “‘who after several weeks of coaxing by a science tecnistions, produced the first sketching ever charcoaled by an animal: this drawing showed the bars with the poor creature’s cage’ Nabokov said. As many critics have got remarked Lolita is certainly not about sexual intercourse but regarding love.

Even more it is about obsession-and the destructive electricity it can keep over the lives of the victims. (Beetz 2481) Also with out the surprise value of Lolita’s risque subject with the “love story between a man and his 12 year old step daughter, the book most likely would not are becoming as popular as it is. Because Serafin claims, Lolita started to be very popular subway after it absolutely was banned in Europe.

The taboo from it being restricted mixed with Nabokov’s sparkling humor made Lolita a experience.

(338) Because Hart says in the 50s peoples perceptions towards love-making were still very puritanical and conventional. (158) By exploiting the scandalousness from the violation from the last lovemaking taboo, the relationship between an adult and kid, Nabokov surely could really show the extent in the power of passion, love and obsession. As Nabokov shows in his story Humbert Humbert knows what he is doing to Lolita is incorrect, but his burning wish for her hard drives him to violate his own honnête. He possibly used honnête to try and rationalize his activities, “The sense of right and wrong in mortals is the duty¦We have to pay on mortal feeling of beauty(Nabokov 300)

From this quote Humbert dilutes himself into thinking he provides a moral accountability to appreciate the beauty that is Lolita, when actually he contains a moral requirement to leave Lolita exclusively and allow her to have a normal childhood. An additional quote in which Nabokov reveals how Humbert’s obsession regulates him is the following; “I felt happy with myself. I had developed stolen the honey of a spasm devoid of impairing the morals of your minor. Absolutely no harm performed. (Nabokov 65) In this offer he is mentioning “pleasuring him self while near Lolita with out actually touching her.

The very mother nature of his actions demonstrate his desolation and that soon become apparent that Humbert’s turned fantasies will not satiate his obsession to get long and that he will do something about it and “impair the morals of a minor. Utilizing the shock to readers of any relationship among an adult and a child, Nabokov successfully surely could show the extent of what obsession and love can drive a person to do. Humbert’s passion lead him to destroy the lives of himself, Clare Quilty and the childhood of Lolita. Nabokov select his taboo subject for Lolita to enhance the impact from the character’s actions as motivated by his own passion.


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