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My expression of adnan syed s case

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The Case Of Adnan Syed

In a 2014 Dramón Podcast, Sarah Koenig investigated the 99 murder of Hae Minutes Lee, an 18-year-old student at Woodlawn High School in Baltimore, Baltimore. She was last seen at about a few p. meters. on January 13, 99. Her human body was discovered on Feb 9 in Leakin Park and discovered two days after. The case was immediately cured as a murder. Lees ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was busted on March 28 for 6 a. m. and charged with first-degree killing. Syeds initially trial ended in a mistrial, but after a six-week second trial, Syed was identified guilty of Lees murder about February 25, 2000, and given a life sentence in your essay. People claim he made it happen but in my opinion, I don’t think he would. I say this because the reports don’t seriously line up.

Adnan and Hae’s parents didn’t accept dating so they hid their romantic relationship in top secret. Hae then broke it off and her father and mother thinks the breakup acquired caused Adnan to either be cool with that but unhappy or craze with anger and want to destroy her. Although Adnan revealed he was heartbroken but not enough to want to kill her. He loved her and would never harm her. In the event that Adnan has witnesses saying he liked her, then he didn’t have slain her. Their very own love was a fairytale romance so it was impossible to obtain killed although Hae split up with him.

An anonymous caller leads detectives to check Adnan Syeds cell phone records. Consequently, the investigators discover phone calls to Jen, who is a friend of one of Adnans friends, a marijuana dealer known as Jay. Investigators interview Jen and then The author, who says Syed told him he killed Lee, after which forced him to help hide her body. This happened for several interviews although, every interrogating changing every time. Koenig plus the rest of her crew check drove the prosecutions way and schedule of Lees murder between 2: 15, when school let out at the high school, and 2: thirty-six, when The author said Syed called him for get in the A few days ago parking lot then showed The writer Lees human body in the trunk of her car. Whilst that schedule seems feasible, though just barely, evidence from the call logs and data of cell tower pings do not quite align with Jays account about the rest of the afternoon.

I’m simply saying that by lack of proof of Adnan truly doing it, is actually impossible, this individual could have completed it. Although the routes will be possible to have committed the murder, what motive could he possess if he did if perhaps he was madly in love with Hae even though your woman broke up with him. General, I would declare although there are definitely more evidence regarding if Adnan didn’t do the 1999 killing or if Jay made it happen, there isn’t enough good clear evidence regarding if he did do it so you can’t proceed to a statement as to the decision of his case.

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