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Balance of values and academic freedom of request

Dear Mister. R. Kirby Godsey

In the act of life we deal with many problems and many

crossroads. We have many choices and many decisions to make.

In making these decisions we must bear in mind the meaningful

values each of our parents include taught all of us since i was born.


Christian values will need to guide existence and the choices we

make. These same values should also guideline at university as well. In

our quest for knowledge, we have to keep these types of values in mind.

In our never-ending road of learning, were granted with

many academic freedoms. We certainly have the freedom to question and

try to find out new concepts. We also have the freedom to disagree

with all the material presented to all of us.

We are able to disagree and voice the

opinions, however in an organised fashion.

In exercising individuals freedoms, we need to do so with

maturity and responsibility. Since students, were responsible for

learning all the articles of any kind of course we study. Our company is free to

have exception to the views or perhaps information provided to us, and

we could free to hold judgment about matters of opinions.

Sometimes, in our quest for knowledge, there becomes a

turmoil between each of our beliefs we could accustomed to plus the

material shown to us. When there is a difference, we have to

not disregard the idea or block it out.

We need to feel free to learn

and query new concepts. Just because we all learn anything

doesnt suggest we have to agree to it. We ought to leave themselves

open to fresh ideas. Once we do this we become perfectly

rounded people.

An example of this is actually the issue relating to the debate

among evolution and creationism. Since Christians, all of us naturally

believe in creationism, but we shouldnt stop studying

evolution mainly because we dont believe in this.

This makes us extremely

close minded. We should not stop understanding a subject merely

because all of us dont have confidence in it. Among our liberties is the

academic freedom of inquiry. Therefore we have independence to

question. We have the liberty to learn. We are able to still look for

more answers, and we may learn diverse theories but still keep

our beliefs.

The trick in doing this is to equilibrium all of this. We all

must be capable of keep the beliefs and new ideas presented

separated. We must be able to draw a line among what you

learn and everything you believe. In doing this we become open

oriented individuals.

I really believe if we may balance our values and our academics

freedom of inquiry we now have reached a whole new level of

learning. Not many people can do this.

It is hard to want to learn

materials presented to us that you just dont especially care for or perhaps

believe in. When we learn to do that we are accessible to a whole fresh

world of possibilities.

I feel I possess learned tips on how to keep my morals and beliefs

while continuing my own search for new ideas and information. Personally i think

I have discovered to stability these. Over the internet the line among

the two, and i also know when too far is actually far. As Mercer is known as a

place where I can please open me to fresh doors and

express my personal beliefs, Personally i think I would blend into the Mercer

environment very well.

I actually am available to new ideas and want to

learn. I want to find the best education I can receive and Mercer is the

place where I can get it. We am ready to learn as much as I can

unique spiritually, scholastically, or intellectually.




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